How to Watch Oxygen TV in Canada? – [April 2022]

Are you Fascinated with the Crime series? Whether it be fictional or factual crime shows, Oxygen tv, a US cable channel, is the right source to give you all shudders and nail-biting suspense. Here the question arises in the minds of Armchair Detectives: How to watch Oxygen tv in Canada? In this comprehensive guide, you will get the answer with all methods to access Oxygen tv in Canada.

How to watch Oxygen tv in Canada

For Canucks the ultimate VPN technology has sorted out how to get Oxygen tv in Canada? Follow this guide and unblock your Oxygen shows right here in Canada.

How to Watch Oxygen TV in Canada Using a VPN

A VPN has made it very simple to unblock and watch Oxygen tv in Canada. It is as simple as switching channels on your tv just by changing your virtual location with a VPN. Follow these steps and enjoy your favorite Oxygen tv shows right here in Canada.

  1. Subscribe to a VPN provider. Our top choice is ExpressVPN offering 23+ USA servers
  2. Download the VPN app and sign in with your credentials.
  3. Connect to a US server from its VPN servers list.
  4. Open the Oxygen website or Oxygen Now app, log in and enjoy Oxygen in Canada.

Why is Oxygen TV not available in Canada?

Oxygen TV is an American Satellite and cable tv channel owned by NBC Universal. It is dedicated to covering the best crime and factual documentaries online like Deadly Cults, Killer Siblings, A Lie to Die for, etc.

As Oxygen is a US-based tv Channel so not to our surprise, it is only available to US residents for free and requires a Cable tv provider.

When a person tries to access Oxygen tv from Canada; he gets an error message showing that his location is not within the USA and cannot watch Oxygen content.

“Live stream unavailable in your area.”

Oxygen tv error

Oxygen targets the audience of the USA only and applies geo-restrictions to the fans outside the USA due to content licensing and distribution policies. Using a VPN service, you can easily unblock Oxygen tv in Canada. Let’s have a look at our top 3 recommended VPN providers.

Best VPNs to Access Oxygen TV in Canada

To figure out which VPNs are worth choosing to unblock Oxygen tv in Canada, we have looked at the number of features starting with security and privacy, the number of USA servers, encryption protocols, speed and bandwidth limits, etc.

It is also essential to see if VPN is powerful enough to bypass geo bans on many streaming networks and is suitable for torrenting and gaming. VPN customer support, a free trial period, and ease of use are crucial aspects to consider while opting for the right choice.

1: ExpressVPN – Best Option for Oxygen TV in Canada

ExpressVPN is our top recommendation to unblock Oxygen tv in Canada or anywhere around the world. It has 23+ US-based servers in its 3000+ servers list covering 94+ countries. Its headquarter is in the British Virgin Islands, and it doesn’t have any data retention policy.

ExpressVPN - Oxygen tv in Canada

This VPN is acclaimed as the best choice to unblock and bypass virtual borders and access all major streaming platforms, i.e., USA Netflix Library, BBC iPlayer, Voot, ABC channel, Stan Australia, Kayo in Canada.

ExpressVPN offers unmatched security and encryption protocols to ensure the complete anonymity, zero data leakage, and seamless privacy of its subscribers.

ExpressVPN offers top-notch privacy features and super-fast servers, allowing five simultaneous connections under one account for only CA$ 8.63/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan for 15 months. In addition, its apps for all major devices and extensions for browsers are easy to use.

You can get to know more technical details about ExpressVPN in this in-depth review.

Get Oxygen tv with ExpressVPN30 days money-back guarantee

2: Surfshark – Affordable VPN to unblock Oxygen in Canada

Surfhsark VPN is another trustworthy option to unblock Oxygen in Canada and enjoy your favorite shows without any trouble. Offering 3200+ servers in 65 countries, including 500+ servers in 20+ USA countries, Surfshark becomes a strong candidate in the VPN industry.

It offers a strict data logging policy and ensures its users get complete privacy and anonymity with its high-tech encryption protocols like AES-256-CGM with IKEv2, Shadowsocks, WireGuard, and OpenVPN.

watch Oxygen tv with Surfshark vpn

Surfshark surpasses its rivals by offering unlimited device connections under one account and offers easy-to-use apps and extensions for Android, iOS, and browsers.

Moreover, with all the above features and much more, you can avail of this VPN for just CA$ 2.98/mo (US$ 2.30/mo) - 82% off VPN deal on 2 year plan with 2 months free with 30 days money-back guarantee. Its customer support is 24/7 and is satisfactory to tackle its users’ technical queries. You can learn more about this VPN in our comprehension Surfshark VPN review.

