How to Watch Peacock TV in Canada [Updated June 2023]


Is Peacock TV available in Canada? Unfortunately, it isn’t currently accessible due to content copyright issues. However, you can still watch Peacock TV in Canada by using a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN.

As a US-based NBC original platform exclusive to American users, Peacock TV has quickly become one of the leading streaming services since its mid-2020 launch. But Canadian viewers will need a VPN to bypass geographic restrictions and tune in to the latest shows, like New Girl, The Wedding Cottage, WWE Monday Night RAW, Real Housewives of Miami season 5, and more.

Although Corus Entertainment has obtained the rights to some Peacock Original shows in Canada, this is only available to cable users. By using the best VPN for Peacock TV, you can bypass these restrictions and enjoy your favorite shows without any hassle.

We will walk you through each step, including how to sign up and which are the best VPNs to use, among other things. So let’s get started!

How Can I Watch Peacock TV in Canada with VPN? – [5 Easy Steps]


Unblock Peacock TV movies and shows!

If you’re a fan of Peacock TV, you may be disappointed to learn that it’s only available in the United States. Thankfully, there’s a way you can get around this problem: by using a VPN. A VPN will allow you to connect to a server in the United States, making it appear as though you’re actually located there. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of watching Peacock TV in Canada with a VPN in 5 easy steps.

  1. Subscribe to a VPN provider. ExpressVPN is the best for Peacock in Canada streaming.
  2. Download the VPN app on your device and log in using your credentials.
  3. Connect to the VPN with a US server to bypass Peacock TV. ExpressVPN’s New York server is recommended!
  4. Sign in to your Peacock TV account, and head to the official Peacock website or Peacock TV App.
  5. Start streaming!

Watch Peacock TV in Canada with ExpressVPNRisk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

If you’re wondering how to get started with Peacock TV, jump straight to follow the steps mentioned under how to subscribe to Peacock in Canada!

Note: Peacock TV hasn’t been launched in Canada yet, but its original programming is made available to Canadians through other media outlets. But this method is expensive and won’t let you access its entire library since Corus Entertainment and National Broadcasting Company Universal deal is limited to Peacock TV’s Originals.

Therefore, we recommend viewers watch Peacock TV Canada via a VPN as it’s cheaper and more efficient for unblocking Peacock TV’s full library in Canada!

How to Unblock Peacock TV Canada? [Video Guide]

Here’s a simple video tutorial on how to get Peacock TV in Canada using a VPN connection. Peacock is geographically restricted, so you’ll need a dependable VPN like ExpressVPN to bypass those restrictions.

Watch Peacock TV in Canada with ExpressVPNRisk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

Learn why is Peacock not available in Canada and how to obtain it.

Why is Peacock TV Not Available in Canada?

Like many other streaming services, Peacock streaming service Canada is also affected by geo-restrictions. This means that if you try to stream Peacock TV in Canada, you will receive a message saying:

“Peacock is not yet available in your territory.”


Peacock geo-restrictions error.

But can you watch Peacock in Canada? Yes, however, you can access Peacock TV in Canada by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) like ExpressVPN. A VPN can help you bypass geo-restrictions and access Peacock TV from anywhere in the world.

So, if you want to enjoy Peacock TV in Canada, all you need to do is set up a VPN on your device and connect to a server located in the US. Then, you can access Peacock TV in Canada to stream the best Peacock TV shows and movies.

The Best VPN for Peacock TV in Canada [Brief Summary]

We selected the top three VPNs for Peacock TV in Canada after thoroughly evaluating more than 50 VPNs based on their speed, security, number of servers, support, price, and other factors. If you are curious about can you stream Peacock in Canada, following are the top VPNs for Peacock TV in Canada:

ExpressVPN – This VPN provides buffer-free connections for a smooth streaming experience.
Surfshark – If your budget is tight, use this VPN because it is the most economical option.
NordVPN – The fastest VPN with a large selection of servers to enjoy lightning-fast streaming of NBC’s Peacock.

Now, dive into is Peacock coming to Canada and if that’s the case then when will Peacock be available in Canada?

When Will Peacock TV Be Available in Canada?

Thinking if Peacock is available in Canada? Like other streaming services, it is possible that NBCUniversal may try to make Peacock TV available to a global audience in the future, once its number of subscribers increases.

Currently, there are no plans to expand Peacock TV outside the US. However, you can still access its content in Canada with the help of a reliable VPN connection. Keep reading to learn more about Peacock TV Canada.

What’s Peacock TV in Canada?

