Does ExpressVPN work with Paramount Plus in Canada?

If you have a doubt that Does ExpressVPN work with Paramount Plus in Canada, Yes, ExpressVPN work with Paramount Plus in Canada, and this guide will explain it in detail.

A large selection of TV series, films, live sports events, like PSG vs Bayern Munich, Barcelona vs Manchester United, and news are all available on the streaming service Paramount+. The service offers programs from networks owned by ViacomCBS, including BET, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, CBS, and others.

Wolf Pack series, Teen Wolf: The Movie, Are You the One (Season 9), NCIS Crossover Event, and Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 are some of the best Paramount Plus shows.

You can sign up for a 7-day Paramount Plus free trial before paying anything if you’re curious about the cost of the service. You might possibly just cancel Paramount Plus subscription if you decide not to use the platform after the free trial time.

You will need to use a VPN if you reside outside of the United States and want to stream US Paramount Plus in Canada using the US-facing version of the service. We advocate using a premium VPN service. ExpressVPN because it is the best VPN for Paramount Plus.

Does Paramount Plus Work with ExpressVPN in Canada?

ExpressVPN work with Paramount Plus in Canada by helping users bypass regional restrictions and access content that is not available in their location.

Outside of the United States, ExpressVPN seems to be the best VPN for Paramount+ in 2023. It has over  in countries with dedicated servers in 23+ US locations that would provide high speed and are optimized for torrenting and streaming.

ExpressVPN supports 5 multi-logins, which means users can share their account with family and friends and link 5 devices all at the same time. Furthermore, it is compatible with all major platforms, including Windows, and Android devices such as smart TVs, Android TV firesticks, iOS, Apple TV, macOS, Linux and so on.

Get ExpressVPN if your Paramount Plus VPN not working in Canada and get worry-free.

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How to Watch Paramount Plus with ExpressVPN in Canada? [Easy Steps]

Here’s how to use ExpressVPN to watch Paramount Plus in Canada

  • Sign up for ExpressVPN as well as install the app.
  • Sign into the app.
  • Connect to a US-based server (Recommended server: New York)
  • Create a user account at Paramount Plus.
  • Install the Paramount Plus app.
  • Sign in to watch Paramount Plus movies.

Before subscribing, you should know How much Paramount Plus costs. You can also go through the Paramount Plus review for details.

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How Can ExpressVPN Unblock US Paramount Plus in Canada? [Video Tutorial]

ExpressVPN can help unblock US Paramount Plus in Canada by routing your internet connection through a server located in the United States. This tricks the Paramount Plus website or app into thinking that you are located in the US, thereby allowing you to access content that may not be available in Canada.

Here is a general video tutorial on how to use ExpressVPN to unblock US Paramount Plus in Canada.

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ExpressVPN Paramount Plus– What makes this VPN Provider Ideal?

ExpressVPN is your driver’s license for uninterrupted streaming of original as well as high-quality geo-restricted content from all over the globe. Does ExpressVPN function with Paramount Plus? Definitely ExpressVPN work with Paramount Plus in Canada.


ExpressVPN unblock Paramount Plus in Canada

Why choose ExpressVPN with Paramount Plus? Since the combination is excessive. Let’s look at why ExpressVPN is the best VPN for binge-watchers.

Global content accessibility

Users can stream as well as surf while using ExpressVPN without risking their confidentiality or sensitive information. The IP address switcher protects you from malicious apps and e-intruders.

Users can use the substitute DNS servers to avoid your ISP’s bandwidth throttling as well as internet restrictions on public Wi-Fi networks, and perhaps even enjoy Paramount Plus on Firestick.

Customer Care

Binge-watchers frequently ask why ExpressVPN Paramount Plus not working when they face any issues. They need a VPN service with representatives and a support center that can handle streaming issues 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

ExpressVPN is proud of its in-house representatives and developers, who understand and resolve issues quickly, allowing you to resume watching Paramount Plus movies outside of the United States.

Concurrent link

ExpressVPN is designed for families. This VPN endorses up to five simultaneous connections and you can comprehend it with a Paramount Plus device limit. You can easily start a film on your PC and continue watching it on your Android smartphone.

Users can share their ExpressVPN credentials for Paramount Plus with their friends, enabling them to watch the very same movie on different devices and witness ExpressVPN work with Paramount Plus in Canada.

ExpressVPN has firmware for your Wi-Fi router, allowing you to connect more than five devices and watch live sports on Paramount Plus on Smart TV, Kodi, Amazon Firestick, and Roku.

Frequency band

ExpressVPN’s servers all have unrestricted bandwidth, which implies that there are no ISP speed limitations or bandwidth throttling.

It has a massive network of over 3000 servers in 105 plus countries, which include 25 in the United States.

