How to watch BBC iPlayer in Canada

Admin | 20 September 2016

BBC iPlayer is an online TV and Radio service situated in the United Kingdom (UK). It was formally established in the year 2007 and it was reported that 60 million people outside the UK watched BBC iPlayer in 2015 for free.

From September 1, 2016, the UK government has decided to charge a license fee of £145.50 if you want to watch BBC iPlayer lawfully. Therefore those people who watch BBC iPlayer online on their laptops or mobile devices need to pay an amount of  £145.50 in order to attain a license to continue watching BBC iPlayer. Considering the importance of this smart device, the need of using VPN is increasing at a rapid pace.

bbc iplayer in canada

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Previously, this rule was applied only on those people who used to watch live TV with the help of iPlayer. Hence, non- TV or online viewers will have to get licence before watching BBC iPlayer.

Presence of British Expats in Canada

There are so many British expats living in Canada since it has become third most popular destination for them after Australia and US. The reason is that 674371 British Expats are actively residing in different cities of Canada and attaining better income and lifestyle opportunities.

Can you watch BBC iPlayer in Canada?

The whole world has turned out to be a global village therefore people from all over the world want to watch different TV channels and shows online. This is a bitter truth that different countries have imposed restrictions in accessing their best content. On the other hand, the governments of these countries have not allowed their citizens to use other alternatives to watch favorite channels such as BBC iPlayer and more.

If you happens to be an internet lover then you should go through these four basic ways that can assist you in unblocking BBC iPlayer in Canada. These four simple yet effective ways are described as follows:

·         Proxy Switching

This is considered as one of the most basic concept of unblocking banned websites and channels. However, Proxies could perform exceptionally well for some types of websites and not for the different kinds of websites. Similarly, proxies become vulnerable when you want to perform an extended online activity since these proxies could easily come and go all the time.  It can also slow down your internet connection to certain degree hence this notion is not being used by internet users anymore these days.

Netflix has taken initiative to restrict the activities of those customers who prefer to use proxies while viewing content from other countries. Although if you still want to use distinct proxies to watch BBC iPlayer in Canada. Following are some popular and productive proxies mentioned as below:

  • Expat Shield


This is a free program specifically developed to provide unique IP addresses to viewers as if they are living in UK. The Windows users like (Windows Vista/XP/Windows 7) can take range of benefits from Expat Shield in a great way. However this resource will not allow you to reach country-specific websites from anywhere.  On the other hand, you will have to pay a little amount for privileged access if you wish to watch BBC iPlayer in Canada.

  • Identity Cloaker

This is another way of watching TV channels like BBC iPlayer in Canada. This is a security program that offers a range of servers in countries such as Canada, US, Australia and others.  It has built-in software that helps in encrypting and switching countries. This could also enhance the speed of your internet connection in a substantial manner.

  • Tunlr

It is a simple yet effective resource that can be used for the sake of watching BBC iPlayer in countries other than UK.  You can easily view different TV channels with the help of using this amazing tool as this tool changes your Domain Name Server (DNS). It also improves your online security by blocking phishing websites and inappropriate content.

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) 

VPN holds a key importance in the domain of online privacy since you can access banned websites and watch your favorite TV channels and programs. It is a form of network that develops an encrypted connection over unsecure or public network. Considering the impacts of VPN, a multinational entertainment organization Netflix has recently decided to start war against VPN to restrict the viewing of US Netflix in the UK.

VPNs have really influenced the mindset of different netizens as you can watch BBC iPlayer in Canada if you are British citizen living in Canada. Thus, you will have to use VPN so that you can watch your desired TV channels and videos. A paid VPN is always desirable when it comes to viewing BBC iPlayer in Canada or outside the UK.


Does BBC iPlayer work in Canada?

Yes, BBC iPlayer in Canada works if you are able to change your IP address first and it could be changed using an efficient VPN (Virtual Private Network). When you try to watch content of other country online your IP address is checked and then the country in which you are present is also verified. if you want to view content of British Channels outside the UK, a message will be appeared on your screen that this content is unavailable  in your country.

Why I cannot access BBC iPlayer in Canada?

This is a common question asked by many people living in Canada and the answer of this question is Geo-Restrictions. It actually reads your IP address and it  will be blocked if you attempt to watch content on BBC iPlayer. In order to access BBC iPlayer while residing in Canada, you will have to use a VPN such as PureVPN.

The process of setting up a PureVPN is described in the following way.

Step # 1

First of all you need to develop a VPN account and there are so many VPN working these days but I suggest you should use PureVPN.  You can easily obtain any kind of information by visiting their website and the signup process is quite simple. Similarly, you can select a package according to your needs and then make your payment.

First Step to setup VPN for Watching BBC IPlayer in Canada





After completing payment procedure, you will need to click the link to activate your account.

Step # 2

This step is all about the software installation, make sure you are selecting right kind of software for your device.


Now click on one of the above mentioned operating system and follow simple steps to complete installation process.

Step # 3

Finally you have to connect to UK server, click on your it and wait while PureVPN connects you to the desired server.





BBC iPlayer Schedule


Image Courtesy: BBC

Wrapping Up

It is time for you to relax and enjoy your most favorite shows and videos by watching BBC iPlayer in Canada. There are British expats residing in Canada who use the notion of VPN to view BBC iPlayer.  It depends on you how you want to access BBC iPlayer specifically in Canada since there are other VPN services also available.  The future scenario for viewing BBC iPlayer and other digital catch-up services  looks promising because the EU wants to see the content provider like BBC and Sky.


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