Surfshark VPN Speed Test in Canada – [2022 Overview]

Surfshark VPN service is the most cost-effective VPN with amazing features and speeds. But users might wonder how a VPN can be low cost in price as well as provide incredible features and bandwidth. So to know the Surfshark VPN speed test of multiple servers offered by the service read in detail the following article.

Surfshark is among the most affordable and best VPNs in Canada when compared to the industry’s best choices. For such a cheap cost, the VPN in Canada is quite quick. Surfshark utilizes fast and high-quality data centers that are optimized for speed and security. It is the best remote access VPN because of its robust security protocols and safe web surfing.

All of their data centers have at least one Gbps connected port, meaning the physical connection can control a large amount of traffic. Some even go as high as 2x10Gbe/server.

When we tested Surfshark in Canada, we discovered that its upload speeds were not as astounding as its download speeds. But it probably doesn’t matter since this is true of almost every VPN. Surfshark, on the other hand, is fast in real-world performance, and you may not recognize it operating in the background.

To provide you with comprehensive and detailed Surfshark review and speed test results in Canada, we utilized our 100 Mbps internet connection. We performed a Surfshark speed evaluation on eleven (11) distinct servers.

Let’s look into the Surfshark VPN speed test without wasting any further time.


How fast is Surfshark VPN? [Quick Overview – Surfshark VPN Speed Test]

If you’re in a rush and don’t want to read the entire article, don’t worry: we’ve gathered the Surfshark speed testing results for our Canadian subscribers in this concise table:

Nation servers Downloading speed Uploading speed Ping
Australia – Perth 76.55 Mbps 60.45 Mbps 130 ms
Canada – Montreal 77.20 Mbps 55.30 Mbps 260 ms
Germany – Frankfurt 72.70 Mbps 59.30 Mbps 115 ms
Hong Kong 70.89 Mbps 62.10 Mbps 265 ms
India 76.25 Mbps 54.40 Mbps 210 ms
Italy – Milan 80.90 Mbps 50.68 Mbps 265 ms
The United Kingdom – London 82.35 Mbps 55.17 Mbps 140 ms
The United States – New York 83.25 Mbps 65.60 Mbps 250 ms
United Arab Emirates 78.20 Mbps 67.38 Mbps 235 ms
France – Paris 77.70 Mbps 56.90 Mbps 199 ms
The Netherland 80.20 Mbps 61.30 Mbps 166 ms
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How fast is Surfshark VPN? [Full Analysis – Surfshark VPN Speed Test]

Before we get into the outcomes, there’s something you should know. We have a lightning-fast internet connection, far faster than any VPN. This signifies that the speeds listed below for every server are the maximum you must assume – our broadband speed does not limit them.

How fast are Surfshark VPN Servers Globally?

Despite using the WireGuard procedure during checking, Surfshark did not perform admirably. We found that it limited our download and upload speeds by 30% and 50.21%, including both. The download percentage isn’t poor, but upload results in Canada could be better. It certainly wasn’t predicted by Surfshark’s fastest guidelines, was it?

We linked to eleven (11) server locations, such as Canada, let’s see how Surfshark works on various servers. This is how our checking went.

Australia – Perth


Now that you have screen captures of the Surfshark speed testing results for the Australian server in Canada, let’s quickly go over them.

Metrics Speed without VPN Speed with VPN
Downloading speed 96.79 Mbps 76.54 Mbps
Uploading speed 90.87 Mbps 60.43 Mbps
Ping 215 ms 130 ms

Surfshark’s downloading speed from the Australian server didn’t suffer excessively in Canada, thanks to our 100 Mbps connection. We obtained a download speed of 76.54 Mbps with a ping of 130 ms. This did not appear to be a significant decrease in Surfshark speed. Furthermore, our upload speed was reduced by about 40% to 60.43 Mbps.

