PureVPN Speed Test in Canada – [2022 Review]

Ensure your VPN data connection with a PureVPN speed test.

Wondering is PureVPN fast enough. One of the well-known VPN providers is PureVPN. Although it advertises itself as the fastest VPN service on the market and has 6,500 Plus servers in 180 Plus countries, is this really true? You will find out in this article.

After doing a thorough PureVPN speed test for 2022, I can confidently declare that PureVPN is indeed quick. However, you could encounter inconsistent speeds across different servers.

On the plus side, PureVPN has been the only VPN I’ve tried that can create a secure connection on the first try in a very long time. You don’t have to wait a long time or try several servers to connect to the internet. I find that to be incredibly appealing.

Is PureVPN legal? Yes, PureVPN is legal. Most nations throughout the world permit the use of VPNs, including PureVPN. However, certain nations, like Turkey, China, and Russia, have banned or placed restrictions on VPN use.

PureVPN is one of the top suppliers of virtual private networks in the field of data security and online privacy. With its vast extensive server network, you might wonder where PureVPN is based. This VPN company is based in the British Virgin Islands.

We have conducted a thorough speed connection test for PureVPN service to determine whether it is sufficient for seamless torrenting and high-gaming. Without any further ado, let’s look into it.


How fast is PureVPN? [Quick Overview – PureVPN Speed Test]

Here is a quick chart with all the speed test results gathered for your convenience if you’re in a rush and don’t want to read the whole article. Here is a brief analysis of the nine (9) foreign servers that make up PureVPN’s speed test comparison table.

Server Location Downloading Speed Uploading Speed Pings
Australia – Perth 76.75 Mbps 86.84 Mbps 131 ms
Canada – Toronto 54.73 Mbps 97.09 Mbps 253 ms
The Netherlands – Amsterdam 86.75 Mbps 81.25 Mbps 160 ms
France – Paris 90.84 Mbps 78.84 Mbps 128 ms
Russia – Moscow 81 Mbps 63.35 Mbps 163 ms
Spain – Madrid 9.93 Mbps 6.20 Mbps 365 ms
UAE – Dubai 78.5 Mbps 23.17 Mbps 446 ms
U.K – London 74.59 Mbps 80.09 Mbps 128 ms
U.S – Miami 51.67 Mbps 65.42 Mbps 299 ms
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How fast are PureVPN Servers Globally?

We tried nine (9) different PureVPN server locations with our 100 Mbps connection to the internet to give you a vision of how the service might function on various servers. Using the internet speed test google, we recorded the download, ping, and upload rates during our testing.

Here’s a screenshot of our actual speed test result without PureVPN connected:


American Servers

From the American region, we tested PureVPN’s Canadian and US servers. We recorded our download and upload speeds in both countries from a single server location.



My download speed was somewhat slower using the Toronto, Canada server, but not much. I did the test, and PureVPN produced download and upload speeds of 54.75 Mbps, 97.09 Mbps, and 235 ms, respectively. Making it the best VPN for DD-WRT routers in Canada.

United States


Last but not least, while connecting to PureVPN’s Miami – United States server, I performed a speed test. With 299 ms pings, I was able to get download speeds of 51.67 Mbps and upload speeds of 65.42 Mbps this time.

Oceania Servers


I tried the Australian server of PureVPN from the Oceania region.

As usual, I started by logging on to the Perth, Australia server. I was able to receive a downloading speed of 76.75 Mbps, an uploading speed of 86.84 Mbps, and a ping of 131 ms after connecting, which took only a few seconds. The fast-working servers of PureVPN in Australia make it among the top VPN for cellular networks.

European Servers

Then, we looked at servers from the UK, Netherlands, France, and Russia. We performed a speed test on just one server on each country’s territory in order to evaluate PureVPN’s speeds:



Things improved further with the addition of the Amsterdam, Netherlands server. When I conducted the test, PureVPN was able to provide a download speed of 90.84 Mbps. That simply astounded me. It was able to reach a maximum upload speed of 78.84 Mbps. And my ping reached a maximum of 128 ms. Thus it is also known as among the best remote access VPN.



The PureVPN server in Paris, France, likewise had outstanding performance. I was able to receive a download speed of 86.75 Mbps and an upload speed of 81.25 Mbps after connecting. I was able to obtain a very respectable ping of 160 ms in terms of latency.



Given that VPN consumption is essentially prohibited in Russia, I didn’t anticipate PureVPN to operate particularly well with the Moscow – Russia server. To my amazement, PureVPN was able to deliver download speeds of 81 Mbps, upload speeds of 63.25 Mbps, and ping times of 163 ms.



Spain was the only data server location where PureVPN had significant difficulties. I did the test using the Madrid, Spain server, and PureVPN was only able to deliver download and upload speeds of 9.93 Mbps and 365 ms, respectively. That is not ideal.

United Kingdom


PureVPN fared much better on the London, United Kingdom server. After running the test, I obtained a PureVPN data server speed of 74.59 Mbps downloading and 80.09 Mbps uploading. Scoring the best features in London as any other best-unlimited bandwidth VPN.

