How Much Does SonyLiv Cost in Canada [Update 2023]

How Much Does SonyLiv Cost in Canada

SonyLiv is a popular Indian streaming platform. It allows users to choose from different subscription plans, such as SonyLiv Premium. But SonyLiv is geo-restricted. So, if you want to know how much does SonyLiv cost in Canada. You are at the right place. The monthly subscription costs 4.95 CAD (299 INR).

With SonyLiv, users can enjoy Indian TV shows, live sports events, Hollywood blockbusters, and international programs. To access SonyLiv, you can visit the official website of SonyLiv on your devices. But in Canada, you’ll need a VPN to access SonyLiv. ExpressVPN is the best budget friendly VPN. You can choose from various subscription options, including monthly, 6 month, or annual plans.

Now you might think about how to cancel SonyLIV Subscription and what are compatible devices for SonyLIV in Canada.

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How much does SonyLiv cost in Canada in 2023? [Quick Guide]

The SonyLiv cost per month is CA$4.80 (₹299). Here is a quick view of its subscription cost:

Subscription Plan Cost Ads
Monthly Plan 4.95 CAD (299 INR) No
6 Month Plan 11.57 CAD (699 INR) No
Yearly Plan 16.53 CAD (999 INR) No

SonyLIV offers various subscription plans, including a one-month plan for CAD $4.95, a 6-month plan for CAD $11.57, and a 12-month SonyLIV Premium plan for CAD $16.53. Recently, SonyLIV introduced a new subscription option called SonyLIV Mobile-only. This subscription allows users to watch content on their mobile devices and access all available content. It costs 599 INR/ year and its monthly plan is not available yet. SonyLIV also provides subscription options for SonyLIV WWE catering to specific interests and offering exclusive content and features. You can choose 3 best VPN to watch SonyLIV in Canada, we recommend you ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch SonyLIV in Canada.

How do I pay for my SonyLiv in Canada in 2023?

You can conveniently make payments using various methods such as UPI ID, Debit card, Credit card, or Net banking. To subscribe to Voot in Canada, subscribe to the VPN service, then simply visit the official Voot website and complete the registration process. Once registered, choose a subscription plan that meets your requirements. Feel free to select the payment option that suits you best. That’s all there is to it. Monthly payments will automatically be deducted from your account.

How Do I Access SonyLiv In Canada in 2023?

To access SonyLiv in Canada, VPN is compulsory. Here is a brief on accessing SonyLiv in Canada:


You can’t access SonyLiv without authentication. It is vital to register your account to avoid any authentication issues. Completing the registration process is necessary before gaining access to the content and streams on the platform. Further, ensure your VPN is connected to Indian servers to authenticate your connection.

SonyLiv Member

SonyLiv member is the only option to access SonyLiv. Its subscription is easy. Simply visit the official website. Provide your details, choose your plan, pay the fees and that’s it. If you are a registered member, accessing SonyLiv in Canada becomes effortless. By using a VPN, you can enjoy SonyLiv’s content library, which includes live streams and a vast variety of content.

SonyLiv Premium Member

The SonyLIV Premium plan offers subscribers the choice of monthly, six-month, or yearly subscriptions. The monthly membership costs 4.95 CAD (299 INR), the six-month subscription costs 11.57 CAD (699 INR), and the yearly subscription costs 16.53 CAD (999 INR).

With SonyLIV Premium, you’ll have access to original content, movies, live TV channels, and programs from Sony. Hollywood blockbusters and international television programs are also available. The six-month and yearly subscriptions support 2 simultaneous displays, while the monthly membership allows streaming on a single display simultaneously.

What to Watch On SonyLiv With Subscription?

You can watch various shows, dramas, movies, sports and live events on SonyLiv. Here are some popular shows you must watch on SonyLiv in 2023:

  • Undekhi
  • Avrodh: The Siege Within
  • Purusha Pretham
  • Ramarao on Duty
  • Bachelor
  • The Kapil Sharma Show
  • The Whistleblower
  • Piku
  • The Salt City
  • Discovery of Witches

What do you get with SonyLiv Subscription?

By subscribing to SonyLiv, you gain exclusive access to a wide range of top-notch Indian shows, captivating documentaries, and special programs. Further, you can enjoy reality TV shows and live streams of sports events from around the world.

And if you want to know about the best VPN for SonyLIV, without any hesitation. Get your SonyLIV Subscription and avail SonyLIV free trial without worrying about SonyLIV cost. You’ll be happy to know that you can cancel SonyLIV subscription without paying a single penny. You can still watch best shows and best trending movies on SonyLIV in Canada through best vpn ExpressVPN. If you are struggling to find out the best VPN to access SonyLIV, you are at the right place to learn about 3 best VPNs to access SonyLIV.

What Else is Worth Watching on SonyLiv?

Here is the most popular Best shows and Best trending movies list that is available on SonyLiv.

FAQs – SonyLiv Cost

With ExpressVPN’s free trial and SonyLiv’s free trial you can watch SoyLiv for free in Canada. But for few days only.

No, SonyLiv is not free on AppleTV.

No, Sony Liv streaming is not free in Canada. You’ll need a VPN service and also a SonyLiv subscription to stream its content in Canada.

It’s a premium, not free. To access its content, you need to purchase its plan.


With a SonyLIV subscription in Canada, you can access a vast collection of exclusive content only available on this streaming platform. Now you have complete information about how much does SonyLiv cost in Canada. To ensure an uninterrupted streaming experience and make the most of SonyLIV’s content, you can utilize ExpressVPN for streaming. This will enhance your viewing pleasure and allow you to enjoy SonyLIV to its fullest potential.

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