Get Oxygen TV with Surfshark30 days money-back guarantee

3: NordVPN – VPN with the largest server network to watch Oxygen in Canada

NordVPN offers 5300+ servers in 59 countries, including 1970+ servers in 15 USA countries. This extensive collection of US-based servers brings lots of convenience for users to unblock USA streaming channels and platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, VH1 channel, Tubi tv, Vudu, Crackle, etc.

NordVPN Canada- Watch Oxygen tv

NordVPN servers offer fast and consistent speed for streaming, gaming, and torrenting. In addition, it ensures user’s online security with DoubleVPN, 256-bit encryption, Onion over VPN, OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPsec protocol, and a kill switch.

NordVPN charges CA$ 4.26/mo (US$ 3.29/mo) - 2 years with 60% off + Threat Protection for free for two years and allows six gadgets connection under one subscription.

NordVPN’s Specialty Servers offering dedicated IPs are one of the attractive attributes. However, it does not keep track of timestamps, user traffic data, or IP addresses.

It offers user-friendly apps for iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, etc. In addition, NordVPN is compatible with Smart TVs like Fire tv, Apple tv, and consoles like Xbox Series X and PS4/PS5.

You can read more details about the NordVPN review for Canada in our guide.

Get Oxygen TV with NordVPN30 days money-back guarantee

Why do you need a VPN to get Oxygen TV in Canada?

Being a USA company, Oxygen tv has limited its services only for USA residents due to licensing restrictions. Oxygen servers use an IP tracking mechanism to detect and monitor their traffic. If they find any IP trying to access Oxygen content from the outside USA, they immediately block that.

When a user from Canada tries to log into Oxygen without a VPN, Oxygen servers block him, and he gets an error message.

A VPN provider changes your Canadian IP with US IP and tricks the Oxygen servers that you access Oxygen library from the approved territory.

Can I use a Free VPN to Watch Oxygen TV in Canada?

A Free VPN might unblock Oxygen and many other streaming channels for you, but they risk your privacy and online security by exposing you to potential malicious attacks. In addition, most of the free VPNs sell user’s data to third parties.

There is a high risk of malware or trojan attacks along with leakage of your sensitive information. Furthermore, free VPNs have limited servers and a high influx of users, and they do not have the option to switch to your desired servers.

So even if a free VPN successfully bypasses the geo-restriction on Oxygen tv, it is not guaranteed that you can enjoy streaming Oxygen without lags or buffers.

Thus, in our opinion, it is always better to spend some money on paid VPNs rather than risking your online security and devices. Many VPN providers offer their services at reasonable rates that you can look into if you are tight on budget.

What TV Shows to Watch on Oxygen TV in Canada?

Oxygen tv offers some of the best Crime series, murder mysteries, and thriller shows to binge-watch right here in Canada.

Oxygen tv Crime Shows

  • Buried in the Backyard
  • Dateline: Secrets Uncovered
  • Framed by killer
  • In Ice Cold Blood
  • Chicago PD
  • Criminal Confessions
  • Dark Web Exposed
  • A Wedding and a Murder
  • Abuse of Power
  • License to Kill
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent
  • An Unexpected Murder
  • A Wedding and a Murder
  • Snapped
  • The Jury Speaks
  • Cold Justice

What Devices Can You Watch Oxygen TV on?

Whether you are traveling or at home, you can watch Oxygen tv in Canada on multiple devices, be it your mobile phone, smart tv, laptop, or desktop. Here is a list of devices that are compatible with the Oxygen tv app and website.

Compatible Devices with Oxygen tv

  • Android
  • iOS devices
  • Apple tv
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Tablets
  • Smart TVs
  • Xbox

How to install Oxygen TV in Canada on Android?

  1. Download a VPN app on your Android device
  2. Launch the app on the device and connect to a US server.
  3. Change your device location to the USA.
  4. Install the Oxygen Now app from Google Play Store.
  5. Create an Oxygen account and watch the live Oxygen channel hassle-free.

How to install Oxygen TV in Canada on iOS?

  1. Switch your App Store region to the USA
  2. Download and install the Oxygen TV app on an iOS device
  3. Subscribe to a VPN and install its app on your iOS device
  4. Select a US server from the VPN servers list.
  5. Log into the Oxygen tv app and enjoy streaming.

How to Stream Oxygen TV in Canada on Roku?

  1. Set up a VPN on your router and connect to its US server.
  2. Now Connect your Roku device to a VPN-enabled router.
  3. Reset your Roku settings and create a login for the USA
  4. Visit the Oxygen TV Now app on Roku and sign up
  5. You will receive an activation code on your phone.
  6. Enter that Oxygen tv activation code on Roku and start streaming.

