Discover the 25 Best Peacock TV Shows to Watch in 2023

Peacock is flapping its wings towards greatness. And while in its early stages, it has managed to provide viewers with plenty of original series and the best Peacock TV shows such as We Are Lady Parts, One Of Us Is Lying, and many more.

Apart from that, there are uniquely selected new shows that require a subscription; with a premium plan, you can unlock some of the exclusive shows, such as Poker face season 1, American Auto season 1 & 2.

However, you can still enjoy peacock (streaming service) TV shows on-demand without spending a dime. But Alas, there’s one tiny problem (actually a big one, if you ask us): While Peacock TV originals are available on other popular Canadian streaming sites, a standalone Peacock TV is inaccessible in Canada due to geo-restrictions. But there’s no need to fret since the best VPN for Peacock is here to remove geo-blockages and provide you access to your favorite content on Peacock TV in Canada.

If not sure how to get the best peacock TV shows, here is an already set list of shows that you can watch right now. Our selection consists of romances, sitcoms, true crime dramas, top-tier comedies, talk shows, and much more.


Best Peacock TV Shows to Watch in 2023

1. Joe Vs. Carole (2022)



Genre: Drama

Created by: Etan Frankel

Cast: Kate McKinnon, John Cameron Mitchell, Kyle MacLachlan

If you love true-crime drama, you should definitely give this show a chance. It’s based on Joe Exotic: Tiger King Podcast, a rivalry between Carole Baskin and Tiger King’s Joe Exotic. The series is one of the new peacock TV originals featuring the criminal life of Joe Exotic.

Joe was a former Oklahoma zoo operator and carried out a big cat-breeding business. He was convicted for manslaughter after a plot to murder Carole, a cat enthusiast. Could this be a prank, or did Joe intend to have Carole killed?

2. Bust Down (2022)


Genre: Comedy

Created by: Jak Knight, Langston Kerman

Cast: Langston Kerman, Jak Knight, Chris Redd, Sam Jay

Laugh out loud moments!

Bust Down is a lively comedy. It’s all about fun in unexpected places with unique people. The show features four casino employees engaged in low-wage jobs in Middle America. They look for purpose and meaning in life even after making bad ideas, but all this will end in depravity.

The show is much more of a dark comedy; it’s bold enough to make you feel entertained all through.

3. Grand Crew (2021)


Genre: Sitcom

Created by: Phil Augusta Jackson

Cast: Justin Cunningham, Echo Kellum, Nicole Byer

From the creative minds of Phil Augusta Jackson, we can enjoy one of the most genuine portrayals of the Black experience.

Grand Crew is one of the best peacock TV shows with an excellent solution to breaking the stereotype of black lives, a fact that has not been successful for a considerable time in network TV.

It features a group of friends who go to unpack their love and life issues at a wine bar, showing how it’s good to be real Black when it comes to love, friendship, hatred, and the feeling of being accepted. And just like fine wine, the authenticity of Black lives will continue to get better over time.

4. Bel-Air (2022)


Genre: Drama

Created by: Susan Borowitz, Andy Borowitz

Cast: Cassandra Freeman, Jabari Banks, Jimmy Akingbola

The drama series came to the limelight when a video of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air turned viral and caught Smith’s attention. It follows the life of Will Smith, a 16 years old boy who moves from West Philadelphia to live in the Bel-Air mansion together with his aunt and uncle. He has to navigate through problems and all the biases involved in a world he never knew about.

The show portrays life in modern-day America and the struggles involved when one moves from a humble background to live with the upper class.

5. The Thing About Pam (2022)


Genre: Crime Drama

Created by: Chris McCumber

Cast: Josh Duhamel, Renée Zellweger, Judy Greer

The series is based on a true story following the murder of Betsy Faria in 2011. Keith, the narrator of the series, hails from Canada; it is a good bet that the series has fans there. With a trusted Streaming VPN, you can watch the series on peacock TV in Canada.

It features Pam Hump as Renée Zellweger arrested after the murder of Betsy Faria, which later led to a wrongful conviction of Russ, Betsy’s husband. Thankfully all went well, and Russ was released. The crime brought in a chain of nasty events that heartlessly uncovered a diabolical scheme about Pam Hump.

