Why do you need a VPN in Canada in 2022? – A Choice or a Necessity?

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I was sitting at a coffee shop, scrolling through my emails with my device connected to a public Wi-Fi, and suddenly a thought crossed my mind: what if someone, somewhere, might be tracking my online activity?

It’s a genuinely reasonable concern, considering the evil forces armed against our privacy! In a world where cybercrimes and privacy breach incidents are on the rise, it’s even more important to protect yourself while you’re out there online!

That’s when a Virtual Private Network (VPN) comes in to help keep your online privacy safe!

Okay, we got it! But why do you need a VPN in Canada? Is a VPN necessary in Canada?


Despite Canada being a champion of online freedom and liberty, the people of Canada raised several privacy concerns and region-related restrictions when browsing from Canada, hence, making the use of VPN indispensable. Do you want to know why? Let’s discuss this further:

What is VPN? How does a VPN work?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that masquerades your IP address and encrypts your data by transforming your online activity through a secure chain to another VPN server across oceans. That’s how it cloaks your virtual identity, even on a public network, so that you can browse the internet securely, safely and anonymously.

To better understand this phenomenon, assume that you’re using a public Wi-Fi network, perhaps at the airport, that you might want to connect in an instant! After all, who doesn’t like to enjoy free Wi-Fi, right?

But connecting to a public network is dangerously unsafe: it poses a significant threat to your online security and data safety. For example, there might be someone prying on your online activity, or maybe a nefarious individual is disguised as a Wi-Fi provider only to hack into your device. I mean, you can’t trust anyone these days, right?

what is VPN protection

Look, there’s nothing wrong with using free Wi-Fi, not unless you connect to that network using a VPN! A VPN assures you that no one will be able to hack into your device or see your online activities- not even the network operators!

Along with this, VPN is also an excellent tool for accessing geo-restricted content and websites. Wait, geo-restricted content? Why would I want to access that?

If you happen to travel abroad, you will see that you can only visit localized versions of the familiar websites. Sometimes language is changed on some websites, and even the content is often found to be region restricted. Yeah, Netflix US is entirely different from Netflix Canada. The change in your browser’s location can make specific sites inaccessible and some streaming content out of reach!

What do we do then? Do I need a VPN in Canada for that?

Yes! With a Canada VPN, you can connect to a different country’s server and spoof your location, allowing you to bypass region-restricted content and stream whatever the damn thing you’d like, including legal streaming sites Canada.

What does a VPN not do?

A VPN is a powerful tool for shielding your privacy online, encrypting traffic and unblocking region-blocked content. However, there are some things that a VPN cannot do. Like any other technology, VPN too has certain drawbacks that everyone needs to be aware of, especially regarding online security and safety.

Here is what a VPN cannot do;

1. Protect you from Malware

Malware is malicious software used by cybercriminals to harm/infect devices. It can affect your CPU, corrupt software, hardware, and files, even important documents, but not your internet connection. A VPN is only designed to encrypt and protect your online connection and NOT your device! No matter how advanced your VPN is, it cannot protect your device from malware invasion.

2. Keep you 100% anonymous online

A VPN can guard your online privacy but maintain your complete anonymity? – We highly doubt that! Some ISPs with advanced technologies can still track you online, not to mention some governments (like Kazakhstan) even intercept your online VPN traffic.

3. Prevent Cookies from identifying you

Cookies are small text files used by some websites to record your activities on their platforms. Just because a VPN intercepts your encrypted requests, decrypts them and transfers them to the other online servers doesn’t mean it precludes cookies. – It’s simply not designed to work this way! The only way to stop cookies from identifying you while using VPN is to clear your cookies before connecting your network to a VPN connection.