ExpressVPN’s servers are outfitted with industry-leading AES-256-bit encryption, allowing you to browse the internet completely anonymously.

Thunder performance

We are all searching for a VPN service with a thundering pace to video-stream quality content, owing to its substantial reach and in-house constructed light-way protocol. This VPN offers a blistering upload and a download speed of up to 90 Mbps.

These figures provide a clear estimate of the speediest server to broadcast Paramount Plus outside of the United States and it is proof that ExpressVPN work with Paramount Plus in Canada efficiently.

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Paramount Plus not Working with VPN in Canada – [Troubleshoot Tips in 2023]

If one current VPN isn’t continuing to work, it’s likely that Paramount Plus has permanently banned the VPN server you’re attempting to connect to.

If you are experiencing issues like ExpressVPN not working with Paramount Plus in Canada, here are some troubleshooting tips that may help:

1. Change to another server


change to the US server

Usually, ExpressVPN work with Paramount Plus in Canada really well. But sometimes Paramount Plus not working with VPN can happen. Even if your screen indicates that you’re connected to ExpressVPN’s server, the dilemma is with the server.

It implies that Paramount Plus might have blacklisted the IP address you were given by ExpressVPN.

VPNs can be blocked by Paramount Plus at any time. It uses deep packet analysis and WebRTC source materials to guarantee that perhaps the IP address is not coming from a legitimate US ISP. It simply disables that IP address.

To mitigate this crisis, you must change servers.

2. Remove your cookies


Clear cookies

Cookies are employed as a bookmark for one’s web browser to connect specific sites in the future.

If users try to broadcast Paramount Plus without first trying to clear one’s cookies and cache, users will not be able to access the Paramount Plus homepage. This category of internet explorer data reveals you to the streaming service’s server.

This is the reason it is essential to delete your cookies and browser data on a routine basis. You can do so through your browser’s settings.

3. Refresh your browser

VPNs are sometimes just a relaunch away from working. You can enable the VPN by restarting your web browser.

4. Turn on leak prevention

Leak protection is indeed a basic feature in top-quality Paramount Plus VPNs such as ExpressVPN. It creates a safe connection between both the Paramount Plus server and your device.

If you are unexpectedly directed to the Paramount Plus geo-block error, you can permit IP/DNS leak security just on the ExpressVPN app.

5. Change to a different device

VPNs occasionally lack app support for smartphones, Smart TVstablets, and Smart TVs. To continue watching Paramount Plus, utilize ExpressVPN on a separate device.

Follow these tricks and resolve issues of Paramount Plus not working with ExpressVPN in Canada.

It’s important to note that using ExpressVPN does not give free access to streaming services like Paramount Plus. Users are required to have a valid subscription to the streaming service. If you experience any issues with accessing Paramount Plus using ExpressVPN, troubleshooting steps like checking your VPN connection, disabling split-tunneling, and contacting customer support can be helpful

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How can I watch Paramount Plus for free using ExpressVPN in Canada?

Users might be curious as to know is ExpressVPN a free VPN for Paramount Plus in Canada? It is not possible to watch Paramount Plus for free using ExpressVPN or any other VPN service in Canada. Paramount Plus is a paid streaming service and requires a subscription to access its content.

ExpressVPN is a VPN service that allows users to securely and anonymously access the internet, but it does not provide access to streaming services for free. Using ExpressVPN with Paramount Plus requires a valid subscription to the streaming service.


ExpressVPN is known for providing fast and stable connections, so the impact on internet speed while streaming Paramount Plus should be minimal. However, keep in mind that using a VPN can potentially slow down your internet speed.

Paramount Plus, like many other streaming services, has implemented measures to block VPNs in order to enforce their regional restrictions and prevent users from accessing content that is not available in their location. However, VPNs like ExpressVPN are constantly updating their service to bypass these restrictions. So, it is possible that ExpressVPN may still work with Paramount Plus, but the compatibility may change over time.

If you are experiencing issues watching Paramount Plus on Xbox with ExpressVPN, here are a few troubleshooting ways that may help. Such as checking your VPN connection, checking your firewall settings, checking your antivirus software, checking your router settings etc. If none of the solutions works, contact ExpressVPN customer support for assistance with resolving the issue.


This article was informative and it has helped you understand how ExpressVPN work with Paramount Plus in Canada. In conclusion, for Paramount Plus ExpressVPN is the best VPN. This VPN provider can potentially allow users in Canada to access US Paramount Plus, a streaming service that provides access to a wide variety of TV shows and movies.

However, streaming services like Paramount Plus often take measures to block VPNs and you even may face Paramount Plus Error Code 3205, and the availability and compatibility of ExpressVPN with Paramount Plus may change over time.