Owned by the NBCUniversal network, Peacock TV is an American streaming video service. The universe of entertainment available on Peacock includes news, live sports, and some of the most well-liked TV shows and movies.

What to watch on Peacock tv in Canada in May? The latest titles include American Auto, The Voice, Love Island USA, 30 Rock, La Brea, WWE Live Online, The Calling, Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Season 2, The Capture, Baking IT, and Young Rock Season 2 as well as America’s Got Talent Season 17.

How to Sign-up for Peacock TV in Canada?

Peacock TV is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of content, including TV shows, movies, live sports, and original series. While Peacock TV is primarily available in the USA, it is possible to access the service from Canada with a VPN. Here’s how to sign up for Peacock TV in Canada:

  • Step 1: Open ExpressVPN and connect to a US server (New York recommended).


Connect ExpressVPN to the US server.

  • Step 2: Visit the Peacock TV website, enter your email address, and click Watch for Free.


Visit Peacock’s official website

  • Step 3: Choose any one of the subscription plans.


Select a subscription plan based on your needs.

  • Step 4: Enter all details to create an account on Peacock. You can use 75254, 75258, or 75260 as the US zip code.
  • Step 5: Press Create Account.


Create a Peacock account.

  • Step 6: You’ll receive an account verification email. Verify by clicking on the link in the email.
  • Step 7: Start streaming Peacock TV content from Canada!

Watch Peacock TV in Canada with ExpressVPNRisk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

Note: Apart from having a VPN, you would also require a Peacock subscription Canada. You can go to the section on how to pay for Peacock in Canada to make the payment process easy for you.

How Much is the Peacock Subscription in Canada?

So, how much is Peacock TV Canada? Like in the USA, once you unblock Peacock TV Canada with a VPN, it is free to sign up for Peacock TV in Canada and watch many movies and shows like Chicago Fire in Canada but with advertisements.

However, suppose you’re bothered by advertisements and want to know Peacock Network Canada’s price to access additional TV shows, Peacock movies, and other Peacock originals.

Peacock Premium Canada offers three subscription plans to its users. These plans vary based on the quantity of content available and commercials-supported streaming. These plans include the following:


1. Free Peacock TV Subscription

Is Peacock free in Canada? Yes, it’s real! You can get Peacock TV Canada free for an ad-supported subscription option. Similarly, you can get Peacock TV UK for free. However, there is no Peacock TV free trial available.

Curious about what channel is Peacock TV? Well, it offers 40,000+ hours of streaming, 50+ channels, along with ads. However, it will have some limitations, like a smaller movie library.

You can still watch your favorite shows like Vanderpump Rules, Summer House, The Black List, Parks, and Recreation, etc. Also, you can watch NFL in Canada with a few ads every five minutes or after every hour or sometimes less, as stated by the company officials.

To subscribe to Peacock TV’s free plan, you must sign up for an account with your login credentials like email and password. However, you do not have to provide details about your credit card or the payment method.

2. Premium Peacock TV Plan with Ads

Suppose the free subscription plan library isn’t enough for you. In that case, you can always upgrade to a Premium Peacock account to access 60,000+ hours of hit video content, 50+ channels, and Peacock Originals like Brave New World, and Shrek. You can also catch the free Peacock live stream of hit content after a day, including the New Girl and Coronation of King Charles III.

The Peacock TV subscription cost for the Premium plan will cost you about 6.38 CAD (4.99 USD) a month or 63.92 CAD (49.99 USD) annually, with the same amount of ads as the free account plan.

So why wait? Upgrade to the Premium Peacock TV Plan with Ads today and start enjoying all the incredible content that this streaming service has to offer!

Is Peacock TV free in Canada?

Yes, new users of Peacock can utilize a free version of the streaming service. However, you are unable to sign up for the get Peacock TV free trial because it is not now available.

To sign up for free, all you have to do is provide your email address. Your credit card information is not required for the free version.

3. Premium Plus Peacock TV Plan with No Ads

Upgrade to Peacock’s Premium Plus plan with no ads and experience seamless streaming of your favorite shows and movies. With this plan, you can enjoy exclusive content, including Peacock Originals, blockbuster movies, and premier sports events like WWE Monday Night RAW, all without any annoying commercial interruptions.

In this plan, you can watch all the shows like Recall Reframed available on Premium with no ads plan. Premium Plus costs 12.77 CAD (9.99 USD) monthly or 127.87 CAD (100 USD) annually. As an additional perk, this plan comes with the option of downloading TV shows and movies to your smart devices, so you can enjoy watching all the exciting content offline.