Middle Eastern Servers

Additionally, we examined PureVPN’s UAE servers. For your reference, here are the findings from the PureVPN speed test:



I then connected to a Middle Eastern data server to evaluate PureVPN’s performance. I was able to download data at a speed of 78.5 Mbps after connecting to a PureVPN server in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. However, it was only able to transmit an upload speed of 23.17 Mbps and a ping time of 446 ms.

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Is PureVPN good for Torrenting in Canada?

To look more deeply into PureVPN’s torrenting speed connection and its capability to cause any PureVPN slow connection problem, we ran PureVPN’s torrenting speed test in Canada.

In my speed test for torrenting, PureVPN performed admirably. I was able to download data at 6.6 MiB/s when connecting to PureVPN’s Netherlands servers. I was capable of downloading a torrent file quite rapidly with qBitTorrent. Overall, PureVPN’s torrenting speeds more than surpassed my expectations.

The test image for PureVPN torrenting connection is given below.

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Does PureVPN Affect my Connection Speed?

Yes, your internet speed will most likely be slowed down by PureVPN. In actuality, encryption will slow down your connection regardless of the VPN you use. Additionally, the distance between you and the data server you’re linked to may cause you to encounter poor speeds.

However, PureVPN might really boost the functionality of your internet connection if you reside in a nation where ISPs are notorious for capping connection speeds. PureVPN can stop your ISP from monitoring what you do online by hiding your IP address and network activity. In this manner, your ISP won’t be able to slow down your connection.

Is PureVPN good for gaming?

Yes, indeed. You can use PureVPN to play unlimited games on our Mobile or Desktop devices with high speed and great ping. In addition to it, PureVPN provides a native app for iOS and Android devices for the greatest online gaming experience.

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What are the features of PureVPN?

One of the most well-regarded VPNs available is PureVPN, which has been in the business for a very long time. This is a result of its 6,500 servers, which are spread over 140+ locations and 78+ countries, with about 60 of those servers located in Canada. Here are a few reasons why it is among the top VPN services offered globally.

Security & Privacy

PureVPN provides strong 256-bit encryption and 6,500+ servers in 180 Plus locations globally for privacy so you can remain completely anonymous online.

The genuine no-logs policy of PureVPN is another reason to adore it. PureVPN’s additional security features include DNS leak prevention, a kill switch, and split tunneling to ensure your data remains safe, so you don’t have to worry about DNS leaking. OpenVPN, IPSec, and IKEv2/IPSec are PureVPN change security protocols that ensure your network remains purely encrypted.

Streaming & Torrenting

You can access geo-restricted streaming platforms like Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus, MTV, Amazon Prime, CNBC, Netflix, Pureflix, and more in High Definition quality thanks to PureVPN’s extensive server network.

Speaking of streaming, here’s how simple it is to use PureVPN to watch Netflix. In addition, PureVPN offers dedicated servers in most of China and operates there.

Regarding torrenting, PureVPN really provides a large number of P2P-optimized data servers to aid in your anonymous torrent downloads.

When tested, we observed, PureVPN unblocked a number of different regionally restricted sites within a few minutes. It’s impressive to see a VPN surpassing the streaming site’s toughest geofencing measures. By itself, PureVPN has defeated the geo-restricted site’s valiant attempts to prevent consumers from accessing their overseas libraries.

Features & Support

PureVPN provides live chat support 24/7 so you can get quick assistance for your PureVPN problems whenever you need it. Although PureVPN doesn’t provide a free trial, it provides a 31-day cash-back guarantee that rewards cautious and worried customers.

You may terminate your PureVPN membership in only a few minutes if you want to. PureVPN costs about CA$ 2.38 /month (1.99 US$/month).

The App compatibility of PureVPN is excellent. You can establish PureVPN on your routers, Roku, Kodi, and even FireStick devices, in addition to the apps it offers for desktop and mobile computers.

FAQs – PureVPN Speed Test

Costs for PureVPN range from $0.99 a week to $10.95 per month, $39.95 annually for a year, which equals $3.32 per month, to $49.12 for the span of two years, which equals $2.04 per month.

You can connect with up to 10 devices simultaneously with all subscriptions. The publisher provides specialized VPN applications for devices running Windows, Android,macOS, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Linux, and Android TV.

Using PureVPN’s multi-login feature you may leverage the limitless bandwidth performance on all devices connected to the VPN data centers. This means PureVPN does provide unlimited functionality to its users.

Wrap Up!

I can categorically state that PureVPN is fast, but definitely not the fastest, after gathering all the data from the PureVPN speed test.

This article’s table at the beginning shows that PureVPN only displayed slow performance on the European Spanish server. Only once did PureVPN’s speeds deteriorate. Without a doubt, the remaining server sites provided excellent performance.

Regarding actual usability, I never felt PureVPN slow down my internet speed when I was conducting my tests. Everything from browsing to streaming, downloading, and gaming worked without a hitch. Overall, PureVPN is a great option if you wish to have fast speeds at a low cost.

Make sure you go through our complete blog as our team performed this in-depth PureVPN review for 2022 to learn every tiny aspect of the service.