How Much Does CBS Cost In Canada [Update 2023]

CBS has dominated the American streaming landscape for years. But the appeal of this platform’s high-class programming is not limited to the US and spreads around the globe. And if you are a next-door neighbor to the US, you may be curious about one question: how much does CBS cost in Canada in 2023? This post will provide you with the answer (and more).

CBS allows people in Canada to access a very limited range of shows and a few clips here and there. A proper subscription is needed for complete access. In addition, a strong VPN service must be active on your device to ensure seamless streaming via a fast USA server to bypass CBS geo-restrictions. You can access CBS in Canada through best VPN like ExpressVPN.

With these basic requirements discussed, let’s detail precisely what it will cost you to access CBS in Canada. you can stream the best shows and best trending movies on CBS.

How Much Does CBS Cost in Canada in 2023? [Quick Guide]

What CBS will cost you monthly in Canada will depend upon the subscription package you opt for, given your streaming needs. To cater to diverse audiences, CBS offers two main plans: the Limited Commercial Plan and the Commercial Free Plan.

The Limited Commercial Plan, as its name denotes, will interrupt you with ads from time to time. That’s because, to justify its relatively low cost, the platform must bring on some advertising partners. This plan will cost you only 5.99 USD (7.96 CAD) a month. You can also avail of discounted annual pricing for this plan at 59.99 USD (79.71 CAD) per year.

Meanwhile, the Commercial Free Plan will give you the convenience of zero ad interruptions. This plan costs 9.99 USD (13.28 CAD) for the monthly package and 99.99 USD (132.93 CAD) for the annual package. 

You can access CBS in Canada through budget friendly best VPN like ExpressVPN.

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Limited Commercial Plan

Limited Commercial Plan Monthly Yearly
USD $5.99 $59.99
CAD $7.96 $79.71

Commercial Free Plan

Commercial Free Plan Monthly Yearly
USD $9.99 $99.99
CAD $13.28 $132.93


How Do I Pay for my CBS in Canada in 2023?

You can pay for your CBS subscription in Canada via your credit or debit card. The card types accepted at CBS are Visa and Mastercard. Note that you will only be able to enjoy CBS content in Canada after you have subscribed to ExpressVPN and connected to a suitable US server.

How Do I Access CBS In Canada in 2023?


You will not be able to access CBS in Canada if unauthenticated. You must formally register for a CBS account and have VPN connectivity ready on your device to gain CBS access.

CBS Member

As a CBS Member, accessing the platform’s programming will be a breeze. Again, you will need VPN-backed support using a US server to ensure there are no glitches or interruptions in your viewing experience.

CBS Premium Member

As a CBS Premium Member, you will have an even smoother streaming experience. You should be able to enjoy CBS content without limits and ad interruptions as long as your VPN remains connected to a USA server.

What to Watch On CBS With Subscription?

You can watch the following top-rated shows on CBS with a subscription:

The Amazing Race
Undercover Boss
Twin Peaks
Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS)
Big Brother
FBI: Most Wanted
Star Trek: Discovery
The Good Doctor
The Equalizer
So Help Me Todd
Blue Bloods

And if you want to know about the best VPN for CBS, without any hesitation, we recommend ExpressVPN. Get your CBS Subscription and avail CBS free trial without worrying about CBS cost. You’ll be happy to know that you can cancel CBS subscription without paying a single penny. You can still watch best shows and best trending movies on CBS in Canada through best vpn ExpressVPN.

What do you get with CBS Subscription?

With a CBS subscription, you get your hands on an enormous library of shows, news, and sports, covering a massive number of viewing hours and both classic and latest programs. In short, you will never run out of entertainment options as a CBS subscriber.

What Else is Worth Watching on CBS?

Here is the list of the best shows and best trending movies that are available on CBS.

FAQs – CBS Cost 

You can watch CBS for free in Canada by opting for the 7-day free trial CBS has to offer. The only amount you will need to spend will be on your ExpressVPN subscription (if you aren’t subscribed already) to ensure smooth streaming.

Yes, the CBS app on Apple TV is free, and you can enjoy CBS programming in Canada with your VPN turned on, directing traffic through a US server.

No, CBS isn’t fully free to stream in Canada. However, a limited set of shows and clips are available for free. But you have to choose one of the two paid subscription plans to gain access to everything CBS offers.

CBS combines free and premium features (you can call it “freemium”). The free tier will limit you to only some streaming options, and you may get bombarded by ads. With premium membership activation, the ads vanish, and the limits on your viewing options go away.


CBS is jam-packed with informative and entertaining programs to serve your streaming needs comprehensively. You can view extraordinary shows, adrenaline-generating sports, and the latest news. Hopefully, this post has answered the question of how much CBS cost in Canada in a crystal clear manner. So pick your subscription plan, run CBS with ExpressVPN, and enjoy!

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