So, why wait? Upgrade to Peacock’s Premium Plus plan with no ads today and experience the ultimate streaming experience.

Peacock TV Free vs. Peacock TV Premium vs. Premium Plus

Peacock TV is a streaming service owned by NBC Universal that provides access to a wide variety of TV shows like Yellowstone, movies, live sports, news, and original content. However, there are some significant differences between the basic free version and the two premium versions.

You must choose Peacock Premium Plus and pay an additional 6.38 CAD ($5 USD) per month if you want to entirely avoid advertisements.

Peacock Free Peacock TV Premium Peacock Premium Plus
Ad-supported Plan Ad-supported Plan Ad-Free Plan
Limited content titles All Peacock TV content is available Full access to all Peacock TV content
It doesn’t allow downloading content It doesn’t allow downloading content Specific titles can be downloaded
No free trial offered A 7-day free trial offered A 7-day free trial offer

If you’re looking to try out Peacock TV, the free version is a great way to get started. However, if you want access to more content, live sports, and exclusive Peacock TV Originals like Bupkis Season 1, you may want to consider upgrading to the Premium or Premium Plus version, depending on whether you’re willing to put up with ads.

You can also refer to our guide on Peacock TV cost for further details. It provides in-depth information about the cost of each plan and what content is available in each one.

How Do I Pay for Peacock Premium TV in Canada?

If you’re looking to subscribe to Peacock TV in Canada, there are a few ways to do so. Here’s how:

How to use US Unlocked Virtual Payment Card to Pay for Peacock TV Canada?

Follow these steps to activate US virtual card and pay for your Peacock TV subscription in Canada:

  • Register with a reliable VPN. ExpressVPN is highly recommended.
  • Download the VPN app and connect to the US-New York server.


Connect to ExpressVPN’s New York server.


Get your card by visiting US unlocked website.

  • Complete the registration process and add funds to your US Unlocked account.


Add the required information.

  • Once your deposit has been processed, you will be presented with your new USA Virtual Card login details.
  • Now, go to the Peacock TV website, log in to your user account and choose to upgrade from free to Premium.
  • Finally, choose a plan and pay for your membership using your unlocked US card.

Watch Peacock TV in Canada with ExpressVPNRisk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

Note: While doing this process, ensure you are connected to the US servers. The New York server is best for its consistency and speed.

How to Use US Apple Gift Card to Pay for Peacock TV in Canada?

To pay for Peacock TV in Canada with an iTunes gift card, follow these steps:

  • First, register with ExpressVPN and connect to a US server.
  • Next, create a new Apple ID and enter your US-based address.


Create your new Apple ID.

  • Next, go to the “App Store” section, select “iTunes,” and then “Gift Cards.”
  • You can redeem your card with your new Apple ID.


Redeem your card.

  • Next, get the Peacock TV app from the Apple Store and select the Premium Subscription Upgrade.
  • You can now use an iTunes gift card to pay for subscriptions to your Peacock account.

Watch Peacock TV in Canada with ExpressVPNRisk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

Note: While doing this process, ensure you are connected to the US servers. The New York server is best for its consistency and speed.

3 Top VPNs to Watch Peacock TV in Canada [In-Depth Analysis]

We have selected the three best VPNs for Peacock TV in Canada to unblock and watch Peacock live and on-demand movies without any virtual barriers. In addition, these VPNs are the best options regarding online security, number of servers, privacy policies, prices, customer satisfaction, and user interface. Among the best VPNs are:

1. ExpressVPN – Watch Peacock TV at Fastest Speeds in Canada

ExpressVPN holds all the key ingredients to be the best VPN for streaming Peacock TV in Canada! It has fast speeds, good security, an extensive server network, and strong unblocking power.

With around 3000+ servers in 94 countries, it gives you plenty of choices for spoofing your location and streaming content from wherever you are.


By connecting with ExpressVPN’s New York server, we successfully unblocked Peacock TV in Canada!

Recommended ExpressVPN Servers: Washington DC, New York, New Jersey 2, and New Jersey 2

ExpressVPN is a premium Peacock TV VPN to stream Peacock TV Canada because of its blazing-fast, optimized servers. We connected to a server in New York using the Quick Connect feature and watched an episode of “Suits” without any buffering!

In addition to Peacock TV, ExpressVPN can unblock Rai TV, HBO Max, Sky Sports within Canada, Peacock UK, and more in the region. During our tests, ExpressVPN could bypass geo-restrictions on all of them.

