Best VPN For ESPN+ in 2023 – Watch Live Sports Online!

If ESPN+ is your go-to for sports, then you may wonder, how much does ESPN+ cost? If you’re a sports fan and want more than what ESPN networks offer, then first you need the best VPN for ESPN+ to watch this streaming service in Canada.

ESPN+ is one of the best streaming services, and it’s more of the former ESPN due to its own lineup of live sports. Users also enjoy exclusive on-demand videos and live games and have access to ESPN Insider for die-hard sports fans. However, users can’t access the regular ESPN cable channel.

One major catch is that you can’t access ESPN+ in Canada or from anywhere outside the USA. The service is geo-blocked due to licensing rights. Thus, you need a good VPN to help bypass the restrictions. Here at CanadaVPNs, we have the details on the best VPNs for ESPN+ to help you watch live sports online after accessing ESPN+ in Canada.

It also allows the subscribers to cancel ESPN+ subscription anytime. It can be at the end of an ESPN+ free trial period or during a subscription month.

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Which is the Best VPN for ESPN+ in 2023 – Quick Summary

To watch ESPN+ live sports & ESPN+ Shows online without buffers and other streaming issues such as data hacks, you need the best VPN for ESPN+.
We have passed the 5 best VPNs to help you watch live sports on ESPN+, which is only available to viewers in the US. For instance, if you want to access ESPN plus in Canada or any other place outside the USA, below are the VPNs you need to unblock the geo-restrictions.

Here is a quick summary:

  1. ExpressVPN: The best VPN for ESPN+ overall. It has fast internet speeds allowing buffer-free streaming for ESPN+ and other popular streaming apps.
  2. Surfshark Pocket-friendly VPN for ESPN+. Allows unlimited connection of devices, strong security, and no logs.
  3. NordVPN Largest VPN server network to access ESPN+. It has blazing speeds that allow a better streaming experience. It can be used on most devices. Also, it has great customer support.
  4. CyberGhost Reliable VPN for ESPN+, especially for Mac users. Good for bypassing geo-blocks. Have an automatic kill switch and unlimited bandwidth.
  5. IPVanish Secure VPN for ESPN+ for security. Encrypted web browsing and high speeds for streaming. You can have multiple connection protocols.

Which VPNs Work with ESPN+ in 2023? [In-Depth Analysis]

Getting the best VPN for ESPN plus among the thousands being advertised in the market alone is overwhelming. Our job was to select the best for you. We did test over 50 VPNs, compared their features, and finally selected the best.
Here is a detailed analysis of the VPNs:

1. ExpressVPN – The Best VPN for ESPN+ overall

  • Total server count: 3000+ servers in 94 countries.
  • USA server: 24+
  • MediaStreamer feature to improve your streaming experience
  • Speed: 88.11 Mbps downloading speed
  • Simultaneous device connections: 5
  • Recommended servers for ESPN+: Washington DC, New York, New Jersey 1 & 2.

ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPNs for ESPN+, and its headquarters are in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Your data remains safe when you connect through the service because BVI has no data retention laws.


The service allows simultaneous connection of 5 devices. More so, Expressvpn ESPN plus users can connect to multiple devices such as you can watch ESPN+ on Roku, Android, Linux, macOS, and more. With 3000+ servers available in 94 countries, and over 24+ servers available in the US, users have no issues with buffers while streaming.

The speed is excellent for live sports streaming. To prove this, we conducted a speed test, and the results were as follows, 88.11 Mbps for downloads and 50.18 Mbps for uploads.


It also works well with other streaming apps such as HBO Max, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and others.

The service offers good privacy and security for users. Another special feature you will not find in other VPNs is the use of Media Streamer DNS, which helps you spoof your location faster than any other VPN. Though your traffic will not be encrypted, you enjoy a better unblocking experience.

The best deal for 2023 is CA$ 9.12/mo (US$ 6.67/mo)(Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free). The plan has a 30-day money-back guarantee to allow anyone who feels dissatisfied to get a refund.

Complete your ExpressVPN purchase today.

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2. Surfshark – Pocket-Friendly VPN for ESPN+

  • Total server count: 3200+ servers in 65 countries.
  • USA server: 600+
  • Double VPN protocol available
  • Speed: 85.49 Mbps downloading speed
  • Simultaneous device connections: unlimited
  • Recommended servers for ESPN+: Atlanta, Louisville, Charlotte, and Chicago.