How to Stream Oxygen in Canada on Apple TV?

  1. Set up a VPN on your router and connect to its US server.
  2. Now Connect your Apple tv to a VPN-enabled router.
  3. Reset your app store location to the USA
  4. Download the Oxygen TV app on your Apple TV.
  5. Log in to your Oxygen tv account start streaming

How to Watch Oxygen in Canada on Amazon Fire tv stick?

  1. Open Amazon store, search for a VPN app in the search bar
  2. Download VPN and connect to its US server.
  3. Find the Oxygen Now app and install it.
  4. Sign up for the Oxygen account and enjoy the Crime series.

How to Watch Oxygen Live without Cable

Watching Oxygen tv in Canada or other countries outside the USA requires a reliable VPN service to handle the location problem and valid US cable tv provider details. Oxygen tv has both free and paid content available to US residents only.

The Oxygen Now app shows the live streams from channels and has on-demand content to watch later, but a pay-TV subscription is required to access all of the content.

Watch Oxygen Live Without Cable

Following Live TV services stream Oxygen’s content.

Stream Oxygen on Sling TV

Oxygen tv is not available in the standard package of Sling tv, but you can watch Oxygen content by subscribing to one of the expansion packages, i.e., Sling Blue or Sling Orange+ Blue bundle.

Sling tv is not available in Canada. However, you can connect to our recommended VPN and access Sling tv in Canada on any of your devices, where you can enjoy Oxygen tv as well as more than 30 channels with a nominal price of $35/ month.

Sling tv in Canada


Stream Oxygen on Fubo TV

You can watch Oxygen tv by subscribing to a family package of Fubo tv for only $64.99/month. It broadcasts 100+ channels, including Oxygen tv, ESPN, Telemundo, Starz, etc., offering three simultaneous streams and 500 hours of DVR space.

Fubo tv in Canada


Stream Oxygen Shows on YouTube TV

Oxygen tv channel is available on YouTube Live tv. It charges $64.99/month and offers 85+ channels ranging from News, sports, entertainment to regional media, for example, Fox News, Oxygen, local ABC, Disney channels, CBS, NBCSN, etc.

youtube tv Canada

YouTube tv is available in Canada via VPN and allows three simultaneous screens on all major devices. In addition, you can enjoy entirely ad-free streaming and a 14 day free period on YouTube tv in Canada.


Stream Oxygen Shows on Hulu Live TV

Hulu Live tv is another platform to get Oxygen tv shows in Canada along with Live content from 75+ channels and on-demand movies and shows. Its live tv package costs $64.99/month with 7 days free trial period.

Hulu features Local and regional channels catering to News, Sports, entertainment industry. It allows two simultaneous screens; however, you can add more networks and screens with some additional cost.

Hulu With Live TV Canada

To access Hulu live tv in Canada, you can connect to ExpressVPN or NordVPN and enjoy Oxygen tv and other Hulu channels in Canada.

How to Watch Oxygen Live without Cable for Free

Oxygen tv has some clips, sneak peeks, few episodes, and highlights available for free to watch through Oxygen App and Oxygen Live tv website.  Some of the Oxygen tv content is available on the Peacock tv channel as well. You can also watch Oxygen tv free in Canada from the USTV Go channels list. Make sure to connect to a VPN to change your location to the USA.

To access full episodes of Oxygen TV shows and Live tv, we suggest going for the above-mentioned live tv options. Then, all you need is a VPN to connect and access any of these Live tv streams in Canada. You do not need any valid US cable provider credentials in this case.


Yes, but with the help of a VPN, you can watch Oxygen tv in Canada. However, it is not available to the audience outside the USA.

Oxygen TV offers some free content, i.e., episodes, clips, and highlights on its app and website, but an oxygen tv subscription is also available to access unlimited content.

Yes, you can get an Oxygen tv subscription without a cable tv license. Instead, you can subscribe to any one of these streaming services, i.e., Hulu live tv, Fubo tv, YouTube tv, or Sling tv, and can watch Oxygen shows on it along with many other channels.

Oxygen tv is an American OTT service and channel owned by NBC Universal. It has restricted its availability and broadcasting within the USA only. It is not available in Canada; however, a VPN can get you Oxygen tv outside the USA.


Oxygen tv offers an excellent deal for Crime genre fans, but the only hindrance is that it is only available to USA audiences. However, a powerful VPN can quickly solve this problem and bypass any geo-restriction on Oxygen tv in Canada.

You either need a Valid USA cable tv provider or a streaming service subscription mentioned above to enjoy uninterrupted and full episodes of your favourite detective series.