FuboTV not working with a VPN? [Guide to Easy Fixes]

You’ve been watching FuboTV peacefully in the past, but recently it has stopped working, and now you are wondering why my FuboTV is not working. This issue of FuboTV not working with VPN usually occurs when FuboTV blocks your IP. It can easily be fixed by using a premium VPN to unblock the channel for you; our recommendation is ExpressVPN.

FuboTV is a US-based sports streaming service. The channel is majorly available in the US, Canada, and Spain and allows you to watch all the big and minor sports leagues like NFL, NBA, EPL, NHL, MLB, CPL, and MLS, including all football leagues and FIFA too.

FuboTV is region restricted, which means that you can not watch FuboTV outside Canada. This is primarily because of the copyright limitation of the content available on the platform. To bypass the geo-restriction, you must use a premium VPN that will successfully hide your location and assign you a pseudo-IP Address allowing you to unblock the service.


How to Fix when FuboTv not working with VPN? [Easy Steps]

Fixing FuboTV errors is an easy process; using these simple methods, you can unblock FuboTV with a VPN. There are three different methods to fix if FuboTV not working with VPN; either you’ll be good to go using only one method, or you might have to use all three of them, depending on your problem.

Delete Cookies

Online services and websites utilize cookies, which are tiny files, to enhance your experience. Some websites and applications may have prompted you to accept cookies.

These files aren’t harmful, but they occasionally do include location data. FuboTV will notice the difference and recognize that you’re using a VPN if the location saved on this information differs from the location you’re accessing with your VPN. In such a case, FuboTV blocks your IP and restricts you from streaming FuboTV.

The very first step to fix FuboTV not working with VPN should be deleting cookies; by doing this, you are making sure that no information about your location is accessible to FuboTV.

Change to a different server

If you have deleted cookies, but your FuboTV is still not working, consider changing the server you’re using on your VPN.

When many people use the same server to get FuboTV with a VPN, FuboTV detects and blocks the server; in such a case, you can simply switch to another server and stream.

Upgrade VPN

The best possible solution is to upgrade your VPN; you should upgrade to a VPN that can stay ahead of the FuboTV location tracking algorithm and does not get blocked. ExpressVPN is the best VPN for FuboTV as it allows smooth streaming, has a large number of servers, and also does not get blocked by FuboTV; this VPN comes with a kill switch feature that will disconnect automatically if your internet connection drops.

Why do I keep receiving the error message that my IP address can’t be used to access FuboTV?

If you have been watching FuboTV in past, but recently when you try to connect to it shows a message saying, “IP Address can be used to access FuboTV” this means that your IP address has been blocked by the platform.

Since FuboTV does not have the copyrights to stream the content available on it outside its designated region, you must be using a VPN to access the streaming service. The problem here is that your VPN has failed to bypass the geo-restriction of FuboTV and marked you as breaching their copyrights.

How is a VPN blocked by FuboTV?

FuboTV recognizes the IP Address and blocks it. A VPN provides you with a designated IP address allowing you to access blocked content, commonly the same household shares the same IP address, which means a couple of devices, but when there are thousands of devices connected to the same IP address, FuboTV recognizes that it’s a VPN IP and instantly blocks it, thus restricting your viewership.

FuboTV tracks your location data and miscellaneous files to see your actual location. If any data of your original location is found on any of these files, you will not be able to stream FuboTV with a VPN.

Lastly, FuboTV partners with a GeoIP detector to find your IP address; if the IP address you are using is outside the designated regions of FuboTV, you will be blocked and face the problem of FuboTV not working with a VPN.

These kinds of problems only occur when you are using ordinary or free VPNs to bypass FuboTV blocks and eventually release your location data to FuboTV.

Is FuboTV still compatible with VPNs?

FuboTV is still accessible despite all the methods it uses to block streaming outside its designated regions. Still, you must have a premium VPN service that can stay ahead of FuboTV’s blocks.

Some of the best VPNs you can use to unblock FuboTV are ExpressVPN, Surfshark, and NordVPN. However, remember that these VPNs also get blocked sometimes by FuboTV. Still, the good this about a premium VPN is that they close the blocked IP and introduce a new one instantly, allowing you to stream FuboTV peacefully.

FAQs-FuboTv not working with VPN

A premium VPN can easily trick Fubo’s location; when you use a premium VPN, it gives you a pseudo IP address that tricks your location to a region where FuboTV is not blocked, this way, you can watch FuboTV with a VPN outside Canada.

You can always check FuboTV status on their website, if they show “operational” this means that the problem is occurring from your end; either it’s FuboTV not working with a VPN or your display setup is not supported by FuboTV.

This problem occurs when you are having connectivity issues either with your internet or maybe on your device specifically, some of the things you can do to fix this is;

  • Check your Connection: Make sure you are connected to an operational internet.
  • Restart Stream
  • Restart FuboTV
  • Sign out and Sign in again
  • Uninstall and Reinstall FuboTV
  • Restart device
  • Restart your router/modem

Wrap Up!

Ordinary VPNs often get blocked by the platform, and users face the problem of FuboTV not working with a VPN; in such a case, we have found some easy and reliable solutions for your problem so you can watch your favorite sports again.

Upgrading the VPN is definitely the best solution to this problem; we have also shortlisted the best VPNs for FuboTV for you with their pros and cons included; now you just have to choose the best option for you and enjoy your FuboTV stressfree.