How To Cancel Zee5 Subscription In Canada? [2022 Updated]

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  • Last updated: September 27, 2022
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You must be searching for how to cancel Zee5 subscription. Well, worry not because we have compiled a complete guide on canceling zee5 from different devices.

For some time now, ZEE5, a growing OTT platform with excellent storylines, has been targeting a diverse range of audiences. Many popular Indian web series, including The Test Case, Code M, Rangbaaz, Mentalhood, Black Widows, and others, have been released on ZEE5.

You must be watching Zee5 in Canada with a VPN, as the service is restricted outside India. Keep connected to your VPN as it would be required during cancelation.

On the contrary, you may still be among those who have decided to leave this OTT platform. Maybe you have your reasons for liking and disliking it, or maybe you need a break from it, or you have a subscription to another OTT platform and don’t see the need for a ZEE5 subscription. Whatever your reason, we will guide you through the process of how to cancel ZEE5 subscription on your device.


How To Cancel a ZEE5 Subscription in Canada in 2022 (Simple Steps)?

The subscription auto-renewal option is fantastic for fans of the ZEE5 platform because it saves you the hassle of manually re-subscribing to the platform each month and allows you to continue streaming your favorite web series without interruption.

On the other hand, if you are not a fan of ZEE5 or wish to cancel for any reason, this auto-renewal option is not ideal because you must cancel the subscription before the expiration date in order to save your money. We will show you how to cancel your subscription step by step on different devices.

Note: If you have a one-time subscription plan, your subscription will expire on the last day of the validity period. Your subscription will not be renewed, and no payment is required.

How To Cancel a ZEE5 Subscription on Android?

Follow these steps to cancel the ZEE5 subscription that you purchased through the Google Play store on your Android phone,

  1. Install ExpressVPN and connect to the Indian server.
  2. First, go to the Google play store.
  3. Then, on the top left, click the hamburger icon.
  4. Then click the subscriptions option.
  5. Tap on the ZEE5 subscription button.
  6. Finally, press the cancel button

How To Cancel a ZEE5 Subscription on an iPhone?

If you have an iPhone and want to learn how to cancel ZEE5 subscription on iPhone, follow these steps,

  1. Get ExpressVPN and connect to the Indian server.
  2. On your iPhone, go to the settings menu.
  3. Now, choose your Apple ID option.
  4. Now, go to the Subscriptions option and locate the ZEE5 subscription that you want to cancel.
  5. Simply select the cancel subscription option and confirm it.

How To Cancel ZEE5 Subscription on Amazon Firestick?

Follow these steps to cancel your ZEE5 subscription if you purchased it through Amazon Fire Stick using the Amazon In-App Purchase (IAP) app method of payment.

  1. Install ExpressVPN and connect to the Indian server.
  2. Open the Amazon app or go directly to the Amazon website.
  3. Navigate to your account.
  4. Tap on the memberships and subscriptions option.
  5. There you will find the subscription cancellation option.

What are The Alternatives to ZEE5 in Canada?

EE5 is an excellent Indian OTT platform. Is it, however, the only one on the market? We have our doubts! Numerous OTT platforms provide crazy Indian watch content that is filled with emotion, rage, love, and courage and touches the hearts of people of all ages and nationalities (like Canada).

ZEE5’s main competitors include Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. These platforms also provide a wide range of shows with exceptional storylines in a variety of genres, for example, such old Bollywood movies on Hotstar can really bring back your childhood memories, while Netflix movie tells a tragic story of a police officer in a psychotic thriller to give chills down your spin.

Best Alternatives to ZEE5 in Canada

These platforms could be restricted to watching in Canada. However, a premium VPN will fix your problem.


No, you will not get a refund for the cancellation of the Zee5 subscription. Upon Signing up for the Zee5 subscription, you have agreed to their terms and conditions. And According to them, you can discontinue your subscription to Zee5 anytime, but no cost will be refunded to users upon cancelation.

On desktop/laptop Computer

  1. Log in to your account on the ZEE5 website.
  2. On the website’s homepage, click the Profile button.
  3. Choose my account.
  4. Click on My Subscriptions

Yes, a Zee5 subscription will auto-renew if purchased via Google Play Store, iTunes, or Amazon IAP. However, If you have a one-time subscription plan, your subscription will expire on the last day of the validity period. Your subscription will not be renewed, and no payment is required.


ZEE5 is a fantastic platform, but if you dislike it, you can switch to one of the many other available OTT platforms, such as Hotstar, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. These other platforms can really satisfy your appetite for entertainment while also providing variety and a break from the Zee5 movies you were watching.

So, that concludes our involvement on how to cancel ZEE5 subscription. We hope it was helpful and that it answered all of your questions. If you require any additional assistance or guidance, please contact the ZEE5 platform support team at

At last, please share your thoughts in the comments section below and tell us about your favorite OTT platform and what makes it stand out in this crowded market. We will bring you more helping guides like this in the future.