ExpressVPN offers a unique MediaStreamer (Smart DNS feature) that lets you watch restricted content on devices that don’t natively support VPNs. SmartDNS routes DNS servers to different regions and improves the users’ streaming experience without the encryption of a VPN.

We received a download speed of 89.38 Mbps on our 100 Mbps connection, while the upload speed hit 84.66 Mbps.


ExpressVPN offers super-fast download and upload speeds on a 100 Mbps connection.

With such incredible speeds, you can stream ORF and access SonyLIV in Canada without facing any lags.

ExpressVPN offers 23+ super fast USA servers in 14+ US regions that you can connect to unblock Peacock TV and many other USA-based streaming networks. It allows five simultaneous connections under one subscription worth CA$ 8.98/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan for 12+3 months.

Another great thing about ExpressVPN is the quick customer support response. If you face any proxy error while you watch BT Sport in Canada while connected to an ExpressVPN server, you can always contact ExpressVPN’s chat support for assistance.

ExpressVPN is available for CA$ 8.98/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan, which comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For more details, read our in-depth ExpressVPN review!


  • Impressive unblocking capabilities
  • Top-notch encryption and other security features
  • Blazing fast speed with unlimited bandwidth


  • Expensive subscription cost
  • Just allow five concurrent connections

Watch Peacock TV Canada with ExpressVPNRisk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

2. Surfshark– An Affordable Choice for Peacock TV in Canada

Surfshark is the best affordable VPN choice for all your streaming desires, including Peacock TV Canada at just CA$ 3.1/mo (US$ 2.30/mo) - 82% off VPN deal on 2 year plan with 2 months free.

Surfshark comfortably unblocks a myriad of streaming sites at affordable price rates. With a network of 3200 servers in 100 countries, you can unblock Netflix and stream its wide range of foreign catalogues.


Connecting with Surfshark, we unblocked Peacock TV in Canada!

Recommended Surfshark Servers: Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Latham, Louisville, and Boston

Moreover, Surfshark efficiently shields your online information from the ever-growing cybercrime in Canada and protects you against domestic and foreign spying.

Surfshark Smart DNS is a handy feature that provides content-unblocking functionality to streaming devices that do not have native VPN support. You can activate Peacock on Smart TV and enjoy instant access to Optus Sport.

Another impressive feature of Surfshark is that it supports unlimited simultaneous connections on multiple devices. So now, you and your family watch Oxygen TV and VH1 in Canada by connecting to Surfshark simultaneously.

In addition to this, the speeds are also undoubtedly faster than a lot of VPNs. We used a 100 Mbps internet connection and performed some tests on different US servers. Safe to say, the speeds were entirely satisfactory for watching US Amazon Prime and ESPN+ in Canada, as they were clipping off at 80 Mbps.

The download speed reached 86.56 Mbps, and the upload speed went up to 44.07 Mbps which worked great for streaming Crackle in Canada.


Surfshark stunning speed test.

With Surfshark, you can easily unblock Foxtel and more in Canada.


  • Affordable subscription plan with a one-month refund guarantee
  • A strict no-log policy
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Reliable speed and strong encryption


  • Shoddy customer service

Watch Peacock TV Canada with Surfshark30 days money-back guarantee

3. NordVPN – Largest US Server Network to stream Peacock TV in Canada

NordVPN is well-known for streaming Peacock TV in Canada in the market for its extensive server coverage, which is why it has become a key contender in our streaming VPN list. It has around 5671+ servers in 59+ countries, which gives you several spoofing choices to stream worldwide content.


With NordVPN we successfully unblocked Peacock TV in Canada!

Recommended NordVPN Servers: Chicago, Dallas, New York, Miami, and San Francisco

NordVPN offers more than 1970 US servers which you can connect to watch Peacock Original programs at just CA$ 4.43/mo (US$ 3.29/mo) - 2 years with 60% off + Threat Protection for free. Also, with NordVPN, you can easily access Philo TV and unblock SyFy in Canada!

NordVPN has an optimized server network for Peer Peer sharing. These servers offer fast speeds, which allow access to uTorrent, and BitTorrent without issues. After checking the speed test results with NordVPN on Peacock TV outside US, Canada, Europe, and Asia, we could safely conclude that the speeds, on the whole, were excellent to watch DStv in Canada.

In our speed test, NordVPN delivered 86.18 Mbps of downloading speed and 42.13 Mbps of downloading speed on a 100 Mbps connection. Now with NordVPN, you can watch CNBC in Canada without any buffering issue.


As per NordVPN speed test findings on a 100 Mbps connection, your internet speed won’t be slowed down.

