How to watch 9Now in Canada? – [April 2022]

Are you a fan of Australian shows like “House Hunters” or “Love Island Australia”? 9Now aka Channel 9 is your ultimate resort! – Free, Live & catch-up OTT. Wondering how to watch 9Now in Canada? Or if there is any Channel 9 in Canada? Unfortunately, no! Channel 9 is only available to watch in Australia.

But fret not! I have put together this guide to explain how to watch 9Now in Australia. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

watch 9Now in Canada

How to watch 9Now in Canada with a VPN – Easy Steps

Although 9Now is not available in Canada due to geo-restrictions, with the help of a secure VPN connection, 9Now is no more a hassle to unblock right here in Canada.

You can watch 9Now in Canada by following these three simple steps:

  1. Download and install a 9Now compatible VPN. I suggest ExpressVPN as the best.
  2. Choose an Australian server from the VPN servers list.
  3. Open the 9Now website and start live streaming free of cost.

Tip: Always clear browsing history and clear your cache before connecting to VPN to remove previous location information.

Why is 9Now not available in Canada?

9Now is an Australian VOD service owned by Nine Network Australia. This service offers free-of-cost live streaming from 9Go, 9 Gem, Channel 9, 9Life, 9Rush, 9Gem, and 9news.

But there is a catch: 9Now is only available in Australia and geographically banned for all the viewers abroad. This means 9Now is not available in Canada due to content licensing and distribution policies.

If you try to stream 9Now in Canada, the IP tracking system will detect your actual location and immediately redirect you to the page showing geographical error:

“Sorry, 9Now is only available in Australia.”

9Now in Canada geo-restriction

But this problem is now sorted! Thanks to a reliable and trustworthy VPN! You can now access this over-the-top media service in Canada without any restriction! Yes, VPN is the only tool that can help unblock the geo-restriction enforced by 9Now.

A powerful VPN can hide your actual location and mask it with an Australian IP address to show 9Now servers that you are accessing live streams of 9Now from Australia. Now you no longer have to pack your bags and travel to Australia when you can easily stream your favorite 9Now content from the comforts of your couch in Canada.

Best VPN Services to Access 9Now- A Quick Guide

  1. ExpressVPN: Best VPN for 9Now in Canada outside Australia. Offers 5 fastAustralian servers. 7-day free trial for iOS and Android. 30-days money-back guarantee at (CA$ 8.63/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan) for a 12-Months + 3 Months.
  2. Surfshark: Budget-friendly VPN service for 9Now in Canada. Offers 5 Australian servers. Package of (CA$ 2.98/mo (US$ 2.30/mo) - 82% off VPN deal on 2 year plan with 2 months free)for a 2-years. 30-days money-back guarantee.
  3. NordVPN: Reliable and Secure VPN for 9Now in Canada. Offers 190+ servers in Australia. Offers 30-days money-back guarantee plan. Costs (CA$ 4.26/mo (US$ 3.29/mo) - 2 years with 60% off + Threat Protection for free) on a 2-year plan.

Selection Criteria for a VPN to unblock 9Now

Not every VPN can bypass the virtual ban on 9Now. Even if a VPN gets successful in crossing the virtual border it is not necessary that it will perform 100% in providing you high quality and secure streaming experience. I have listed down a selection criterion on basis of which I have recommended those above-mentioned 9Now VPNs for Canada.

  • Works perfectly with 9Now and other famous streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube tv, HBO Max etc.
  • Have dedicated Australian servers
  •  Connects to at least 3 devices simultaneously
  • 24/7 customer support and 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Dedicated and easy to use apps for major streaming devices
  • Offers Ultra HD and 4K streaming

Top VPNs to watch 9Now in Canada

After testing the number of VPNs for 9Now, I have shortlisted these 3 top VPNs that successfully unblocked 9Now in Canada and streamed it smoothly.

1. ExpressVPN – Top recommendation for 9Now

ExpressVPN is considered the No. 1 VPN in terms of security features and accessing blocked content from other regions. It comes with 5000+ servers based in 94 countries, especially 5 dedicated and fastest Australian servers, offering 93.46 Mbps downloading and 57.1 Mbps uploading speed on a 100 Mbps connection.