Canada – Montreal


You’ve probably heard that local servers always have faster speeds than other servers. The Surfshark speed comparison on its Canadian server demonstrates this. When we ran a Surfshark speed test, we obtained the speeds as seen in the screenshot above, both with and without a VPN service.

Metrics Speed without VPN Speed with VPN
Downloading speed 93.47 Mbps 77.17 Mbps
Uploading speed 90.67 Mbps 55.32 Mbps
Ping 190 ms 260 ms

We saw a 1% rise in download speed with the Montreal server. However, the response time (pings) was quite long, at around 265 ms. More specifically, we received a download speed of 77.17 Mbps and an upload speed of 55.32 Mbps from the Canadian server. The Canadian server was extremely fast.

Germany – Frankfurt


We linked to the VPN’s German server in Canada for this Surfshark VPN speed test and obtained significant findings. Here’s a quick rundown of the above screenshots:

Metrics Speed without VPN Speed with VPN
Downloading speed 93.75 Mbps 72.68 Mbps
Uploading speed 95.83 Mbps 59.21 Mbps
Ping 212 ms 115 ms

We discovered that there was no Surfshark speed limit for the Germany server in Canada with this server. The download speed was excellent (as usual), and our pings actually decreased significantly! However, upload speeds had decreased by 41%, which was somewhat disappointing.

Hong Kong


Surfshark’s Hong Kong server was next, which we evaluated in Canada. Here’s a quick breakdown of its speeds in Hong Kong:

Metrics Speed without VPN Speed with VPN
Downloading speed 94.67 Mbps 70.91 Mbps
Uploading speed 91.43 Mbps 62.11 Mbps
Ping 191 ms 265 ms

The response time was considerably quicker when compared to the VPN servers in Canada above. However, download speeds were not at all slow. We experienced a nearly 30% decrease in Surfshark speed, yet we could watch without delay. Because of these results, Surfshark is among the best broadcasting VPNs on our ranking. However, we believe there is room for advancement.



Surfshark shut down all its virtual servers in Canada in response to India’s new information retention law. It does, however, provide a virtual server area where we ran our Surfshark connection speed:

Metrics Speed without VPN Speed with VPN
Downloading speed 96.11 Mbps 76.26 Mbps
Uploading speed 94.89 Mbps 54.38 Mbps
Ping 157 ms 210 ms

Since we first got Surfshark, one of the primary things we desired to do was check its speeds on long-distance server areas. We had an upload speed of 54.38 Mbps, a download speed of 76.26 Mbps, and pings of around 210 ms when we linked to the virtual India server in Canada.

Despite the fact that the server was not genuinely available throughout the country, streaming India’s popular service, Hotstar, in Canada transformed out to be a fantastic experience.

Italy – Milan


The above-mentioned speeds were obtained on our 100 Mbps connection from our Milan server in Canada. Although we didn’t notice any Surfshark speed limits, here’s our take:

Metrics Speed without VPN Speed with VPN
Downloading speed 96.17 Mbps 80.88 Mbps
Uploading speed 90.17 Mbps 50.67 Mbps
Ping 163 ms 263 ms

Surfshark’s Italian server gave us a super-fast data speed of 80.88 Mbps. We liked downloading torrent sites at these speeds and encountered no long pauses in Canada. Moreover, its uploading speeds were limited by nearly 50%, and its pings were also quite significant, making this server an untrustworthy option for gaming.

The United Kingdom – London


Following Italy, we moved to a server located in Canada with a high-traffic UK server. Throughout our Surfshark speed test, we found the following server speeds:

Metrics Speed without VPN Speed with VPN
Downloading speed 95.21 Mbps 82.36 Mbps
Uploading speed 92.19 Mbps 55.15 Mbps
Ping 213 ms 139 ms

Although there was a high possibility of traffic overload on this server, the speeds we obtained were surprising and fantastic! We received a download speed of 82.36 Mbps and an upload speed of 55.15 Mbps from the UK server in Canada, with pings averaging 140 ms.

