How to Watch Winter X Games 27 in Canada on ABC

One of the biggest and most extreme snow sports competitions, the Winter X Games (XXVII), is again returning to Buttermilk Ski Resort, Aspen. It will be a 3-day action-packed event, and it is scheduled to take place from 27th January 2023 to 29th January 2023. All the action will be broadcast live on ABC. Since ABC uses geo-blockings, let’s discuss how to watch Winter X Games 27 in Canada on ABC.

Due to exclusive broadcasting rights of the content and copyright regulations, ABC is inaccessible outside of the United States. They have implemented geo-blocks to limit or restrict their access in different nations. ABC only allows streaming from devices with US IP addresses.

You will encounter a geographical location block when you attempt to access the ABC content library from outside the US border.

The only way to smoothly evade geo-restrictions and access ABC content in Canada is by altering the streaming device’s location and IP address with the help of a secured virtual private network.

Watch Winter X Games 27 in Canada on ABC – [Quick Guide]

Follow the instructions mentioned in this quick guide to watch Winter X Games 27 in Canada on ABC.

  1. Sign up for a high-end VPN service provider. (ExpressVPN is our top choice)
  2. Download & Log in to the VPN app.
  3. Open the ABC website or app.
  4. Find Winter X Games 27 and enjoy the show.

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Where Can I Watch Winter X Games 27 in Canada?

You can watch Winter X Games 27 in Canada on ABC. All snow sports enthusiasts can stream this upcoming three-day winter sports event by visiting the ABC website or installing the ABC app on their streaming gadgets or devices. You can use also ABC free trial to watch The Bachelor Season 27 on ABC for free.

The members can also cancel their ABC account subscription anytime if they don’t like the content collection without paying any extra charges or fees.

But to access this platform in the Canadian region, you must set up a top-quality VPN like ExpressVPN because ABC has enforced regional blocks outside the USA.

Why do You Need a VPN to Watch Winter X Games 27 in Canada on ABC?

A premium VPN is needed to stream Winter X Games Aspen 2023 in Canada because ABC has implemented multiple geo-blocks to prevent streamers from accessing content outside the US territory. Their system uses an IP address filter that only allows IP addresses connected to a US (ISP).

And if you try to access ABC in Canada without a VPN connection, you will encounter a geo-error notice popping up on the screen.

geo-restriction error

What is the Schedule of X Games Aspen 2023 – [Date with Time]

Event Date Time
Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle 27th January 2023 01:30 – 2:30 PM (ET) / 11:30 AM (MST)
Special Olympics Unified Snowboarding and Skiing 27th January 2023 09:30 – 12:30 AM (ET) / 1:30 PM (MST)
Women’s Ski Big Air 27th January 2023 08:00 – 08:45 PM (ET) / 06:00 PM (MST)
Ski Knuckle Huck 27th January 2023 09:30 – 10:10 PM (ET) / 07:30 PM (MST)
Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe 27th January 2023 10:30 – 11:45 PM (ET) / 08:30 PM (MST)
Men’s Ski Slopestyle 28th January 2023 12:30 – 01:50 PM (ET) / 10:30 AM (MST)
Women’s Snowboard SuperPipe 28th January 2023 03:30 – 04:30 PM (ET) / 01:30 PM (MST)
Women’s Ski SuperPipe 28th January 2023 07:00 – 08:00 PM (ET) / 05:00 PM (MST)
Women’s Snowboard Big Air 28th January 2023 08:30 – 09:15 PM (ET) / 06:30 PM (MST)
Men’s Snowboard Big Air 28th January 2023 10:00 – 11:00 PM (ET) / 08:00 PM (MST)
Women’s Ski Slopestyle 29th January 2023 01:00 – 02:00 PM (ET) / 11:00 AM (MST)
Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle 29th January 2023 02:40 – 04:00 PM (ET) / 12:40 PM (MST)
Snowboard Knuckle Huck 29th January 2023 06:30 – 07:00 PM (ET) / 04:30 PM (MST)
Men’s Ski Big Air 29th January 2023 07:15 – 08:15 PM (ET) / 05:15 PM (MST)
Men’s Ski SuperPipe 29th January 2023 08:30 – 09:00 PM (ET) / 06:30 PM (MST)

Where Will the X Games Be in 2023?

The Winter X Games (XXVII) 2023 will take place in Buttermilk Ski Resort, Aspen, Colorado, United States. Colorado has been hosting this winter sports event for 23 years straight, and Aspen has staged it 21 times.

In 2023 Colorado State will host its 24th Winter X Games, while Aspen will host its 22nd straight.

Will the X Games Aspen 2023 Be Televised?

Yes, the complete three-day X Games Aspen 2023 event will be televised on ABC, ESPN, and X Games official Digital Channels. All these channels will provide full live coverage of this heart-pounding action-packed event.

What are the Games in X Games Aspen 2023?

The games included in X Games Aspen 2023 are:

Men’s & Women’s Big Air
Knuckle Huck
Men’s & Women’s Slopestyle
Special Olympics Unified
Men’s & Women’s SuperPipe

How Much Does an X Games Aspen 2023 Ticket Cost?

X Games Aspen 2023 is a completely free event. All winter sports enthusiasts or visitors can attend this 3-days action-packed event for free. It also offers different packages for exclusive indoor VIP seating to catch all the excitement.

Where Can You Buy X Games Aspen 2023 Tickets?

All visitors and friends are welcome to the Winter X Games Aspen 2023 for no cost. On the other hand, you can buy tickets for VIP enclosure indoor seating, SuperFans passes, and musical concerts from the official website of X Games and other online ticketing websites.

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Yes, Winter X Games are held every year.

Winter X games are a three-day competition that features about five events per day.

Yes, figure skating is one of the oldest winter games.

Wrap Up

The most-awaited winter sports tournament, X Games Aspen 2023, is all set to take place in Colorado from 27th January 2023 to 29th January 2023. More than a hundred world’s top athletes will compete in this competition. So if you want to watch Winter X Games 27 in Canada on ABC, you must set up ExpressVPN on your device.

It provides reliable and secure connections to get over ABC’s restrictions in any location.