ExpressVPN is the right choice to watch 9Now in Canada on any of the major devices such as iOS, Android, Smart TVs, Mac, Windows, etc. The smart DNS service of ExpressVPN known as MediaStreamer works perfectly on Apple TV, Smart TVs, Roku, Xbox, and PlayStation which don’t have VPN apps.

Channel 9 in Canada- ExpressVPN

With OpenVPN, kill switch, 256-bit encryption, DNS leak protection, and split tunneling, ExpressVPN ensures top-notch online privacy and security for its subscribers.

ExpressVPN’s can unblock all major streaming services and channels that are not available in Canada like Hulu Live, YouTube TV, US Netflix, ABC, ITV Hub, Channel 4, etc.

Pricing wise ExpressVPN is on a bit higher end as compared to other VPNs. It offers its services at CA$ 8.63/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan for 12 months + 3 months with a risk-free 30-days money-back guarantee. Read more about ExpressVPN review for Canadian users in our guide.

Get ExpressVPN NowRisk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

2. Surfshark – Pocket-Friendly VPN for 9Now

Surfshark’s headquarter is based in the British Virgin Islands with 3200+ servers in 65+ countries worldwide. It has 5 dedicated Australian servers that you can connect to for 9Now streaming in Canada.

Moreover, Surfshark has passed unblocking tests on all major streaming networks like American Netflix, Crave outside Canada, Amazon prime video, ESPN+, Peacock tv, etc.

Channel 9 in Canada- Surfshark VPN

Surfshark offers unlimited simultaneous connectivity on all major devices such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Apple TV, Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles.

This VPN is reliable in terms of decent speed and security features. Surfshark uses Open VPN protocol, 256-bit military-grade encryption, and provides CleanWeb, automatic kill switch, IP leak protection, and WhiteLister.

Surfshark is known as low budget VPN as it only charges CA$ 2.98/mo (US$ 2.30/mo) - 82% off VPN deal on 2 year plan with 2 months free for a 2-years package. Read more in detail about Surfshark VPN for Canada users. Learn in more detail in our analysis of Surfshark VPN.

Get Surfshark Now30 days money-back guarantee

3. NordVPN – Fast speed for 9Now streaming

NordVPN offers 5300+ in 94 countries. It has dedicated 190+ Australian servers based in 5 different cities i.e., Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide Brisbane, and Perth.

These NordVPN Australian servers easily unblock 9Now in Canada and anywhere outside Australia. NordVPN is one of the most used VPN in unblocking all major channels and streaming apps in Canada and Canadian networks outside Canada like CTV and Crave Canada.

watch 9Now in Canada - NordVPN

NordVPN’s dedicated IP address, obfuscated servers, double-hop VPN, split tunneling server, kill switch, and other features make it an attractive choice for users. NordVPN claims its fast speeds and offers dedicated apps for mobile phones, Windows, macOS, Linux, etc. it is set up manually on wireless routers, NAS devices, and other platforms.

NordVPN offers a 2-year payment plan with 30 days money-back guarantee at CA$ 4.26/mo (US$ 3.29/mo) - 2 years with 60% off + Threat Protection for free. Read our review guide to learn more in detail about NordVPN analysis for Canadian users. get to learn more about NordVPN for use in Canada.

Get NordVPN Now30 days money-back guarantee

Can Free VPN get you 9Now in Canada?

Free VPN might be able to bypass blocking restrictions and get you 9Now in Canada but I do not suggest you to go with this option. With a name sounds interesting and attractive but don’t get into this trap. Free VPNs servers are slow and cause buffering video shuttering that brings an uncomfortable experience in live streaming.

Also, Free VPNs are not actually free, they charge you in terms of your data leakage and information breach which they sell to marketing agencies for user’s market research. Malware and vulnerability to DNS and IPv6 leaks are other hazards of Free VPNs.

Instead of going totally free, opt for either cheap VPNs to meet your budget or try these free VPNs options in Canada.

How to sign up for 9Now from Canada?

9Now is free to use OTT service for Australians. It doesn’t require any payment technique to watch in Canada or elsewhere but a user has to make his account before accessing its content either on-demand or live streams.

The whole 9Now site is geo-blocked in Canada or always connect to VPN and change your virtual location to Australia and then sign up to 9Now. All you need to do is to verify your email and there you go, enjoy 9Now in Canada without any cost.