The United States – New York


Now that you’ve seen screenshots of the Surfshark speed testing results for the US server in Canada, let’s quickly go over them:

Metrics Speed without VPN Speed with VPN
Downloading speed 92.75 Mbps 83.27 Mbps
Uploading speed 89.78 Mbps 65.59 Mbps
Ping 173 ms 251 ms

The New York server provided the fastest speeds of any server in our Canada guide. We may enjoy seamless streaming, quick torrenting, and enhanced gaming in our nation with a lightning-fast downloading speed of 83.27 Mbps. Pings took 250 milliseconds. We also tried to run Surfshark on Roku, which worked perfectly.

United Arab Emirates


We then established a connection to Surfshark’s UAE server in Canada. Despite the fact that the country has strict internet restrictions and vigorously blocks VPNs, we had no trouble connecting to the server, and the data rates were excellent:

Metrics Speed without VPN Speed with VPN
Downloading speed 90.16 Mbps 78.16 Mbps
Uploading speed 92.47 Mbps 67.37 Mbps
Ping 173 ms 234 ms

Surfshark’s download and upload speeds were tested while linked to a server in Canada and the Middle East, just like the others. Using the UAE server, we were able to achieve a download speed of 78.16 Mbps. We were also pleasantly surprised to discover that the upload speed was 67.37 Mbps. Oh, and the longest ping duration was 235 milliseconds.

France – Paris


The European Union owned the second-to-last server. Moreover, it did not fail in regard to speed in Canada at all. Let’s take a look at them during our Surfshark speed test:

Metrics Speed without VPN Speed with VPN
Downloading speed 93.85 Mbps 77.69 Mbps
Uploading speed 91.67 Mbps 56.89 Mbps
Ping 200 ms 200 ms

It was amazing to see that the pings from our local connection and the Paris server have been identical in Canada. The speeds, on the other hand, were not. We received an upload speed of 56.89 Mbps and a download speed of 77.69 Mbps on our connection.

The Netherlands


The last server we evaluated was in the Netherlands, which is located in Canada. As one of the least risky states, the speeds were also excellent. Let’s take a look:

Metrics Speed without VPN Speed with VPN
Downloading speed 95.71 Mbps 80.17 Mbps
Uploading speed 90.35 Mbps 61.28 Mbps.
Ping 184 ms 165 ms

On this server, we experienced a nearly 20% decrease in download speeds, which isn’t at all bad in Canada. Upload speeds were also excellent, and pings were fairly low. In short, this is an excellent service for all of your activities following the US.

Does Surfshark have a speed test in Canada?

Is Surfshark a good VPN for Canada? Yes, Surfshark is the fastest server VPN in Canada which includes a built-in speed test, but most broadband speed-checking sites and applications will suffice. For much more accurate figures, perform a speed test on various platforms.

To use Surfshark’s built-in Windows bandwidth test tool, follow these steps:

  • Disconnect from the Surfshark server (Yes, you must!)
  • Navigate to the Settings section of your Surfshark Windows app.
  • Go to VPN Settings and select Speed Test.
  • In Canada, select “Run Test.”
  • When the test is finished, Surfshark will display the results of every server in Canada. You will be able to see the download and upload speeds as well as latency.

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What are the factors to consider while conducting a VPN speed test in Canada?

Several factors should be considered before running a Surfshark VPN speed test in Canada. To assist you further, the following are among the most significant aspects that can have a direct effect on your connection speed:

