How to Cancel HBO Max Subscription [Complete Guide-2023]

Hello Canadians, If you are reading this blog right now, I know you are stuck on how to cancel HBO Max subscription. Don’t worry we are here to provide all the solutions.

HBO Max is an American online VOD platform, parent ownership held by Warner Bros. Discovery. Many famous HBO Max shows such as Games of Thrones, The Climb Season 1, and Gossip Girls are available to watch. Disney+ recent release The Clime, The Last of Us is already setting records in the industry.

HBO Max price is $15.99, which is expensive compared to other streaming services, and we understand you might have a tight budget. VOD subscribers are mostly students, and $15.99 could be too much to pay out of your pocket money. Furthermore, Max, the outcome of the merger between HBO Max and Discovery Plus, represents a new era of entertainment, offering a diverse range of content to satisfy every viewer’s preferences.

Due to the high-cost subscription charges, you might want to know How to delete HBO Max account?  We are going to share a few magical and simple steps to guide you to cancel your HBO Max subscriptions in Canada.


How do I Cancel HBO Max subscription in Canada (Easy Steps)

Although HBO Max Canada is not available and it requires the best VPN to unblock it in Canada using a US-based VPN server. Here you can learn how you can cancel your HBO Max subscription in Canada.

  1. Visit the official website of HBO Max and go to your HBO Max account.
  2. A menu will open to the right of your screen, Click on Subscription.
  3. Click “Manage Subscription” from the pop-up screen.
  4. Another window will appear, select “Cancel subscription.”
  5. Select any reason why you are applying for cancellation and select “Yes”.
  6. Now check your subscription status with the date of expiration. you may also resume your subscription from here.

How do I Cancel my HBO Max Subscription on iPhone?

Let us show how you can cancel your HBO Max subscription on your iPhone using these simple steps.

  1. Login to your HBO Max account and go to “Setting icon” on the top left of your mobile screen.
  2. Select “Manage subscription” under the “Billing subscription” button.
  3. On a new screen tap “cancel subscription”, mark your reason, and go for “Yes”.
  4. Your cancellation is done and the date of expiration can be seen on the screen, you may also resume your subscription.

How to Cancel HBO Max on Android Devices?

Simple steps on how to cancel Max Subscription on Android.

  1. Open your HBO Max account from your android device and click on the “setting icon”.
  2. Select “Subscription” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Next, select the “cancel subscription” button.
  4. choose your reason and confirm “Yes“.
  5. A confirmation window will appear with the cancellation date.

How to Cancel HBO Max on Hulu

You can bundle up HBO Max and Hulu together for the same price. But the cancellation is different, check the steps below to learn how to cancel HBO Max on Hulu.

  • Go to Hulu official.
  • Sign in with your credentials.
  • Under the “Your Subscription” option, select “Manage Plan”.
  • Search for HBO Max, checkmark to X.
  • Go with Review Changes to confirm your cancellation.

How do I Cancel my HBO Max Subscription on Roku?

Here is how you can cancel your HBO Max subscription on Roku.

  • Open the HBO Max app.
  • Press start button from your Roku device remote.
  • Select “Manage subscription” then “cancel subscription” from the screen.
  • And here’s your subscription is canceled.

How to Cancel HBO Max Through a Cable Provider

You can subscribe to HBO Max directly from the website or through your cable providers. The cancellation steps are different when you are subscribed via the service provider. Here is how you can cancel Max subscription through a cable provider.

  • Go to HBO Max and enter your credentials.
  • Go to your account from the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Tap “Subscription.”
  • Check for your provider’s name.
  • Now you can either call your service provider or go to their website to cancel your subscription.

How do I cancel HBO Max on my Prime account?

You can cancel HBO Max subscription on Amazon Prime account at any time. To do so, you need to follow simple steps.

  • Open your personal Amazon account.
  • Click on “Manage Prime membership”
  • Scroll down and select “HBO Add-on”
  • a new screen will appear, click “cancel” 

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Has HBO Max rebranded itself in 2023? HBO Max and Discovery Plus merger answered

Yes, HBO Max has undergone a rebranding in 2023, emerging as Max to signify the platform’s evolution and to provide viewers with an enhanced streaming experience.


Yes, you can cancel HBO Max subscription free trial with 4 simple steps.

  • Go to your profile.
  • Go to “Manage subscription” under the billing information option.
  • Select “cancel subscription”
  • Confirm your subscription status as canceled.

Yes, you can cancel your HBO Max anytime through the website or mobile app. The process depends on how you become a subscriber, either through a cable provider or directly from the HBO Max official website. HBO Max costs $15.99/month.

You can cancel Max subscription through the official app on your Samsung TV device.

  • Enter your Samsung account credentials and visit your account.
  • For (2016) Models, select “setting”>“system “and than “Samsung Account”
  • For (2017-2021) Models, select “setting”>”General”>”system Manager”and than “Samsung Account”
  • choose the subscription you want to cancel.

Max replaces HBO Max to symbolize the merger with Discovery Plus and mark a new chapter in the platform’s growth, introducing exciting changes and expanded content offerings.


HBO Max is a streaming platform offering the best movies, Sci Fi shows, and action movies to enjoy over weekends, but you may wish to cancel your subscription due to the expensive subscription cost.  In this article, we have mentioned the steps to cancel HBO Max through different devices from different cable providers.

Follow the steps and let us know if you find them helpful.