Is DirecTV not working with a VPN? [Guide to Easy Fixes]

Are you wondering why is my DirecTV streaming not working? This is a prevalent problem with people who watch DirecTV internationally using VPNs that are not strong enough to unblock. A premium VPN like ExpressVPN is necessary if DirecTV not working with a VPN.

DirecTV is a multimedia streaming platform with headquarters in California, it is a satellite television provider established in 1994 in the United States.

It has however gained more attention for the streaming of American Horror Story, and later the addition of the utterly famous House of Dragon on the list. There are also other famous shows on the platform like Yellowstone and Everything Everywhere.

Unfortunately, DirecTV is region restricted to the United States only, which means that you can not simply go and watch DirecTV from Canada, rather you will be required to have a premium VPN connection that unblocks DirecTV for you. If you had been using a VPN previously but now your DirecTV not working with a VPN, we have found the perfect fixes for you.

How to Fix when DirecTV not working with VPN? [Easy Steps]

We need to understand a bit about DirecTV blocking before we proceed. DirecTV primarily blocks viewership from Canada because they do not have the copyrights to do that, so we use a pseudo-IP given to us by our VPN that is from inside the United States. If you face the problem of DirecTV not working with a VPN that possibly means your VPN is blocked by DirecTV.

Try Deleting Cookies

Cookies are tiny files that websites and online services employ to improve user experience. You might have been asked to allow cookies by some websites and applications.

While occasionally containing location data, these files are not dangerous. If the location kept on this information differs from the location you are accessing through your VPN, DirecTV will detect the variation and recognize you are using VPN. If this happens, DirecTV will ban your IP and stop you from accessing the service again using the same IP in the future.

Deleting cookies is the most useful and the first step when it comes to fixing errors like DirecTV not working with a VPN or Discovery Plus causing issues with a VPN.

Switch to a Different Server

It’s possible that DirecTV has banned or blacklisted the IP address that your VPN issued you, which would explain why your DirecTV is not working with a VPN. Your VPN assigns the same IP address to hundreds of other users when it provides you with one. Normally only a small number of devices typically share a single IP with a single home.

When a single IP address displays unusually high traffic, the DirecTV server becomes suspicious and eventually blocks the IP address. This could be the case if Crave TV not working with a VPN.

An easy way to fix DirecTV not working with a VPN is, connecting to a different server. The new server will assign you a new IP that should resolve the issue.

Upgrade to a better VPN

Probably all of your VPN servers have been restricted by DirecTV if you’ve tried a different server and the issue still exists. In This situation:

The best option is to upgrade your VPN; choose a premium VPN like ExpressVPN that will outperform DirecTV’s location monitoring algorithm to avoid getting blocked and also make sure that no data footprints are left behind to trace your location.

Why has DirecTV blocked my VPN?

Wondering Does DirecTV block VPN? Yes, DirecTV has blocked your VPN because it recognized your actual location and now knows that you are using a VPN to access the service.

Since the service is region restricted to the United States, Barbados, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Curaçao, Ecuador, Trinidad, Tobago, and Uruguay.

How does DirecTV block VPN?

An IP address is the main key player normally when looking at a user’s location, DirectTV either uses information from Cookies or partners with a third-party Geolocation detector to find the actual location of their viewer and blocks all the IP addresses that have the actual location outside the United States.

If the IP address is blocked that means you will need another IP to access DirecTV again.

Does DirecTV still work with VPNs?

Yes, DirecTV still works with a VPN. The issue of DirecTV not working with a VPN only occurs when you are not using a competent VPN that is able to stay ahead of DirecTV blocking. With a premium VPN with will easily be able to access and watch DirecTV.

FAQs – DirecTV not working with VPN

Yes, can you watch DirecTV stream internationally using a competent VPN that hides your location perfectly.

DirecTV primarily uses IP address and Cookie data to access your location but sometimes there is a possibility that DirecTV partners with a third-party geolocation tracker to find your home network.

DirecTV does not track the physical location of the receiver specifically, you can use the DirecTV receiver anywhere unless you go out of the United States. In that case, you will have to use a VPN to access DirecTV.

Wrap Up!

Unfortunately, DirecTV is region restricted to the United States only, which means that you can not simply go and watch DirecTV in Canada, rather you will be required to have a premium VPN connection like ExpressVPN that unblocks DirecTV for you.

But if suddenly DirecTV not working with a VPN that’s because the VPN you are using is unable to hide the actual location leading to the blocking of IP.

The best possible solution to this is upgrading to a premium VPN, we have provided all possible solutions for DirecTV. Using this guide you can easily Fix your DirecTV and watch your favorite shows again.