  • Internet speed: It is common for a VPN to appear to be decelerating your connection when, in fact, it is your internet service that is slow in the first place. As a result, test your linkage before linking to a VPN in Canada.
  • Distance from server location: The fastest speeds are usually obtained from server locations close to your home. If users live in Canada and link to an Indian server, you can expect a substantial speed drop.
  • Hardware of server: If the VPN server’s hardware is outdated, you may experience slow Surfshark speeds. Server overload is to be expected when connecting to locations in high-traffic nations such as the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom.
  • VPN encryption: Another factor influencing VPN speeds is encryption. When you’re using a VPN, your information is secure to protect it from Canadian spies. Surfshark speed can be slowed by robust data encryption. However, with this top-quality VPN in Canada, the speed drop is negligible.
  • VPN protocols: Not all VPN protocols are created equal. Surfshark’s speediest protocol in Canada is WireGuard, which can be used to boost Surfshark. Then a handful of them provides faster speeds than the rest, such as OpenVPN (UDP), while others, such as OpenVPN, are more stable (TCP). In addition to the features mentioned above, this VPN includes IKEv2.

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What are the features of Surfshark VPN?

It’s unexpected for a low-cost VPN to become one of the most likely choices in the Canadian market. But Surfshark rose to the occasion, becoming a leading contender with over 3200 servers worldwide and three server locations in Canada. The VPN was built from the ground up, with user-friendly Apps, a strict privacy policy, and exceptional streaming capabilities.

The best VPN for Cellular Networks can be just as secure as your connection for users who frequently use mobile data.

The native Surfshark software is compatible with roku and any device/software. Linux, PlayStation 4, routers, Android, Mac OS, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, and Smart TVs, are all supported.

Given the low cost, Surfshark is the best-unlimited bandwidth VPN that allows you to browse, play online games, torrent anything, and stream without any bandwidth limitations. One function is camouflage mode which hides your URL and internet activities.

The most reasonably priced plan in Canada starts at CA$ 3.41/mo (US$ 2.49/mo)- Save up to 77% with exclusive 2-year plan + 30-day money-back guarantee. Surfshark also offers a one-week free trial and a 30-day cash-back assurance in Canada.

If you seeking ways to Prevent VPN DNS Leaks? Use a VPN with DNS leak protection, like Surfshark, or manually configure a DNS server.

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Note: Do you know? Two well-known VPN companies, Surfshark and NordVPN, have announced a merger that could be the most significant VPN transaction on record.

FAQs – Surfshark VPN Speed Test

Surfshark VPN does not monitor your online movements or activities in any way. The VPN server only saves sufficient information to maintain your VPN connection active, and nothing is saved after you’ve finished.

Surfshark provides you with unlimited data, bandwidth, and concurrent connections across as many gadgets as you need. This means you can secure all of your devices, along with those of your family members or anyone else in your home.

Users can even share their accounts and split the cost with mates. Not that you’d need to because Surfshark is already dirt cheap.

The Surfshark app can be downloaded and used on an infinite number of devices. Because we don’t impose any bandwidth restrictions, the number of gadgets linked to a single subscription has no effect on connection speed. Therefore, Surfshark is the best unlimited bandwidth VPN service.

Anti-virus software, file-sharing clients, and other VPNs may use the same resources and tools on your computer as Surfshark. This may cause your VPN connection to slow down. Disable those applications (at least for a time) and see if the connection speed improves.

Wrap Up!

This concludes our Surfshark VPN speed test evaluation in Canada. No server reduced our speeds by over 30% across all 11 server locations we evaluated, including Canadian servers. That is truly incredible.

Upload speeds, on the other hand, have not been the best. Throughout our extensive Surfshark connection speed in Canada, we couldn’t find a single server that could provide upload speeds of more than 65 Mbps.

In terms of real-world functionality, we would conclude that Surfshark’s speeds did not bother us at all, even when we used it on various devices in Canada, such as Surfshark on Roku and Fire Stick. We could still stream in High definition, play online games with minimal latency, and download torrent sites with Surfshark in Canada fairly rapidly.

Overall, we suggest Surfshark because of its fast speeds and intriguing performance in Canada. You could also check its servers by taking advantage of its one-month cash-back assurance before subscribing to it at an incredibly low cost beginning at CA$ 2.76/mo (US$ 2.05/m)