Why is ABC not working with VPN in 2022 – (Proven Easy Hacks)

Wondering why ABC Not Working with a VPN? There could be several reasons. Let’s discuss each.

The restrictions imposed by licensing authorities and copyrights regulations have urged people to use VPN connection. This results in the use of VPNs and has increased their demand.

Does a VPN work with ABC? Yes, a VPN works with ABC. You would require a credible VPN like ExpressVPN to watch ABC in Canada, as the site is restricted to US viewers only.

American Broadcasting Company, also known as ABC, is a US-based, privately owned corporate television network. Headquartered in California, the company is under the ABC Entertainment Group, which is a division of The Walt Disney Company. From shows like Grey’s Anatomy to sports and world news, ABC has covered you on all fronts.

What might stop you from accessing such an incredible streaming platform is a poor VPN connection. We have outlined solutions to a frequently discussed query, “Why ABC not working with a VPN,” and some best VPNs you can get to watch ABC.


How to fix If ABC not working with VPN? [6-Tips]

ABC is location specific streaming platform; hence people in Canada would require a VPN to stream ABC Movies and shows. Compared to the demand for VPN servers, there are actually fewer servers in the US. Therefore, when people in Canada or other parts of the world try to use the same servers repeatedly, the server is detected by ABC and hence blocked.

We compiled a list of ways you can try to fix if ABC not working with a VPN.

Change and Connect to a different US Server.

People commonly use VPNs to watch ABC from Canada. People tend to use fast servers that work efficiently, increasing the number of people using the same IP address. The streaming platform sees this as suspicious activity and consequently blocks the server.

Therefore, we suggest you try changing your US server and connecting to a different server if ABC or Kayo is not working with your VPN. With the new server, you will get a new IP address, ultimately allowing you to access the ABC streaming service and watch your favorite shows on ABC.

Upgrade your VPN (Premium)

Not all VPNs have the capability to unblock streaming channels, especially the big ones like ABC. It is essential to understand that free VPNs are more likely to fail to unblock the ABC network. This is mainly due to the lack of effective protocols to encrypt your activity and provide a secret pathway.

Moreover, it is highly possible that the streaming service has managed to block all the IP addresses provided by the VPN provider. This is possible when a VPN is not launching a new IP address to replace the blocked one; eventually, all the IP addresses are blocked.

In such a situation, one must switch to a new premium VPN connection like ExpressVPN if other streaming services like Crave TV is causing issues with your current VPN, which has implemented sound measures to prevent streaming services from detecting its IP address and blocking access.

Check your Internet Connection.

Sometimes your internet connection might block the use of a VPN or does not have enough data to support the connection and streaming. Internet uses data to stream content; if your internet does not have data, it will not proceed to the streaming site or ABC app.

Therefore, consult your internet provider about the internet issues if any streaming provider like HBO Max is not working with your VPN.

Reinstall the ABC App

At times the App can become unresponsive and not respond like any other App. You must not worry about it. You can simply delete the app from your system and reinstall it from a device-supported app store.

This unresponsiveness might occur when you download the App from an external source, not the supported App store.

Restart the device

The most frequent cause of the ABC not starting or working correctly is the App crashing. Restarting your browser and system is the ideal place to start.

You can also watch ABC on Roku, Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux, Android, and Smart TVs; it also offers entirely encrypted proxy extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

This can occasionally be enough to restore functionality if BBC iPlayer is not working with your VPN.

Delete Cookies

Cookies are small text files that store information about your internet traffic. ABC save your login information as a typical cookie example, saving you from having to log in each time you visit the streaming service.

ABC might be able to access this location data kept in your cookies. It recognizes a VPN and stops the connection if it discovers the location is different from the one you’ve chosen with your VPN.

Therefore, we recommend you delete the cookies from the Settings menu on your device if ABC not working with a VPN.


FAQs – ABC not working with VPN

Your location can be spoofed using a VPN connection like ExpressVPN. VPN helps to conceal your location and identity through its high-grade encryption. You can also use other best VPNs for ABC and they all provide the same purpose with some different perks.

Yes, ABC is location specific which means it can only be accessed within a specific location. Since ABC is based in America, people located within the bounds of the US can view the streaming service. If you want to access the platform outside the US, you must connect to a VPN connection.

A VPN is an effective tool to get around blackout restrictions on ABC. It routes your data by connecting to a different server that is outside of the restricted location, and this way, you can unblock blackout restriction and stream ABC freely from Canada.

Wrapping up!

In this article, we have outlined all the possible solutions to cater to your issues related to ABC not working with a VPN. Now that you have the answer to why the VPN is not functioning.

Once your VPN issue gets fixed, start with ABC free trial from a new account which you may cancel anytime during the trial.