Furthermore, NordVPN has custom, easy-to-use apps for iOS and Android devices. It offers six simultaneous connections on a single account. Hence, you can watch CW in Canada.

The package comes with a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. This allows you to revert your transaction if it fails to meet your standards during the 30-day trial period.


  • Largest server network
  • Six simultaneous connections
  • Seven days free trials for Android and iOS
  • Robust speed and strong encryption


  • Glitchy desktop app
  • No app for the router

Watch Peacock TV with NordVPN30 days money-back guarantee

How to Choose the Reliable VPN for Peacock Canada?

Not every VPN has the same unblocking capabilities or online anonymity policies. However, some VPNs are equipped with certain advanced features just as ExpressVPN‘s Mediastreamer feature that other competitors lack, giving them an edge over them.

To choose the Peacock TV top-notch VPN in Canada, it’s best to judge a VPN on the following criteria:

  1. Effortlessly unblocks Peacock TV and other primary streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and others.
  2. Provides streaming-optimized servers in multiple locations worldwide.
  3. Allows users to stream Peacock TV in HD and 4K quality.
  4. Multiple subscription plans for different users’ needs.
  5. Compatibility with operating platforms including Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.
  6. Compatible with most mobile phones, tablets, desktops, computers, game consoles, smart TVs, and more.
  7. The number of simultaneous connections allowed.

Note:If you’re interested in learning How to stream Peacock in Canada with a free VPN, continue reading our next section.

Can I Use a Free VPN to Watch Peacock TV in Canada?

Yes, you can watch Peacock TV in Canada by using a free VPN. However, using a free VPN to access Peacock in Canada is not recommended because these VPNs are not a secure choice. Free VPNs falsely claim to have security features but actually don’t value your privacy.

The majority of free VPNs compromise the user’s privacy and sell personal data to outside businesses in exchange for a fee. Free VPNs also have limited bandwidth or a server with high traffic, which can ruin your streaming experience and reduce the quality.

Therefore, we always advise using a premium and reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN. However, compared to free unsecured VPNs, it will be worth the expense to you.

Watch Peacock TV in Canada with ExpressVPNRisk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

Read our next section to get the answer to your query “Where can I watch Peacock TV?”

Where to Watch Peacock in Canada? – Compatible Devices

Due to Peacock TV’s compatibility with the majority of devices, you can watch Peacock in Canada using a variety of devices. The following are the compatible devices.

Device Compatibility
Mobile and Tablet Devices
  • iOS 14 and above
  • Android 6 and above
Web Browsers
  • Safari 12+
  • Chrome 75+
  • MS Edge 80+
  • Firefox 88+
Other Streaming Devices
  • Fire TV and Fire Tablet Devices (OS 6 and above)
  • Apple TV HD (4th Gen and above)
  • Chromecast
  • Hisense VIDAA (2021 devices or later)
  • Samsung Smart TV (2017 devices or later)
  • LG Smart TV (WebOS 3.5 or above)
  • VIZIO Smart TV (2016 or later)
  • NVIDIA Shield (OS 5.1 and above)
  • Sony Bravia Android TVs
  • Roku 2, 3, and 4
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation

How to Download Peacock App Canada?

The Peacock TV App Canada can be easily downloaded on the following devices. Let’s see how it works!

How to Stream Peacock in Canada on an iOS Device?

To watch and download the Peacock TV App in Canada on your iOS devices, follow these five steps below:

  1. Download the ExpressVPN App on your iOS device.
  2. Connect to a USA server from the VPN servers list.
  3. Go to Settings and Network and change your region on the Apple ID to the USA.
  4. Search for the Peacock TV App on the Apple App Store.
  5. Install the app and sign up on Peacock TV and enjoy streaming.

Note: Is Peacock streaming available in Canada for Android users? Yes, it is. Keep scrolling!

Watch Peacock TV on iOS devices with #1 VPNRisk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

How Can I Download Peacock on Android in Canada?

Follow the five below-mentioned steps to download Peacock TV app on your Android devices in Canada:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN and download it on your Android device.
  2. Connect to a US server (We recommend the New York server).
  3. Create a new Google account.
  4. Search for the Peacock App Canada on the Google Play Store.
  5. Download the app, sign up on Peacock tv and enjoy!

Watch Peacock TV on Android devices with #1 VPNRisk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

Can I Get Peacock on Firestick in Canada?