6. Wolf Like Me (2022)


Genre: Drama, fantasy

Created by: Abe Forsythe

Cast: Isla Fisher, Josh Gad, Ariel Donoghue

The romantic drama series stars Gary as Josh Gad, a single father living in Australia with his young daughter Emma. Both developed emotional trauma after the death of Lisa, Emma’s mother, 7 years ago. They meet Mary, unaware that she is carrying the same baggage of emotional issues.

Birds of the same feathers flock together, but this is not the case with the three. Suffering from a complex emotional trauma, which involves a deadly secret, Mary fears that if Gary and the daughter learn of this, it might not turn out well for the two. Despite the efforts to stay apart, the universe makes room, and all have to connect.

7. Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol (2021) new


Genre: Adventure, action, drama

Created by: Dan Dworkin, Jay Beattie

Cast: Eddie Izzard, Ashley Zukerman, Valorie Curry

Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol is among the best peacock TV shows with an addictive, satisfying storyline. If you love action adventures, don’t miss this.

It’s based on The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown’s 2009 novel. It follows a young Harvard symbologist called upon to resolve a series of fatal mysteries to rescue his kidnapped mentor and spoil a distressing conspiracy.

8. The Amber Ruffin Show (2020)


Genre: comedy

Created by: Amber Ruffin

Cast: Tarik Davis, Amber Ruffin, Mike Collins

The promises of having Amber Ruffin have her own show on Peacock are evident; she was the only Black woman to headline a late-night show in the US. The late-night talk show features Amber Ruffin with the best of his monologues and sketches covering the current political issues. It’s a great show loved by many for its broad and specific issues about political segments.

Remarkably, it received a 100% rating on critics’ reviews. If you’ve ever watched Late Night with Seth Meyer’s talk show, I bet you know how thrilling the talk show by comedian Amber Ruffin is. It’s one best hit that provided big laughs during the pandemic.

9. True Story with Ed & Randall (2022)


Genre: Drama, comedy

Created by: Tracey Baird

Cast: Randall Park, Eddie Mujica, Ed Helms

When storytellers tell their own stories!

Have you ever watched Drunk History? If yes, you can relate to this, albeit no alcohol enticements. True Story with Ed & Randall is an addition to the best shows on a peacock with pure laughs. It features some American storytellers who meet with Helms and Park to share their interesting, unbelievable stories.

10. Supernatural Academy (2022)


Genre: Drama, fantasy, animation

Created by: Gillian Horvath

Cast: Bethany Brown, Larissa Dias, Ali Eisner

Supernatural Academy is one of the Peacock shows uniquely crafted to keep teens hooked up. It’s an animated series based on Mischa Jackson, who is unaware of his supernatural powers. Raised in the human world, she has no thoughts of what it would be to become a supernatural being despite having a sister who has been raised in such a world.

To her surprise, they are both to unite at a Supernatural Academy, though she has been taken there against her will. They have to bond to find why the mother separated them at birth. All in all, they have to fight to save themselves and the world around them.

11. American Auto (2021)


Genre: Sitcom

Created by: Justin Spitzer

Cast: Harriet Dyer, Ana Gasteyer, Jon Barinholtz

Justin promised a hilarious sitcom, and that is exactly what he delivered, leading to a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The show features an American automotive company in Detroit run by executives who struggle to rediscover the company’s identity. This is after a new CEO previously working in the pharmaceutical industry is hired; a CEO who doesn’t even know how to drive. Don’t miss out on American Auto; you can watch the full 10 episodes for free; you will love the funny cast.

12. Young Rock (2021)

Genre: Sitcom

Created by: Jeff Chiang, Nahnatchka Khan

Cast: Joseph Lee Anderson, Dwayne Johnson, Stacey Leilua

Young Rock is among the best peacock TV shows of all time. It takes us to the formative years of superstar Dwayne. Through the episodes, we see Dwayne participating in a conversation that takes him back to his former life; when he was a high school student, and on to college and finally becoming a football player at the University of Miami.

The show has good real-life lessons, as portrayed by Dwayne, a charismatic man who yearns to become the president of the U.S in 2032.

13. Transplant (2020)

Genre: Medical drama

Created by: Joseph Kay

Cast: Laurence Leboeuf, Hamza Haq, Ayisha Issa

Transplant is a great hit for those who love medical shows.

The series features Bashir, a doctor who moves to Canada from Syria during the refugee war. He must face obstacles as he tries to rebuild his career in a high stake environment at the York Memorial Hospital.

