How to Watch Vienna Blood Season 3 in Canada

Watch Vienna Blood Season 3 in Canada

Vienna Blood fans should rejoice as the third season is set to release a few days from now. Explore how to watch Vienna Blood season 3 in Canada and be the first to stream the episodes when they drop. The series will be available to all streamers by December 14, 2022, via BBC iPlayer.

Generally, BBC iPlayer is accessible to those physically in the United Kingdom. This means that streamers in Canada and other non-UK streamers will be geo-restricted. It’s because BBC iPlayer does not have a license to provide streaming service outside the UK.

However, the great thing is you can still access BBC iPlayer in Canada with a VPN connection. While waiting for a possible Vienna Blood season 4 BBC iPlayer in Canada, it’s best to set up your device with a VPN to stream the third season. The process is simple, so you’ll get the hang of it immediately.

Watch Vienna Blood Season 3 in Canada – [Quick Guide]

As the Vienna Blood season 3 release date nears, you can follow these steps to set up the VPN on your device and watch Vienna Blood Season 3 in Canada:

  1. Subscribe to the ExpressVPN plan. It is the most reliable VPN provider.
  2. Download the VPN app and provide you details to log in.
  3. Connect to a UK server.
  4. Open BBC iPlayer on your device and stream Vienna Blood’s third season.

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Where to Watch Vienna Blood Season 3 in Canada?

BBC iPlayer releases all Vienna Blood season 3 episodes. Hence, you can download the streaming app on your device before the episodes drop on December 14. As you already know, Canadian streamers must also set up a VPN connection to access the app quickly.

Why do You Need a VPN to Watch Vienna Blood Season 3 in Canada?

You must have a VPN service to watch Vienna Blood season 2 in Canada due to the geo-restrictions that come with the platform. BBC iPlayer only operates within the UK territories, meaning those outside the UK need software to unlock the restrictions. Setting up the VPN will not take long since the steps are easy to follow.

BBC iPlayer geo restriction error message

Is There a Series 3 of Vienna Blood?

Yes. After the Vienna Blood season 2 release date, which was in December 2021, fans are eager to binge the third season of the series. BBC announced the news of a third season in February. It is exciting how the show and the characters develop as it enters a new season.

Did They Change Amelia in Vienna Blood?

Yes. Jessica De Gouw played Amelia Lydgate’s character in season one. However, Lucy Griffiths replaced De Gouw during the second season to play Amelia. Approaching the third season’s release, there is no news of another actress to portray Amelia, so she will probably return to portray the character.

What is Vienna Blood Season 3 Release Date?

Vienna Blood season 3 will be released on December 14th, 2022. You can catch all the episodes via BBC iPlayer. Canadian streamers must also ensure a VPN connection to easily access the platform and binge its content.

Is There Any Trailer for Vienna Blood Season 3?

Yes, You might be searching for a Vienna Blood season 3 trailer but find none. The only trailer released is the series’ trailer before the season one premiere. For a background of the story, the series follows a medical student named Max Liebermann, a protege of Sigmund Freud.

Liebermann helps detective Oscar Reinhardt uncover the mysteries of the series of murders during the 1900s in Vienna. This era in Vienna was described as the hotbed of art, science, and philosophy, where there was a clash of ideas and culture within the city’s opera houses and grand cafes.

Who’s in the Cast Vienna Blood Season 3?

Fans will be seeing some familiar faces when binging Vienna Blood season 3. Here’s the complete cast.

Name of actor/actress Role portrayed
Matthew Beard Max Liebermann
Jurgen Maurer Oskar Reinhardt
Luise von Finckh Clara
Raphael von Bargen Inspector von Bulow
Simon Hatzl Police Commissioner Strasser
Josef Ellers Sergeant Haussmann
Conleth Hill Mendel Liebermann
Charlene McKenna Leah Liebermann
Oliver Stokowski Professor Gruner
Lucy Griffiths Amelia Lydgate
Amelia Bullmore Rachel Liebermann

How Many Episodes of Vienna Blood Season 3 Will There Be?

Vienna Blood season 3 is a three-part series. With the number of episodes for the third installment, you can easily binge the series without spending much time. Also, BBC iPlayer looks to drop all the episodes at once, so you can enjoy them throughout.

How Many Seasons of Vienna Blood are There?

As of this writing, there are three confirmed seasons of Vienna Blood. The first season premiered on November 18, 2019, while the second season’s episodes were released on December 21, 2021.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Vienna Blood Season 3 in Canada?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN provider to watch Vienna Blood season 3 in Canada because of its unblocking capabilities. When you connect to one of its servers, you’re guaranteed a fast bypassing of geo-restrictions allowing you to access BBC iPlayer. Also, you can ensure a stable connection for a buffer-free streaming experience.

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Overall, ExpressVPN covers, 3000 servers mounting over 94 countries. This is a testament to their broad service coverage, ensuring each subscriber will have a worthwhile streaming experience using the VPN services.

ExpressVPN unblocking BBC iPlayer Canada

You can enjoy its features, including an automated kill switch, split tunneling, lightway security protocol, and ISP throttling. Streamers using VPN-unsupported devices can use MediaStreamer.

With ExpressVPN, you can easily watch Disney Plus Canada and use its US servers to get ESPN+ in Canada. All these features and more are available anytime you’d need them.

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What are the New Releases on BBC iPlayer in December 2022?

BBC iPlayer once again brought a list of some impressive titles for the month of December 2022:

Movies/Shows Release Date
Granite Harbour 3rd December 2022
The Mobo Awards 8th December 2022
Troubled Blood 11th December
Vienna Blood Series 3 14th December
Bad Education: Reunion 15th December
That’s My Jam 17th December
Motherland: Last Christmas 23rd December
Mayflies 27th December
Marie Antoinette 2022 29th December

Vienna Blood Season 3


No. The production crew announced early this year that the series would get its third season. Fans can stream all its episodes on BBC iPlayer this December 14, 2022. The confirmation of a fourth season depends on the success of season 3.

There is no definite person blamed for the killing of the countess. In fact, it was said that her death was an accident. The poison was supposed to be for Hauke made by Frau Reiss, whose son was the gay lover of Hauke.

Yes. In season 1, Amelia was played by Jessica De Gouw. During the series’ second season of Vienna Blood, Lucy Griffiths portrayed Amelia’s character. Amelia Lydgate is described as a character with an intense and dark presence because of her traumatic experiences in the past.

Wrap Up

Vienna Blood is a combination of psychological thriller and period drama. It’s a good mix of genres that will keep you hooked until the final episode.

Be the first to watch Vienna Blood season 3 in Canada through BBC iPlayer. Remember that Canadian streamers need ExpressVPN to access the platform.