Anyone on a budget should consider Surfshark VPN. It’s another good choice for streaming ESPN+. Surfshark ESPN Plus users get it easy regarding privacy and security mainly because the service is based in the Netherlands, where strict rules govern user privacy.


Surfshark has over 3200 servers available in 95+ countries. There are 600+ servers in the USA alone, allowing users to choose what works best for them.

Our speed test confirmed a speed of 85.49 Mbps for downloads and 44.42 Mbps for uploads to help you stream live sports on ESPN+ without buffer issues.


Users enjoy the unlimited connection of devices from a single subscription, and each connection is safe. A Cleanweb and the Kill switch feature ensure your data is private even after the connection drops.

Additionally, its available on many platforms and has one of the best pricing deals of 2023. Subscribers pay CA$ 3.41/mo (US$ 2.49/mo)- Save up to 77% with exclusive 2-year plan + 30-day money-back guarantee which is risk-free, plus you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Get Surfshark Now30 days money-back guarantee

3. NordVPN – Largest VPN Server Network to access ESPN+

  • Total server count: 5200+ servers in 59 countries.
  • USA server: 1970+ servers in 15 locations
  • Kill Switch and AES 256-bit protection
  • Speed: 86.48 Mbps for downloads
  • Simultaneous device connections: 6
  • Recommended server for ESPN+: Chicago, Miami, Newyork, and Dallas.

NordVPN is a service from Panama jurisdiction. It has blazing speed, perfect for streaming ESPN+ live sports. Our speed test showed 86.48 Mbps for download speed. Thus, no lags or buffers while streaming. Users, you get through geo-blocks with ease. It is also easier with NordVPN to unblock US Netflix, stream Foxtel Go in CanadabeIN SPORTS, BFI Player in Canada, and more.


NordVPN ESPN plus Users have a wide range of server location selections. With over 5500 servers available in 60+ countries and 1970+ in the USA alone, there are no issues with server disconnections.  It’s also easy to choose the best NordVPN server with the help of a server-picker tool.

Also, it allows for 6 simultaneous device connections and can be connected to multiple platforms; examples include Android, macOS, Windows, iOS, and others. The issue of a strict no-log policy is well managed because Panama has no mandatory data retention.

Our speed test showed 86.48 Mbps for downloads and 52.42 Mbps for uploads.


The secure apps help prevent third parties from prying on your sensitive information or online activities, especially when the connection drops. Examples include the Next-generation VPN encryption and Open VPN; all of these have been crafted to the highest industry standards.
For the best deal of 2023, go CA$ 5.46/mo (US$ 3.99/mo)- Save up to 63% with exclusive 2-year plan + 3 months free for a friend, and get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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4. CyberGhost – Reliable VPN for ESPN+ especially for Mac users

  • Total server count: 6100+ servers in 88 countries.
  • USA server: 1206+
  • Kill Switch and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Speed: 84.65 Mbps fast download speed.
  • Simultaneous device connections: 7
  • Recommended servers for ESPN+: Miami, Chicago, Atlanta and New York.

Cyberghost is another good best VPN for ESPN Plus that we came across. Having its roots in Germany and then in Bucharest, Romania, users enjoy the best privacy deals with top-notch values such as torrenting services.


Besides, Cyberghost ESPN Plus users enjoy good speeds that allow for a smooth experience while streaming ESPN+. Again, it has large network servers. With 6100+ servers available in 88 countries and 1206+ server locations in the USA, you will not have issues with server disconnections.

We conducted a speed test to confirm its speed and found an average speed of 84.65 Mbps download speed and 42.56 Mbps of upload speed.


The service also allows a 7 simultaneous connection and has some of the best tools for securing your data online. An example is 256-bit encryption, an automatic Kill Switch that works for Windows only and unlimited bandwidth.

You can customize it to use such features and keep it safe while streaming your sports to conceal your data from prying eyes. The service supports most devices such as Android, desktop, web-based, and iOS.

The best 2023 deal goes for $2.23/month; you save around 82%. It’s risk-free, allowing you up to 45 days to get your refund.

