Are Free VPNs Safe To Use in 2022? Let’s Find Out!

The internet plays a big role in our lives and has a hand in almost everything we do today, including entertainment, education, and communication all revolve around it. It’s one of the best inventions ever.

Imagine a world without the internet. The only source of entertainment would be local channels on a regular TV with an antenna, DVD players and radio. The world would be so different from what it is now.

With the internet, you get access to information quickly, and it makes it possible to communicate with people in different parts of the world. But unfortunately, the internet is not safe anymore, and the reason you will need a VPN that works in Canada to protect you.


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A VPN is a virtual private network made to protect your internet connection and, most importantly, your privacy. The best-known VPNs are paid VPNs, but also some are free.

But one would ask, are free VPNs safe to use? It’s a good question to ask, especially because if there are VPNs that you will need to subscribe to use their services, how come there are free VPNs? Do they offer the same services?
Below we’ll answer those questions, but first, why are free VPNs considered not to be safe?

Why Free VPNs are not Safe?

A paid VPN has expensive bills to pay so that it can upgrade its hardware and secure its servers by adding features that enhance your security. On the other hand, Free VPNs don’t care about your privacy leave alone protecting it.

While compared with paid VPNs, they are short when it comes to security features. Therefore, you should think before deciding to opt for a free VPN

Below are some of the reasons why you should avoid using free VPNs

Do Free VPNs Sell Your Data?

Unfortunately, most free VPNs collect and sell your data to third parties, and that’s how they generate their income. So while using a free VPN to browse the internet, all your internet activity gets recorded and stored.

The information taken from your data is then sold to advertisers, explaining why you will receive ads connected with your previous internet activity.


Once you have decided to use a free VPN, you have agreed to give them access to your data, which they will harvest from.

So, are free VPNs safe? As long as your data is leaked, free VPNs are not safe. And the fact that advertisers can access your data through free VPNs won’t be hard for cyber-criminals to do the same.

So, why are free VPNs bad? What’s the point of using a free VPN if all you want is online privacy and security, and it’s not offering that?

Why are free VPNs bad?

The Vulnerabilities of a Free VPN

You use a VPN because you are aware of the dangers that are available on the internet.  But are free VPNs safe? Not at all. Many free VPNs have a lot of serious weaknesses that can result in online insecurity.

Be on the lookout, as many free popular VPNs don’t care about your online privacy.

Free VPNs tend to look legit by being compatible with many devices, therefore having apps available for every device. However, kindly note that that is just a disguise for malware so that they get access to your device. So, if you think that a free VPN is keeping your online activity private, you are wrong, for it’s doing the complete opposite.

Free VPNs are Responsible for Your Slow Internet Connection

There is nothing that drains you like a slow internet connection. You would rather have no internet at all than tolerate a slow one. That is a nightmare, especially for an online streamer, for one wouldn’t stand the feeling of waiting for a video to load or entertain buffering.

Unfortunately, that is present with free VPNs, and if you are an online streamer, you should avoid free VPNs. Once you connect to a free VPN, immediately, you start experiencing sluggish internet speeds. That will only lead to frustrations, especially if your VPN knowingly does that.

Most of the free VPNs available also consist of a paid plan, so they can use this strategy of slow speeds to make you subscribe to one of their paid plans.

Can a Free VPN trigger CAPTCHA?

It can prove frustrating every time you perform a google search while using a free VPN. You will have to complete a CAPTCHA to prove if you are human in order to proceed ahead. It’s annoying and boring.

If you wonder what’s a Captcha, it’s a test easily passed by humans but proves difficult for a computer. It helps protect you from spam and prevents programs on your computer from performing automated requests. They can also be used to prevent hacks and other malicious activity.


Even though they prove to be helpful, they are annoying. If you are using a free VPN, you better get used to them as you will have to complete them several times a day.

Free VPNs consist of Intrusive Ads

Ads are annoying, especially when you come across ones you don’t have the option to skip as you will have to watch the entire ad. But, as we mentioned earlier, free VPNs look for ways to generate income, and for that to happen, they strike deals with advertisers.

They track your online activity and hit you with pop-up ads based on your search. The ads themselves slow down your browser and your connection speed. So are free VPNs safe? The fact that free VPNs track your online activity shows that they are not safe.

VPNs Might Slow Down your Connection

Most VPNs indeed happen to make your internet connection speed slow. But it’s not fair to blame a VPN because it depends on how fast your connection was before connecting to a VPN. It also depends on the VPN server you are connected to, and how far you are from it.

If you are using a paid VPN, you won’t even notice the speed change when you connect to a premium VPN.
But it is frustrating when a free VPN consisting of a paid plan deliberately lowers your connection speed so you can opt for their paid subscription.

Freedom of server or location

If you are a streamer and would love to access USA Netflix outside the USA, you will appreciate having a VPN consisting of many servers. The good thing about having a VPN that consists of many servers is that you have other servers to connect to if one doesn’t work.