Reasons to Use VPN in Canada VPN Service

Setting aside a few limitations, VPN is an instrumental technology for safe and secure web browsing! Here are the reasons why you should use a VPN in Canada;

1. Protect personal identity and information

a) It secures your privacy while using public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is tempting and convenient but at the expense of security! While you’re scrolling through your socials at a local coffee shop or answering your emails at the airport, someone may be prying on your online activity! A VPN can help you protect your online data by concealing your IP address, browsing industry, ban account details, social media credentials and more, from evil-intentioned virtual strangers.

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b) It offers data privacy from your network service provider

Wondering if your data would be safe if connected to your home connection? Well, I guess not! Your data is still vulnerable and can be accessed by your ISP or internet service provider. These third parties sell your data to advertisers even if you’re using the “incognito” browser feature. This is where VPN comes in to obscure your IP address from your ISP!

Wait! Guess your ISP isn’t the only potential liability, in fact, many governments and law-enforcement agencies have been found to be spying on their citizens and using their data secretively.

And you know what? As part of the Five Eyes Alliance, Canada is one of the five members (along with the USA, Australia, UK and New Zealand) that spy on their citizens online and explicitly share their information with each other. Keeping this in mind, it explains why there is a drastic rise in VPN usage in Canada – Here goes your answer to “is a VPN necessary in Canada?

2. A Smart Saving

With its location spoofing capabilities, a VPN can help you save money when shopping online. Prices of different products and services vary from place to place. With VPN, you can change your location to where services are offered cheaper and save plenty!

3. Helps unblock worldwide streaming content

VPN comes in handy for bypassing region-restricted content. It makes it easy to stream YouTube TV, Hotstar in Canada and HBO Max in Canada. In addition, it helps you stream your favorite movies and TV shows that you are otherwise not allowed to access due to geo-restriction.

4. Access to inaccessible websites

Canada is quite liberal regarding internet freedom and policies, but there are still some websites that Canadian residents and tourists cannot access. Here, VPN comes into play and helps you to access restricted content. So even if you’re out of your home country, you can still catch up on your favourite TV shows by using a VPN torrenting Canada.

But is streaming legal in Canada?

Yes! According to Canada streaming laws, streaming is absolutely legal in Canada. Our VPN reviews Canada found NordVPN best for streaming region-restricted content.

VPN for streaming Canada

5. Anonymous Torrenting

Another reason why Canadians prefer using VPN is the ability to torrent safely and anonymously!

Really? But how?

As you know, VPN can spoof your IP address. As a result, it changes your location and gives you the ability to browse the web anonymously according to Canada torrenting laws.

6. Keep you secure from cyberattacks

All over the world, there has been a drastic surge observed in cybercrime and internet-related offences. In fact, the Canadian Center for Cyber Security released a statement in August 2020 and said,

“Ransomware is one of the most common forms of cybercrime and is one of the cyber threats most likely to affect Canadians.”

Ransomware is a new malware attack that inhibits users from accessing their device, information, software or hardware until a certain amount of ransom has been paid. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only threat out there. There are thousands of evil-intentioned people eyeing your data for exploitation and other foul interests.

While VPN alone cannot provide you with the required immunity against these cybercrimes, it can definitely enhance your online security, thus, making you less vulnerable to cyberattacks.

7. Ditch trackers from services and app you use

A VPN can also prevent websites and applications from tracking your online behaviour in the true spirit of its nature. It can also restrict them from recording your browser history and location.

Internet Speed and VPN accessibility in Canada

The government of Canada promises to provide internet speeds of 50 Mbps for downloads and 10 Mbps for uploads. But it is easier said than done! Do you know why? It is because Canada is quite unique in terms of its population and geographical size!

Despite having about 3.85 million miles of land, only 38 million people are residing in Canada. And these people are stretched across the country, with distances miles and miles away! So while dependable internet is available to most web users in Canada, people in rural locations cannot access the optimal internet speed.

Despite the geographical limitation, the internet speed in Canada ranks 20th worldwide, and around 35.5 million Canadians have access to the internet! – That makes about 96% of Canada’s total population. Impressive, right?