What can I watch with 9Now in Canada

9Now Channels

9Now broadcasts content from Channel 9, 9HD, 9Life, 9Gem, 9Rush, 9 Go, GoKids, and 9Life.

watch 9Now shows in Canada

Famous Shows on 9Now

  • The Big Bang Theory
  • The Voice Australia
  • Young Sheldon
  • Doctor Doctor
  • 60 Minutes
  • A Current Affair
  • Ellen
  • Love Island
  • Dating Naked
  • Dance Moms
  • Australian Ninja Warrior
  • Amazing Grace
  • Paramedics
  • Pearson
  • Manifest
  • Emergence
  • The Arrangement

9Now Famous Sports

9Now offers the following Sports for fans worldwide

  • Australian Football League
  • Australian Open Tennis 2022
  • Queensland Cup
  • Cricket
  • NSW Cup
  • National Basketball League
  • Super Rugby
  • Suncorp Super Netball
  • Soccer
  • The NRL Footy Show
  • Santos Tour Down Under

Supporting Devices for 9Now in Canada

Following devices supports 9Now and it works perfectly on these.

  • Android phones, tablets & Android TV
  • Apple iPhones, iPads & Apple TV
  • PlayStation
  • Windows
  • Chromecast
  • Sony TV, LG TV, Fetch TV, Telstra TV
  • Chromecast

watch 9Now on devices

How to install the 9Now app on iOS Devices

You can get the 9Now app and run it on your iOS devices following these steps.

  1. Install our recommended VPN app and connect to its Australian server.
  2. Make a new Apple ID on App Store and set your location in Australia.
  3. Log in using New Apple ID and install the 9Now app.
  4. Sign up and Sign-in on the 9Now app, and here you go.

How to install the 9Now app on Android Devices

BY using the below-mentioned steps, you can easily download and play the 9Now app on your Android devices right here in Canada.

  1. Install recommended VPN app and connect to its Australian server.
  2. Open Google Play Store > Account > Region.
  3. Switch your location from Canada to Australia.
  4. Go to Google Play Store and install 9Now App
  5. Sign up and sign in and enjoy streaming 9Now

How to download 9Now on your Fire tv stick

Download and play the 9Now app in Canada on your Fire tv stick using the below method.

  1. Turn off your device’s location services.
  2. Subscribe to VPN and connect to its Australia-based server.
  3. Open Firestick App Store on Firestick and search 9Now app.
  4. Download the 9Now app, sign in, and enjoy 9Now in Canada.

How to watch 9Now on TV

It is very simple to watch 9Now on the big screen of your TV by connecting it through mobile, PC, or Laptop.

  • Open the 9Now app or website on your phone, PC, or laptop and log into it.
  • Select the “Connect Your TV” option.
  • Sign in to the 9Now account and if you don’t have any, make one.
  • Launch 9Now on your TV and select any of its content for streaming.
  • It will ask you to log in with your account. Select log in.
  • Enter a 6-digit code into your connecting device that will appear on your TV to connect.
  • Wait 30 sec for the connection to be activated on TV and then enjoy watching your favorite 9Now shows on TV.


Yes, you can watch channel 9 live online by visiting or through its apps for Android and IOS devices. All you need is a VPN to connect in Canada for Channel 9.

Yes, it is completely legal to stream 9Now in Canada and other countries using a VPN. VPNs are for the online privacy and security of users.

Yes, it is safe to unblock and watch Channel 9 in Canada if you use a premium VPN that will mask your actual location and camouflage it with Australian IP.

9Now is free to stream live and catch up on TV. Viewers only need to create an account for sign in. In Canada, you need a VPN to change your virtual location to Australia, sign in to 9Now and you are good to access 9Now streams free of cost.

Unlike few streaming services, 9Now doesn’t give the option of downloading its content. However, there are many third-party downloading software that can download 9Now or Channel 9 shows. But I cannot guarantee if these are totally safe.

9Now adapts the quality of your video streams based on the speed of your available internet connection. You will get better quality of videos with a faster internet connection. It uses approx. 1.2 GB per hour for a high quality (720p) video streaming and 1.8GB per hour for a high quality (720p) live streaming.


9Now is your big bud to enjoy Australian shows and sports. However, 9Now is not available in Canada and is only streaming in Australia. Now you know how to watch 9Now in Canada.

All you need to do is, just connect to our recommended VPN for 9Now like ExpressVPN on any of your devices, grab a Pop and Chips, and enjoy streaming its amazing content, be it live sports or TV shows, or movies.