If you have issues, they have 24/7 live chat support where your queries are answered. CyberGhost is worth a try. Grab it today!

Get CyberGhost Now45 days money-back guarantee

5. IPVanish – Secure VPN for ESPN+ for Security

  • Total server count: 2000+ servers in 75 locations.
  • USA server: 1200+ servers in 17 countries
  • zero traffic logs policy to ensure online security
  • speed: 75.12 Mbps of download speed.
  • simultaneous device connections: unlimited
  • Recommended servers for ESPN+: San Jose, Seattle, Chicago, and New Jersey.

IPVanish is based in the United States; you can be assured of the best security for streaming ESPN+. It’s good at unblocking most of the major streaming apps such as NCB Sports, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and more.


The servers are P2P friendly, a good way to stream ESPN+. It has good speeds with a global network of 2000+ servers available in 75 countries. In the USA alone, it offers 1200+ servers in 17 server locations.

Enjoy a fast speed with 75.12 Mbps download, and 39.48 Mbps upload speed.


Again, there is no limit to the devices a user can connect to simultaneously, plus it supports most of the operating systems and devices such as Windows 10+, Chrome OS11, macOS, Android 5.1+, and more. No matter the device, you enjoy the best security ever. A zero traffic logs policy ensures no one can tamper with your online information without your permission.

IPVanish protects your personal data; it has one of the strongest encryption that uses the highest industry standards. The best deal for 2023 is a yearly plan package for $3.33/month that comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Try IPVanish!

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How to Choose the best VPNs for ESPN+?

There are many VPNs out there. If you need a VPN that will easily unblock ESPN+, then choosing the best ESPN+ unblocking VPN is paramount.

Not every VPN works with ESPN+ some will give you a hectic time, from a buffer, lags, and other nasty streaming issues. Below is what you need to know when choosing the best VPN for ESPN+.

  • Unblocking strength: You need a VPN that will easily unblock geo-restrictions. Therefore, this should be the first concern when choosing a VPN for ESPN+. Make sure you have information on its unblocking abilities.
  • Performance: The next best thing is the VPN speed. With good speed, you rarely experience buffers while streaming. To get the best speed, conduct a speed test, most VPNs have speed test apps on their websites.
  • Security and privacy: When unblocking restricted content, you need the best security to secure your information from malware and other malicious attacks. Choosing a VPN with 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and a no-logs policy, among other top-notch security protocols is recommended. You also don’t want a VPN that will expose your information, privacy is perior.
  • The number of servers: A VPN with a good number of servers available globally allows users to have a wide selection for the best connection. As such, you get few to no issues with server disconnections.
  • Price: It’s always good to get a VPN with the right features and a fair subscription cost. The price should not be overcharged. It should also have a money-back guarantee to allow for a refund if one feels unsatisfied.
  • Easy to use: You need a VPN that’s easy to use on the ESPN plus app, especially for beginners. All of our 5 VPNs are easy to use. And in case you get hitches, they offer 24/7 live support for your queries.


Yes. You can use a free VPN for your ESPN+ streaming. However, a free VPN for ESPN plus comes with its own risks. Your data may be hacked or your information stolen while streaming. Instead, you should go for a paid VPN.

Yes, you need the VPN for ESPN+ like ExpressVPN. These VPNs stay one step ahead of ESPN+. Their service is to help you go around ESPN+ blackout restrictions and be able to stream its content in areas where it’s unavailable. For instance, if in Canada, where ESPN+ is not available, you easily unblock its content.

Yes, most countries allow the usage of VPNs for the mere fact that they provide security and privacy for users. ESPN+ users are therefore free to use the VPNs, except for illegal activities online such as pirating.

No, it cannot block VPNs ESPN+ can only detect your real IP address. If you connect to another server, your VPN helps you mask your IP address, and you trick ESPN+ into thinking you’re in a country where its content is available.


Getting the best VPN for ESPN+ requires more than general knowledge. You need extensive research to get the best to avoid getting into trouble while you’re streaming your hearty sports online.

We have made this pretty easy for you, and now you only need to choose the best VPN for your ESPN+ streaming. ExpressVPN is our best, though you’re at liberty to get the one that fits your needs.

Happy sports streaming!