14. Trolls: TrollsTopia (2020)


Genre: Fantasy, comedy, adventure

Created by: Thomas Dam

Cast: Amanda Leighton, Megan Hilty, Sean T. Krishnan

Trolls: TrollsTopia is among the best shows on peacock, good for tweens. It knows how to crank up the fun. Thanks to Peacock, it has continued to develop the kids’ programming, best seen in the TrollsTopia experiments. The series features Poppy who sends invitations to all delegates to come to live in the Troll Forest and have a commonplace in Pop Village, enabling them to live in harmony.

15. MacGruber (2021)


Genre: Action, comedy

Created by: Jorma Taccone, Will Forte

Cast: Kristen Wiig, Will Forte, Ryan Phillippe

Most of you familiar with MacGruber’s Saturday Night Live sketch can relate well. The show is also a sequel to the MacGruber 2010.

The series follows Will Forte, whose mission after release from prison is to take down Enos Queeth, a Brigadier Commander who is a villain from his past. Time is not on his side as he has to defeat the evil, which seems to be close, though unaware that the evil is just within.

16. One of Us Is Lying (2021)


Genre: Mystery, crime, drama

Created by: Erica Saleh

Cast: Annalisa Cochrane, Marian Tejada, Chibuikem Uche,

One of Us Is Lying features five students (Simon, Bronwyn, Cooper, Nate, and Addy) who are confined after Mr. Avery finds mobile phones in their school bags. They are now allowed to have phones and thus claim that someone could have pranked them. Soon, there is a commotion which Mr. Avery goes to investigate. This gives Simon a chance to narrate about an app he created, as he drinks water from a plastic cup, he collapses and later succumbs to death.

Shockingly, it’s revealed that the death was not an accident, but the killer was watching from afar. Could it be true that someone killed Simon? What follows leaves everyone in awe.

The story will keep anyone hooked. If you love drama, suspense, mystery, you have a chance to stream the first episode for free; this will work as an incentive to subscribe for the Premium plan and watch all the 8 episodes.

17. Madagascar: A Little Wild (2020)

Madagascar- A-Little-Wild-Best-Peacock-TV-shows

Genre: Comedy, animation, adventure

Created by: Dana Starfield

Cast: Shaylin Becton, Tucker Chandler, Luke Lowe

The animated series is among the best peacock TV shows that boldly share the story of zoo animals. It’s a great piece for the young ones. It won’t take long for the kids to get addicted; they will love the songs, fun, and positive lessons from DreamWorks Animation.

The series centers around four lovable creatures and their unique personalities. The group of four consisting of Marty as the Zebra, Alex the Lion, Gloria as Hippo, and Melman as the Giraffe are presented as kids in the Central Park Zoo. Albeit small, each portrays their unique abilities by dreaming big. And everyone who lands in New York can note their big plans with no intentions of giving up.

18. Saved by the Bell (2020)


Genre: Teen comedy

Created by: Sam Bobrick

Cast: Mitchell Hoog, Haskiri Velazquez, Josie Totah

Enjoy the cast from the 1990 sitcom bearing the same name.

The show features most of the characters from the original series, except for Dennis Haskins, Mr. Belding, and Dustin Diamond.

Saved by the Bell features students in two groups; the underprivileged and the working class. The low-income students get a transfer to the wealthy Bayside High following an invitation for a program organized by California Governor Zack Morris; this happens often.

It’s thrilling to watch the teenagers as they deal with their issues and have a chance for growth. It portrays an excellent fusion of campy melancholy and applicable pop culture that relates well with the current generation.

19. Code 404 (2020)


Genre: Police drama, comedy

Created by: Sam Myer, Tom Miller

Cast: Daniel Mays, Stephen Graham

When technology brings human life back!

Code 404 is among the best peacock TV shows worth your binge hours. The British series starring Tom Miller and Sam Myer features the British detective (Daniels Mays) who was once dead and is brought back to life by way of AI.

Along with the series, fans get intrigued as secrets unveil about who killed the Major, which keeps everything rolling in the perfect direction.

