How to watch HBO Go in Canada

Admin | 4 October 2016

I am writing this post in Toronto, Canada and in the evening I will be meeting with my friends in Wild berg, Germany over Skype. At night I will receive notes on facebook from someone in Athens, Greece. At a time when technology is making the world a great deal smaller and a lot more accessible, there are still some who cling on to the way of the dinosaurs.

One of such examples are the entertainment studios of the US , because of which online entertainment services like Hulu, Netflix and HBO Go have to deal with constraints outside of the US territories . Many such services, barring Netflix, are simply not available in other countries and for its American subscribers who have to travel outside the country; these services don’t work while they are abroad even though they have paid for the service.

One way to overcome this issue is through the use of a VPN. HBO Go, Pandora or any other geo-restricted site will no longer be restricted no matter where you are. In the table below are listed the best HBO Go VPN services currently in the market.

This will eventually change someday and many of the online streaming sites might, just like Netflix, become global or risk being outcompeted. But judging by the trends, it isn’t going to happen anytime soon so better to get a year’s subscription of the VPN for HBO Go and other sites so to get a better discount.

Introducing the VPN


A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is an innovative piece of tech that enhances the security of the user by a three step process.

It first encrypts all the data that is being sent over by the user. Next it tunnels all the data traffic through one of its remote servers before sending it over to its destination. A separate IP address from that server is assigned to mask his real IP and hence prevent anyone from using his original IP to track him.

Due to this, it has proven to be an effective in keeping the virtual privacy of individual secure and making him anonymous on the internet. I have been using VPNs for over 5 years and they have greatly helped my online experience.


Why HBO Go is anything but anywhere

How to watch HBO Go In Canada

HBO Go remains one of the most popular online video on demand services in the US

Times are changing, more and more people are switching from cable television to online streaming sites as their primary source of media entertainment. HBO realized this and in early 2010, launched its service HBO Go.

The service allows HBO’s customers to stream its video collection on demand, featuring your favorite shows like Game of thrones, the best films such as Mad Max: Fury road and  the Hobbit: Battle of the five armies. HBO Go also hosts a mobile app so you can take your videos on the go.

However despite being a great service and remaining highly popular in the US, as stated before, it is blocked to those residing outside the country. You need a VPN for HBO Go to access it.

Watch HBO Go in Canada with VPN

Anywhere?  Unlimited?  Only accessible in the US? What?

The reason behind this is that the content library HBO Go offers is subject to copyright licensing deals with the local media companies. To showcase their content internationally without their permission would mean a breach in the license deal.

But HBO is owned by Time Warner, a major entertainment studio who offers the majority of the content available on HBO Go, so what is stopping Time Warner from pushing into the international market?

The reason given behind their stance is that while in the international market might not have any licensing deal yet, they might do so perhaps in the future. It is true that in many countries the market is small and at the moment these countries might not prove to be profitable enough but restricting content only encourages privacy.

Still major entertainment cling on to constraining accessibility to their content for the hope of making more money through selling licenses over and over again for each country. Well there is no reasoning with co-operate greed. If you are an America expat, to watch HBO Go, VPN is a must.

How to watch HBO Go in Canada using a VPN

When it comes to bypassing geo-restrictions on the internet, nothing does a better job than a VPN. The VPN’s ability to fake one’s location by tunneling data traffic through a remote server means that that regardless of where you are residing in the world, you can access HBO Go with a VPN by connecting to its US server.  In fact, with a good VPN, you can unblock virtually the whole internet.

Due to the extra step in the process, the connection speeds might slow down. But when it comes to streaming, it might actually increase. Many ISPs have this bad habit of limiting the bandwidth whenever the user accesses certain sites or do certain things such as torrenting files or watching videos on streaming sites for example HBO Go.VPN can help solve this problem.

With a VPN, HBO Go or any other streaming site for that matter does not become frustrating to watch as the ISP is prevented from putting caps on your speeds since due to encryption; the ISP is unable to keep track of your online activity.

Setting Up a VPN on Apple TV

Apple TV is a portable little device with which you can watch content from your favorite streaming sites like HBO Go on the big TV screen. While on most Platforms like computers and mobile a VPN is easy to set up, on Apple TV it is a different game altogether. So how do an expat install a VPN on Apple TV for HBO Go? Here are three methods one achieves that:

Through a Wireless router

Step 1: Firstly you will need a to subscribe to a HBO Go VPN service that can be installed on the router, do so and proceed to Step 2

Step 2: Get a router if you don’t have one already, some of the recommended ones include Asus, Tomato and DDWRT.

Step 3: Set up the VPN according to the instructions sent over by the VPN service providers.

Step 4: Connect Apple TV to your Wireless router. Switch on the device> Go to settings> General>Network> Configure Wi-Fi> Select your Wi-Fi Network > Enter password and your done!

Through a laptop running as a Wi-Fi hotspot

Step 1: Get a HBO Go VPN installed on your laptop

Step 2: connect to the VPN’s US server and then convert your laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot. You can follow the instruction on this video for setting your laptop as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Step 3: Connect Apple TV to your Wi-Fi hotspot and you are good to go!

Through the laptop using Ethernet

Step 1: Get a HBO Go VPN step up on your computer

Step 2: Now connect your laptop to a Wi-Fi network

Step 3: Now connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the laptop and the other end to the device.

Step 4: Connect to the US server of the VPN service


Step 5: Now head to the Control Penal and click on the Network and Sharing Center

Step 6: Once there, click on “Change Adapter settings”

Step 7: afterwards, Navigate to the Connection properties

Step 8: Under the sharing tab, tick the box next to “Allow other Network users to connect through this computer connection”. This allows the device to connect to the internet through the laptop.

Step 9: Summon Satan

Step 10: Skip Step 9 and you are all done.


Step 5: head to System Preference and then select Sharing option

Step 6: Now go to Internet sharing and under the option called ““Share Your Connection from” select “Airport” mode.

Step 7: On the “to computer using” select Ethernet which will connect Apple TV to the internet through the Laptop

With all your traffic protected by the VPN, watch HBO Go in Canada!

Final comments

VPNs have greatly revolutionized how we can use the internet. We no longer need to be the slave of the system; being constantly monitored, restricted or unable to access content. The internet is supposed to be free and such limitations should be a crime as they limit our freedom. Right now if you truly want to be free on the internet or need to access geo-restricted sites like HBO Go, VPN will be needed.

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