How To Cancel CNBC Pro Subscription In Canada? [Complete Guide-2022]

Are you interested to know how to cancel CNBC Pro Subscription in Canada? We’re here to guide you on the ways to cancel CNBC subscription on diverse devices.

CNBC provides information, news, and talk shows about finance and the stock market.

This guide is for you if you are looking to cancel your CNBC Pro membership in Canada because you are becoming tired of watching CNBC shows or for any reason. However, you need a Premium VPN to cancel CNBC in Canada.

You will learn all the details about canceling your CNBC Pro subscription on your Android, PC, and iOS devices in Canada by reading this blog.


How To Cancel CNBC Pro Subscription in Canada (Easy Steps)

Turning off an auto-renewal will make it simple to cancel CNBC subscription in Canada. Take the actions outlined below:

  • Install VPN and connect to a US server.
  • Visit the CNBC Pro website.
  • Use your email address and credentials to log in.
  • Go to Plans > Subscriptions.
  • Look up Auto-renew.
  • Disable auto-renewal to stop your subscription from renewing.

The cost of a CNBC Pro membership is non-refundable, and there are no credits or refunds given for unused portions of the subscription.

You can still access CNBC Pro until the current paying month, though.

How To Delete/Cancel CNBC Account on Different Devices?

By following the straightforward instructions provided in this article, you may quickly cancel CNBC Pro subscription on several devices. These devices include;

How To Cancel CNBC on iOS Devices?

On an iOS device, the settings menu makes it simple to manually cancel CNBC Pro subscription in Canada. Take the actions outlined below:

  • Download a VPN and connect to a US server
  • On your iOS device, navigate to Settings.


  • Press your name once.


  • Search for CNBC: Stock Market & Business by tapping on Subscriptions.
  • Click on CNBC: Business & Stock Market.


  • Click “Cancel Subscription” to do so.
  • Your CNBC membership will be terminated.

How To Cancel CNBC on Android Devices?

On your Android device, you must manually cancel subscription through Google Play Store. You can delete CNBC account. Adhere to the instructions listed below:

  • Install a VPN and connect to a dedicated US server.
  • Visit Google Play Store
  • Tap the profile symbol.
  • “Payments and Subscriptions” should be clicked.
  • Search for CNBC by tapping on Subscriptions.
  • Click on CNBC: Business & Stock Market.
  • Press “Cancel Subscription” once.

How To Cancel CNBC Through Website?

You can also cancel your membership to CNBC on their webpage. This will be beneficial if you don’t have the CNBC: Business & Stock News app or if you deleted it from your smartphone. Here’s how to do it:

  • Install VPN and connect to a US server
  • Log in to your account by visiting their website
  • Visit your account or profile page.
  • Click “Billings” or “Subscriptions” or any other words of a similar nature.
  • Your subscription can be “canceled.”

How To Cancel CNBC Subscription on Paypal?

Do you want to cancel CNBC Subscription on Paypal? It enables you to cancel immediately from your Paypal account if you signed up for CNBC using Paypal. As follows:

  • Install a Premium VPN and connect to a US server
  • Register for a PayPal account.
  • On the account page, select “Settings” from the menu at the top.
  • Choose “Payments.”
  • Go to “Manage Automatic Payments” and click.
  • You may find CNBC: Business & Stock News under the Automatic Payments tab. Toggle it
  • Press the “Cancel” button.
  • You have now unsubscribed from CNBC.

How To Cancel CNBC Subscription via Email?

You can cancel CNBC by emailing CNBC. How to respond to an email cancellation request is as follows:

  • Open the email program.
  • Give all the necessary account-related information.
  • Give a justification for the cancellation.
  • Email with your message.
  • In this way, you can cancel CNBC

What are Some Good Alternatives To CNBC Pro in Canada?

CNBC Breaking News App

The CNBC mobile app makes it simpler than ever to get current and dependable business news, market data, financial information, and primetime programming.

Additionally, instantaneous news announcements are emailed to you, keeping you up to date on the market.

TheStreet App

One easy mobile app gives you access to the most recent financial news, technical analysis, pertinent market data, and investment observation from TheStreet’s squad of Wall Street and outside experts.

Bloomberg: Business News App

Bloomberg is the trusted source for important business news for today’s corporate executives and professional investors. The Bloomberg app can be customized to meet your unique demands for following the stock market.

The oil prices, US economy, NASDAQ, the Dow Jones, and other important markets are covered in real-time breaking news reports.

Fox Business App

You can stay up to date on all the most recent business news with the Fox Business app for Android. You’ll have to keep scrolling to find the first and most recent Fox Business stories and videos because the top page is crammed with content.

By selecting “Watch,” you may unwind videos of your preferred Fox Business Network celebrities anytime you like. Fox Business Network is accessible for free, expertly produced highlights and on-demand live viewing of complete shows.

Barron’s App

With Barron’s, one of the best-known investment newspapers in the world, you can learn how to navigate the global markets. Get reliable information and in-depth assessments that have helped investors make decisions since 1921.

The Barron app offers immediate entree to the most recent information that influences the markets and the global economy, as well as thorough daily commentary, financial analysis, and investment aspects from the best brains on Wall Street.

MarketWatch App

You have access to the most current financial, market, and business data thanks to the MarketWatch app.

The app provides in-depth analysis, videos, and the most recent breaking news. Real-time updates are made to index movements, stock prices, and other crucial securities data. Market-Moving notifications are sent directly to you.

The Wall Street Journal App

Use the app that encourages you to be ambitious and keeps you on the cutting edge. Since 1889, it is the most reputable publication and has been providing trustworthy information to the world’s decision-makers.

Seeking Alpha Portfolio App

You may access opinions, analytical pieces, unique commentary, and breaking news from market authorities through the Seeking Alpha portfolio app. The software concentrates on watchlists or portfolios, and it has a fast-loading interface, customizable push alerts, and quick loading times.

These apps might not be available in Canada due to gei-limitations but reliable VPNs can help you bypass restrictions. Also once you’re done binge-watching you can simlpy cancel your free trials by following our simple guides like cancelling Redbox.


Yes, you cancel CNBC subscription after a 7-day free trial any time with the Live Chat support feature available on CNBC website. After the free trial, your next month’s subscription gets auto-generated and you will not get any refund if you cancel after the free trial.

Yes, you can cancel CNBC during the free trial.

  • Head to the Account Details segment of your Profile page,
  • Move to the menu then click edit profile”)
  • Then choose cancel Pro membership.

No, you cannot get a refund after canceling CNBC. For any unused services, CNBC doesn’t offer credits or refunds.


Are you bored of CNBC shows? In this comprehensive guide, you have read about many ways to cancel CNBC Pro on various devices, CNBC Pro alternatives are also mentioned like CBC News, Spanish TV network Telemundo, 9Now channels in Canada.

You ought to be aware of how to cancel a CNBC Pro subscription in Canada by now.  However, if you’re still perplexed, you can leave a comment below and we will answer your query.