Why Is My VPN Not Working on Netflix? – Fixes for most common Netflix VPN Issues!

Due to content geo-restrictions, many Netflix subscribers turn to VPNs that hide their location and trick the geofencing into offering them a content catalog for a different region.

However, if you’re caught in the crossfire between Netflix vs. VPN services or facing a dreaded Netflix proxy error despite using a VPN, you’re in for a tough time. But luckily, we have got your back! CanadaVPNs bring this guide to help you fix the problem.

Before jumping straight to the guide, make sure that your preferred VPN is compatible with Netflix. If you’re using a Free VPN that is actually pretty useless against Netflix’s strong geofencing, consider subscribing to the premium Netflix VPNs that are compatible and strong enough to bypass any streaming geo-restriction.

Netflix Proxy Error Message

Netflix’s “proxy error” is the message that Netflix displayed when they caught you red-handed while using a VPN to access their service. You typically see an error like this:

“Pardon the interruption

Looks like you’re connecting through a VPN, proxy, or unblocker service. To start watching, please turn off any of these services and try again.”

Netflix Proxy error 2021

This is the most common error faced by subscribers while accessing Netflix with VPN. But how is it able to do that? Well, here’s what happens: Netflix detects that you’re using an IP address provided by a VPN server. It blocks the server’s IP address using automated scripts and redirects you to the Netflix proxy error page.

But why does Netflix put so much effort into blocking paid users from accessing region-specific content?

The simple answer is that copyright holders don’t get any money for showing content illicitly from an unlicensed country. Since Netflix has become a content-producer itself, offering tons of Netflix Original movies and TV shows. This has given the platform a significant financial incentive to strengthen up its armor against VPN services. For example, the streaming platform recently intensified its war against VPN use by placing “residential IP addresses” on its blocklists.

How to fix Netflix proxy error?

Here is the list of fixes and alternatives you can try to get rid of the proxy error:

  • Consider connecting to a different server (if Netflix has blocked the one you’re currently using).
  • Get in touch with the VPN provider customer support and ask them the best server for unblocking Netflix (they don’t explicitly announce this, but they do tell when you ask them privately).
  • Turn off your VPN connection, turn it back on again.
  • Restart the VPN app.
  • Clear your browser history
  • Try accessing it with incognito/private mode.
  • Clear cookies and caches
  • Try updating your app
  • Subscribe to a premium VPN service such as ExpressVPN.

What is the NSES-404 Error?

NSES-404 Error Netflix

We usually see this error when accessing content that isn’t available in our region. This is when a VPN is needed to access the desired content. However, some of our readers raised concerns about facing the same error even when using a VPN. This happens because your browser might be giving away your geolocation. It stores cookies that expose your location to the streamer, resulting in content inaccessibility and NSES-404 error.

Basically, when you try to access Netflix with cookies of your actual region in your browser, it likely assumes that you’re accessing content that isn’t available in your region; as a result, it redirects you to the NSES-404 landing page.


You can try the following tips to fix this error:

  • Clear the browser’s cache and cookies.
  • Try accessing it with incognito/private mode.
  • Try connecting to a different VPN server.

Log in issue



Many Reddit users were complaining about not being able to log in while using a VPN. We also experienced the same problem a few months ago. The platform keeps showing the wrong Netflix credentials error regardless of how many times you try. We don’t exactly know what causes this issue, but it might do with VPN use.

We reached out to some VPN providers for a possible fix; here’s what they suggested:

  • Refresh the page several times, and try logging in again.
  • Restart your device
  • Try deleting the Netflix app from your Windows 10, and then reinstall it.
  • NordVPN users are advised to disable the CyberSec feature (their customer support suggested this fix).
  • Rest your Netflix password.
  • Make sure you’re using the VPN’s DNS server and not the one provided by your IPS. This is because the DNS addresses are automatically set and sometimes get mistakenly connected to the ISP’s DNS server. Therefore, it’s better to ask your VPN provider for their DNS server and manually type it in when accessing Netflix.

Is Netflix not working with VPN? Here are the quick fixes:

  • Update your chosen VPN app
  • Switch to a premium VPN service if using a free one.
  • Change your VPN location
  • Try accessing Netflix via an incognito window.
  • Use a different web browser
  • Turn off location tracking in your web browser.
  • Check for VPN leaks

Why do subscribers use VPN tools to get access to the US content library?

It’s easy to assume that streaming services are usually the same across the globe, but that’s not actually true! My Netflix is entirely different from your Netflix! What’s available on US Netflix might not be available in Netflix Canada.

This is because streaming platforms make agreements with other production houses to display movies and TV series in specific regions. For example, the popular medical show Grey’s Anatomy season 17 is not available in the Canadian Netflix library, but you can unblock it through ExpressVPN.

Not being able to access geo-restricted content feels like a raw deal for paid Netflix subscribers. After all, we’re paying for a subscription and still not getting what we want. But, thanks to VPN services, this problem is now sorted!