Yes, you can get Peacock TV Canada on Firestick and watch your favorite movies, shows, or Peacock originals by following the simple nine steps below:

  1. Subscribe to a quality VPN service (We recommend ExpressVPN).
  2. Next, connect to any US server (New York server recommended).
  3. Click on the “Accounts & Lists” and “Your Accounts and Content.”
  4. Switch your region from Canada to the USA.
  5. Connect your Amazon Firestick with your TV and click “Settings.”
  6. Log out from your existing account and then sign back in.
  7. Search and install the Peacock TV app and VPN App from App Store.
  8. Connect to a USA server.
  9. Open the Peacock TV Canada app and start streaming!

We’ll focus on how to get Peacock TV on Roku in the following section.

Watch Peacock TV on Fire Stick/Fire TV with #1 VPNRisk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

How Do I get Peacock TV Canada on Roku?

Curious can you use Peacock in Canada on Roku device? Here’s how you can get Peacock TV on your Roku devices with these eight steps:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN service (We recommend ExpressVPN).
  2. Sign in and connect to any US server (New York server recommended).
  3. Create a Peacock TV account.
  4. Go to your Roku device’s Home Screen.
  5. Look for Peacock and then click on Add Channel.
  6. Once installed, go back to Home Screen.
  7. Search for Peacock TV again.
  8. Sign in using your credentials and access Hollywood Season 27!

Note: If you are thinking how to watch Peacock on Now TV, so you have to access the Now app’s entertainment section, you’ll see a particular Peacock section.

Watch Peacock TV on Roku with #1 VPNRisk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

Can I Get Peacock on Apple TV Canada?

Yes, you can get Peacock on Apple TV in Canada by simply downloading the app. Before downloading the app, you can join up for Peacock using your Apple TV or online. The following five simple steps will let you install Peacock on Apple TV:

  1. Open the Apple TV, then go to the App Store.
  2. Open the App Store.
  3. Hit the search button.
  4. Enter Peacock and press enter. Pick Peacock from the list of options.
  5. Selecting the download button.
  6. Once it has downloaded, click Open.
  7. Click “Subscribe Now” to sign up. Login using your email address and password.

Watch Peacock TV on Apple TV with ExpressVPNRisk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

What Can You Watch on Peacock TV in Canada 2023?

With the Peacock Streaming Canada service, you can watch NBC in Canada (National Broadcasting Company) vault with LIVE news by connecting with ExpressVPN. Here is a brief overview of what Peacock TV in Canada has to offer:

The Best Peacock TV Shows in Canada 2023?

Here are some of the top Peacock television shows to make your watching experience worthwhile.

The Office A Friend of the Family
Project Runway: All Stars Seasons 1-7 Laureus sports Awards
Eurovision Song Contest 2023 Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party 2022
The Best Man: The Final Chapters Paul T. Goldman
Vampire Academy Billboard Latin Women in Music Awards

The Best Peacock TV Movies in Canada 2023?

Check out the highlights of all the best Peacock movies in Canada that are worth watching.

Jumanji Halloween Ends
Minions: The Rise of Gru The Devil Wears Prada
Android Cop The Godfather
They/Them Intelligence: A Special Agent Special
Meet Cute Age of Tomorrow

If you’re looking for more detailed information, you may find our guide on the best Peacock movies to be helpful. We’ve carefully curated a list of awesome movies that are sure to entertain every kind of viewer out there.

What New is Coming on Peacock TV Canada in May 2023?

In addition to brand-new original programming, Peacock is the best platform for streaming some of your favorite live and recently aired films and live sports from NBC. Peacock updates its content frequently to keep providing you with fresh content.

With Peacock, you can watch live and pre-taped movies and shows from NBC, as well as exclusive original content. This May, some of the best new titles are hitting the platform:

The 40-Year-Old Virgin, 2005 Are We Done Yet?
Mrs. Davis (Season 1), Season Finale May 18 The Price We Pay (2022)– May 22
Bupkis Season 1 Menendez + Menudo: Boys Betrayed, Docuseries, Episodes 1-3 (Peacock Original)
New Girl Top Chef, Season 20, New Episode
The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Season 13 Intelligence: A Special Agent Special– May 11

What are the Ongoing and Upcoming Sports on Peacock TV?

The following are some of the current and upcoming sporting events on Peacock TV:

US figure skating championship 22-23 Notre Dame hockey 2023
Houston Gamblers vs Memphis Showboats Pittsburgh Maulers vs Memphis Showboats
JM Eagle LA Championship 2023 Zurich Classic of New Orleans 2023 Final Round
Super Motocross Copa Mundial Femenina de la FIFA™ 2023
Golf MLB® Sunday Leadoff

How to Watch English Premier League 2022-23 on Peacock TV in Canada?