When you connect to servers from other regions, your online activity is even more secure. Unfortunately, if you are using free VPNs, you will not have the choice; you will only choose to connect to selected servers.

VPNs can often fail at unblocking geo-restricted content

The number one reason many people look for a VPN is that it is the only tool capable of bypassing geo-restricted sites. Many streaming platforms are geo-restricted, and even though they are available in different countries, the content is different.

For example, if you live in the USA, your content from the Netflix USA library is different from Netflix Canada. This is because some of the content available on Netflix USA is not permitted to be aired outside the USA. Due to copyright and distribution rights. Therefore, you will have Netflix in Canada, but the content library will be limited.

So, to access the full library, you will need help from a premium and reliable Netflix VPN. A VPN will mask your original IP address once you connect to a server located in the USA.

By connecting to a server in the USA, it will look like you are accessing Netflix USA in the US. Therefore, enabling you to access Netflix USA in Canada.

Is a free VPN safe when it comes to unblocking content? Unfortunately, most free VPNs can’t bypass geo-restrictions imposed by Netflix. Even some of the premium VPNs struggle to bypass the geo-restrictions. So, to avoid getting an error message every time you try to access Netflix with a free VPN, you should subscribe to the best, safest VPN available such as ExpressVPN.

However here are some Free VPNs that work with Netflix.

VPNs might control your browser

Free VPN puts your valuable information at risk as your browser can be subjected to scammers. The hackers disguise themselves behind VPN extensions. For example, they will ensure that they have added malicious code into ads that will direct you to other websites you didn’t want to visit.

Are free VPNs safe to use? No, for they are the main culprit for hijacking your browsers.

How to find a safe VPN?

It’s hard to find a free secure VPN. However, if you need a VPN, there are a few things that you should consider looking at. Below are some of the ways that will help you find a secure VPN.

A VPN that meets your needs

Why do you need a VPN? For security? Or to bypass geo-restrictions? Those are some of the questions you should ask yourself to make sure you subscribe to a VPN that meets your needs.

You should try the VPNs before subscribing; most of the VPNs available offer free trials. Use the trial period to know if the VPN is worth it.

Check for legitimacy

There are many VPNs available, and not all are legit. Some of the VPNs may look legit, but they aren’t. So how do you check if the VPN is legit? First, check the company behind the VPN app before installing the app on your Android device.

Is it safe to use a Free VPN on android devices? Yes, it’s completely safe if you are using a legit VPN. You can also browse the company’s name and background information to know what people say about it.

Make sure to look at the reviews

The best way to find a free secure VPN is by reading what people say about it in the app reviews. Read them before installing the VPN on your iPhone.

If you find that the app has many complaints and low ratings, that will be a good indicator to warn you about it. But also, make sure to look at the positives still, as other competitors may decide to comment on the rivals’ app.

Is VPN safe for iPhone? Yes, but it’s not easy to find a free-safe VPN for iPhone, so be careful.

Look for a VPN that Consists of Paid Plans

Another way of detecting a safe VPN is, does it consist of a paid plan? If you notice a VPN doesn’t have a paid plan, that means that you will be paying with personal information. And therefore, you shouldn’t consider subscribing to it.

Premium VPN Benefits

The last thing you want is to take the unnecessary risk of using free VPNs. The good thing about premium VPNs such as ExpressVPN is that they are dedicated to protecting your privacy by offering you the best features.

Many premium VPNs consist of a large server network making your connection easy and fast. By deciding to a VPN, you will enjoy the following benefits.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Connect all your devices simultaneously
  • Bypass geo-restricted sites
  • Enhanced security
  • Fast speeds


Yes, free VPNs will track your data so that they can share it with advertisers.

By making sure you subscribe to a VPN that meets your needs, one that is legit and covers many locations.

The best VPN depends on what you want in a VPN. Most premium VPNs consist of a free trial; use that period to see if one will meet your demands.

They do that to keep the costs down. The limit allows the VPN service to let you experience their service without costing them more money.

A VPN will keep your identity hidden, but the fact that your ISP know that you are using a VPN, they are the ones that the FBI will target. While there, they may track you down and request logs from your VPN service provider.

Are free VPNs safe? No, as many free VPNs steal your data and sell it to third parties. If you are using a premium VPN, the only way your data can get stolen is if your browser extension gets compromised by a malicious plugin. So is VPN safe? Yes, only if you are using a premium one.


While browsing the internet, there is more to worry about, including identity theft, hackers, phishing and security risks. So it is completely understandable to feel insecure online, especially when it comes down to your data.

So, if you are looking to protect your online activity and keep your sensitive data safe, you will need to subscribe to a VPN. So there are paid VPNs and free VPNs. But are free VPNs safe? Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a free safe VPN; the article above shows the risks of using free VPNs and why you should avoid them.

Not all VPNs are bad, and some work well with some devices or services. If you are looking for a VPN for a specific streaming device, this list may be helpful.