20. Dr. Death (2021)

Dr. Death-Best-Peacock-TV-shows

Genre: Crime, drama

Created by: Patrick Macmanus

Cast: Grace Gummer, Joshua Jackson, Christian Slater

If you have watched the podcast miniseries, you know the shock and awe that grips between the victims and the perpetrators. If not, the series features Christopher Duntsch, a neurosurgeon who is good at maiming his patients and ends up killing two of them. This malignant narcissism spurs his fellow surgeons and a young assistant district attorney to start up an investigation to stop his cruel acts.

The show is brilliant; it will help you understand sociopath Duntsch and the grounded reality of the misfortunes that may happen even from those you fully trust your health with.

21. Below Deck Sailing Yacht (2020)


Genre: Reality Television

Created by: Mark Cronin, Jill M. Goslicky, Christian Sarabia,

Cast: Glenn Shephard, Byron Hissey, Paget Berry, Adam Glick,

Below Deck sailing Yacht is a spin-off film of the Below the Deck series. The show explores the lives of sailors in seas from countries like Greece (season 1), Croatia (season 2), and Spain (season 3).

The ship captain, Glenn, tries to harmonize the working relationship between the old crew and the new crew. There are also other challenges of yachts, like storms that shake the yacht.

22. Kenan (2021)

Genre: Sitcom

Created by: Jackie Clarke, David Caspe

Cast: Kenan Thompson, Don Johnson, Chris Redd, Kimrie Lewis

The Kenan series creates an interesting family drama. The story begins when the movie star Kenan and his daughters Dani Lane and Dannah Lane host a reality show. At one time, Kenan talks about his unhealthy relationship with his dead wife Cori, and he eventually insults stay-at-home mothers. Such insults do not settle well with the audience.

In another incident, the Kenan’s in-laws use the show to oppose any Kenan’s move of remarrying. Kenan is a good sitcom that will keep you glued to your screen.

23. This Is Us (2016)


Genre: Family and Comedy Drama.

Created by: Dan Fogelman

Cast: Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown.

This is Us is a family drama that has lots of flashbacks on the lives of Jack and Rebecca’s family. Rebecca gives birth to triplets, but unfortunately, one dies. As a result, Jack and Rebecca adopt Randall, an African American.

The lives of the three siblings are filled with drama until they become adults, are fit to marry, and start their careers. The movie also has flashbacks about the tragedy of Randal’s real family.

24. Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021)


Genre: Crime Drama

Created by: Dick Wolf, Ilene Chaiken,

Cast: Christopher Meloni, Danielle Moné Truitt, Tamara Taylor.

The series stars Elliot Stabler who returns to an NYPD unit to investigate his wife’s murder and fight COVID-19’s kits cartels. Elliot leads officers like Angie, Ayana Bell, and Jet in investigating the cartels. One suspect is Richard Whiteley, who has a pharmaceutical company involved in selling fake N95 COVI-19 respirators.

The show is an interesting piece that you can’t afford to miss. You learn about the criminal conspiracy that rules due to money availability.

25. New Amsterdam (2018)


Genre: Medical Drama

Created by: David Schulner

Cast: Ryan Eggold, Janet Montgomery, Freema Agyeman, Jocko Sims

New Amsterdam show features a story of New Amsterdam Hospital that failed because of mismanagement, one of the reasons being long bureaucracy protocols. As a result, the hospital hires Dr. Max Godwin to bring the hospital back to normal.

Dr. Godwin starts his operation by firing all cardio-thoracic staff and hires Dr. Floyd to manage the center. He also upgrades the hospital to fight cancer, COVID, and Ebola. And we all get enlightened on how the medical system can be rigged.

The good news is that New Amsterdam is also streaming on American Netflix. If you couldn’t find it on your region’s Netflix library, just change your Netflix country by using the best Netflix VPN. Otherwise, Peacock TV is also a good platform too for streaming New Amsterdam.


Peacock is home to all the shows you can dream of, originals, new episodes, classic TV shows, and the list is endless. But they only spur you to get into peacock paid plan– Premium or Premium Plus. One great thing about Peacock is that you can enjoy the free tier, which is not common to its rivals and allows you to cancel peacock subscription anytime.

Indeed Peacock has goodies, this is evident from our list which contains the most binge-worthy best peacock TV shows and movies on Peacock with a reliable VPN if your VPN not working with Peacock make sure the streaming device is connected to VPN.

Your weekends don’t have to be boring. You can log in to your Peacock TV and enjoy your favorite shows.