Watch the live streaming of English Premier League (2022-23) matches on Peacock TV in Canada. Just connect to our suggested VPN provider and enjoy EPL live matches for free in Canada. Following are the recent 10 matches of EPL:

Day Time
Saturday, April 29, 2023
Matches Crystal Palace vs. West Ham United 4:30 PM
Brentford vs. Nottingham Forest 7:00 PM
Brighton & Hove Albion vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers 7:00 PM
Sunday, April 30, 2023
Matches AFC Bournemouth vs. Leeds United 6:00 PM
Fulham vs. Manchester City 6:00 PM
Manchester United vs. Aston Villa 6:00 PM
Newcastle United vs. Southampton 6:00 PM
Liverpool vs. Tottenham Hotspur 8:30 PM
Tuesday, May 2, 2023
Matches Leicester City vs. Everton 12:00 AM
Wednesday, May 3, 2023 12:00 AM
Matches Arsenal vs. Chelsea
Watch EPL 2022-23 on Peacock TVRisk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

How to Watch NFL 2022-2023 Live Stream on Peacock TV in Canada?

You can enjoy the ongoing NFL games on Peacock TV in Canada by connecting to the USA server of ExpressVPN and enjoy all the NFL games for free in Canada.


Following are the recent 2023 NFL events:

Date Event
Feb. 26 – March 6 NFL Scouting Combine (Indianapolis)
March 7 Deadline for the franchise tag
March 13 Free agency begins
April 27-29 NFL Draft (Kansas City)
Mid-July Training camp opens
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Where to Watch Peacock Originals in Canada?

You can watch Peacock originals in Canada by connecting with a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN or by accessing Corus Entertainment channels.

On 23rd June 2020, Corus Entertainment announced that it had acquired Canadian broadcast and streaming rights to “marquee” original programming from Peacock.

This means if you have a subscription to Corus channels like Showcase and W, or a cable provider (like Rogers, Bell, or Shaw), you can stream your favorite Peacock originals in Canada.

Canadian cable cord-cutters can also watch Peacock TV originals via Amazon Prime Video on Stack TV. StackTV will be available to Amazon Prime members in Canada for an additional 16.61 CAD/mo (12.99 USD per month). So, when adding this amount to Amazon Prime video cost (7.99 USD a month), the total amount will be 26.83 CAD/mo (20.98 USD/month).

Isn’t it quite expensive? Save yourself some bucks and access Peacock TV directly in Canada through a VPN at lower cost.

Let’s now jump into:

Comparison between watching Peacock TV via VPN and on Corus Entertainment Channels

If you’re still confused about whether to go for a VPN method to access Peacock TV Canada, here’s a brief comparison for you:

Peacock TV Canada via VPN

Peacock TV Originals via Corus Entertainment
Free access

Requires subscription fees

Access to the entire library

Only airs a few Peacock TV originals
All content in one platform

Titles are dispersed across multiple chorus channels

Live sports streaming is available

No live sports streaming
Watch exclusive episodes on the day of release

Episodes will be available to stream after the broadcast to the cable network

Which Peacock TV Originals are available in Canada?

Here’s the list of Peacock Originals programs that have already been broadcasted or have been scheduled to broadcast on Corus Channels in Canada:

Title name

Broadcasting channel

Time of broadcast

Brave New World (now canceled)

Episodes remained available on-demand on the Global TV app and StackTV None

Saved by the Bell reboot

Stack TV, Global TV website Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Rutherford Falls

Global TV app and Stack TV None
Girls5eva Global TV app and Stack TV


Psych 2: Lassie Come Home Global TV app and Stack TV


Punky Brewster Global TV app and Stack TV

W on Thursdays) and YTV (on Fridays)

Check out the list of Peacock Original scripted shows that have been confirmed to broadcast to either W Network or Showcase during the 2022 season:

  • Psych 3: This is Gus
  • Queer as Folk (re-imagining of the original British series)
  • One of Us is Lying
  • MacGruber
  • Death – will air on Showcase this fall
  • Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol
  • Bust Down
  • Bel-Air (dramatic adaption of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)
  • Angelyne

Peacock Original reality shows are expected to release in 2023, most probably on Slice or Food Network Canada:

  • The Real Housewives of Miami season 5
  • Poker face
  • Real Housewives Mash-up
  • Ex Rated with Andy Cohen
  • Below Deck: Down Under
  • Baking It

Let’s have a look at the Peacock channel in Canada:

What Channels Are on Peacock in Canada 2023?