As far as VPN accessibility is concerned, the coronavirus pandemic prompts a massive surge in demand for VPN services in Canada.

According to the stats released by VPN provider NordVPN on 11 March 2020, the global use of its virtual private network technology had increased by 165%, with Canada being the third-highest VPN user country (206%).

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Features to look for when purchasing a VPN

how to choose a VPN

a) Fast Connections

VPN connection speed depends on several factors, such as the number of people using the server, the distance of the server from your actual location and the overall quality of the service.

The best VPN services offer fast server connections along with unlimited bandwidth and speed-optimizing software. Don’t forget to run a quick speed test before making any decision.

b) Server Network

The VPN server network is another aspect affecting the connection speed directly. Therefore, always go for a VPN that offers multiple servers in all major Canadian cities and other countries such as the UK, US, India, and any other countries you wish to access their content.

Best VPN for Canada has a massive network of servers strategically located all over the world. You can connect to any of these servers and enjoy region-specific content whenever you want!

c) Bypass region-restricted content

Many streaming platforms like Peacock tv, BBC iPlayer, Amazon prime network and Netflix have region-specific content for their users. Unfortunately, this prevents you from accessing US-based Netflix content with a Canadian IP address.

And even if you travel outside Canada, you won’t be able to access Canada-specific content with a foreign IP address. But VPN can help you bypass any such restriction!

Choose a service that can unblock geographical restrictions for your favorite local channels such as Crave TV, CBC abroad, TSN Sports Outside Canada, or CTV outside Canada.

d) Encrypt your browsing data

A drastic rise in cybercrimes makes it even more relevant to protect your online privacy. We can’t rely on public networks or even home servers, as they can allow others to spy on your online whereabouts and steal your bank details, private information and passwords.

A good VPN service has military-grade encryption technology, including no-log policies, private DNS, and auto-kill switch to protect your sensitive information on the internet.

What are the Risks of Not Using a VPN?

Browsing the internet without a VPN is just like going for a battle without armour or a shield! – One arrow or a bullet, and you’ll be dead!

Just think about all the information you have been transmitting over the internet every day; your passwords, credit card details and much more. Without a VPN, all that information is at risk of being exposed to an ill-intentioned stranger online. Isn’t it your worst nightmare?

are vpns safe

Well, the only way to stop your suffering from turning into reality is by downloading a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN Canada.

A VPN changes your IP address by connecting you to a server located miles away so that the prying eyes cannot track your online activity. In addition, it conceals your original IP address and identity from others to identify, hence, keeping you safe from potential security threats and data breaches.

Canadian laws that influence our privacy

Bills C-11 and C-51 in Canada have a significant influence over our online privacy and freedom.  According to Bill C-11, it is inevitable for internet providers to monitor and track your online activities if anyone is found violating a country’s copyright laws.

Bill C-51, on the other hand, allows the CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) full authority to access your bank accounts, travel plans and additional personal information if you’re accused or suspected of terrorism. Considering the vague definition of a terrorist, this bill could be applied to every citizen.

streaming laws Canada

VPN services promote online freedom and prevent invasive monitoring and tracking attempts which could jeopardize your freedom of browsing and access to information.

But wait… are VPNs legal in Canada?

According to Canadian VPN laws, VPN is entirely legal! Therefore, you can use VPN Canada for secure browsing and streaming.

Which VPN do we recommend for Canadian users?

ExpressVPN comes out as the best VPN for Canadians in terms of features, prices, and value. With over 3000 servers in 94 countries, lightning-fast connection speeds, remarkable censor-evading power, and smooth access to several streaming services, ExpressVPN has everything a perfect Canadian VPN could have!


In a world where prying eyes over the internet are constantly tracking your every virtual move, it’s imperative for Canadians to use a good VPN service to keep their privacy and online identity protected! “Why do you need a VPN in Canada” no longer remains a question but a much-needed necessity to guard yourself against malicious viruses, ill-intentioned strangers over the internet!