More than 20,000 hours of excellent content from across the world are available when you connect to a Peacock VPN to watch Peacock in Canada. A few examples of these studios are NBC, Bravo, USA Network, and Gold Channel. Since Peacock is NBC’s streaming service, there is no distinction between the difference between NBC App and Peacock.

Here is the Peacock TV channels list:

Warner Bros. Bravo WWE Network CNBC
A&E Premier League TV Oxygen TODAY All Day
Blumhouse USA Network Snapped MSNBC
Universal Kids Dateline 24/7 E! NBC New Now
Sky News SYFY Golf Pass NBCSN
Classic TV Crime ABC ViacomCBS Showtime
NBC Lionsgate FOX DreamWorks
True Crime CBS Illumination Universal Pictures
Golf Channel Paramount Nickelodeon Focus Features
NBC Sports The CW

What Channel is Peacock on Bell Fibe?

Canadian viewers must have a subscription to Corus channels, such as Showcase and W, in order to watch Peacock Originals. They can obtain access to these channels through their TV service provider (e.g., Rogers, Bell, Shaw), StackTV package on Amazon Prime Video, or VMedia’s over-the-top multichannel service RiverTV.

Why is Peacock TV Not Working in Canada?

The following issues could be the cause of Peacock TV not working in Canada.

Restart/Update Firestick: It might be necessary to upgrade your devices to the most recent version. Simply navigate to settings and choose My Fire TV to update to the most recent version. Select System from the menu. After choosing About, select Install Update.

Reset the router by unplugging it. The second option is to restart the router, wait 30 seconds, and then connect it back in. Join the wireless network.
Test your internet speed.  Your Peacock might not function because of a sluggish internet connection. Connect by trying to use a reliable internet connection. Press the Home button to access the Home Screen for this. Next, choose Network under Settings. To check and measure your connection speed, press the Play and Pause buttons.

Join a trustworthy VPN. Try to establish a connection with a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN. Sometimes using a free VPN connection results in a poor streaming experience.

Make sure you have tried all the troubleshooting methods before attempting to cancel your Peacock TV subscription. You may also go after our guide on Peacock not working with VPN to resolve any connection issue occurring.

Top Streaming Services You Should Know About

Here are some top streaming services you should be aware of in addition to Peacock:

Streaming Service About
Netflix In Canada, Netflix offers three subscription packages: Basic, Standard, and Premium. The critical distinction between the packages is the maximum number of devices streaming Netflix material concurrently.
YouTube TV YouTube TV is a Google-owned live TV streaming service that provides a range of regional and global networks depending on your location.
Discovery Plus With channels like Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, and many more, Discovery Plus Canada is a terrific place to watch your favorite TV episodes, movies, and documentaries.
Paramount Plus Amazon Prime Canada offers Paramount Plus. With a selection of new and classic titles, it’s a terrific way to watch movies and TV series online. Additionally, you can access Prime Video content with approved devices like the Amazon Fire TV.
Hotstar Hotstar, formerly known as Disney+, is a well-known Indian video streaming service operated by the Star network. Early in 2020, Hotstar, following Disney’s acquisition of Star India, features nine languages and more than 100,000 hours of programming.

FAQs – Peacock TV Canada

Yes, Peacock TV work in Canada if you are accessing with a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN.

No, because Peacock TV is a different video streaming service that is excluded from the Amazon Prime subscription service.

Yes, Peacock is available on Bell Fibe. Also, you can use up to three devices from a single account to stream Peacock simultaneously.

Yes, it is completely worth paying for Peacocks in Canada. The Premium and Premium Plus Peacock plans require a monthly subscription of 6.38 CAD/mo (4.99 USD/mo) and 12.77 CAD/mo (9.99 USD/mo), respectively. Besides these two plans, there’s an absolutely free ad-supported plan which only requires you to sign up on Peacock.

You can watch Peacock originals in Canada by connecting with a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.


Did you find out the answer to your question regarding “Can you watch Peacock TV in Canada” and “How to get Peacock in Canada“?

There has been no official announcement about when is Peacock coming to Canada. Since there’s no Peacock TV in Canada, we hope this guide helped you learn how to watch Peacock in Canada.

Although Peacock offers a lot of streaming content, it is geo-restricted and only available in the USA. A VPN can be useful in this situation because it allows you to change your IP address and access geo-restricted content.

As we said, only reliable and supported VPNs such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark can provide fast streaming, high-end security, and encryption to surf Peacock TV without VPN errors. By subscribing to any VPN, you can enjoy Peacock TV Canada for free or its paid packages!