How Much Does Voot Cost in Canada [Update 2023]


Want to know how much does Voot cost in Canada? Well, Voot is a popular video-on-demand (VoD) platform originally from India. The great news is that it’s available for free, and there’s also a premium service available.

But in Canada, you can’t access Voot directly. You’ll need a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN to enjoy Voot’s free and paid streaming content.

Even though Voot offers a generous amount of free content, users also have the option to upgrade to Voot Select. By upgrading, you can enhance your viewing experience with an ad-free interface and gain access to premium content that’s not available to free users. For streaming Voot you must know what are compatible devices?

Here check all information about the Voot subscription price.

How much does Voot cost in Canada in 2023? [Quick Guide]

Voot cost per month in Canada is CAD 2.72(INR149/mo) with a 3-day trial.

Here is a quick view of the Voot Subscription Cost:

Subscription Plans Costs  Ads Trial
Voot Basic Free With Ads Free
Voot Select Monthly CAD 2.72/mo No Ads 3 days
Voot Select Yearly CAD 5.46/yr No Ads 14 days
Gold Plan CAD$8.29/yr  

No Ads

14 days
Platinum Plan CAD$599/yr  

No Ads

14 days

You can begin by availing of the trial and then choose to continue streaming if you find it satisfactory. What sets this plan apart is its affordability, as it is one of the most inexpensive streaming options available.

You can access an extensive library of top-rated TV shows, Voot originals and movies by subscribing to Voot. The best part is there are no ads to interrupt your enjoyment. You can always expect high-definition video quality for all the content. Further, you can explore over 20 live TV channels, indulge in captivating international shows, and access content in more than 9 languages.

How do I pay for my Voot in Canada in 2023?

You can pay for your Voot subscription in Canada via your selected payment method. Visit Voot’s official website, register yourself and then select a subscription plan. Then pay via UPI ID, Debit card, Credit card, or Net banking. All these options are available. So, select one that suits you. Thats it.

How Do I Access Voot In Canada in 2023?

You can access Voot in Canada with the help of a trusted and reliable VPN. Here are 3 ways to access Voot in Canada:


Voot provides a free service but needs authentication. To access Voot, you have three convenient authentication options:

Email ID: You can authenticate to your Voot account using your registered email ID. Simply enter your email address and the associated password to access your account.

Social Media Login: Voot allows you to authenticate using your social media accounts. You can log in with your Facebook, Google, or Apple credentials. This simplifies the login process by utilizing your existing social media account information.

Mobile Number: Another authentication method on the Voot website is with your mobile number. By providing your registered mobile number and an OTP verification, you can quickly access your Voot account.

Voot Member

Voot membership is another option to access Voot in Canada. You can access Voot’s extensive content library by utilizing a VPN. Simply subscribe to VPN and visit Voot official website. Create an account and that’s it. This membership offers various benefits. As a member, you can enjoy all the exclusive content, available on Voot’s website. But you have to watch ads along with the content. To get rid of them there is an option available; Voot Gold and Platinum Plan.

Voot Premium Member

The Voot premium member option is available. This premium option contains 2 categories: Gold Plan and Platinum plan. You can get premium subscriptions in both plans according to your choice. And the process is as same as mentioned above. Voot Premium subscription offers a range of exciting features for an enhanced streaming experience.

What to Watch On Voot With Subscription?

Here are some popular movies you must watch on Voot in 2023:

Shark Tank Rangeela
Candy 777 Charlie
Stupid Cupid Love School S4
Devdas The Great Weddings of Munnes
Kasam Teri Pyaar Ki Vikram Vedha

What do you get with Voot Subscription?

You get various benefits with Voot Gold and Platinum plan subscriptions. These include free trial of Voot Specials, captivating international shows, 9 language movies, high-definition video quality (HD 1080p), simultaneous streaming on up to 4 devices. And most important exclusive early access to new TV shows and movies. With Voot subscriptions, you can enjoy a variety of content and a seamless viewing experience.

What Else is Worth Watching on Voot?

Here is the best shows and best trending movies list that is available on Voot.

FAQs – Voot Cost

You can watch Voot for free in Canada with a VPN’s free trial. You’ll need a VPN to access Voot in Canada. So, with ExpressVPN’s free trial, you can watch Voot for free in Canada. But, of course for only a few days.

Yes, it is free on AppleTV. Setting up your VPN on your Apple TV device is all it takes to start streaming Voot for free in Canada.

Yes, Voot streaming is free in Canada.  But you’ll need a VPN to stream Voot in Canada because it’s an Indian channel.  You can bypass restrictions and enjoy unlimited content on Voot in Canada free of cost using VPN.

Both, it is free and premium option is available as well. Voot streaming is basically free but it contains ads. For ads-free streaming, premium options are available. 


So, above I discussed how much does Voot cost in Canada. Streaming Voot in Canada is free but premium options are available as well for ads-free streaming. In Canada, you will need to pay for a VPN subscription to access it.

To successfully access Voot in Canada, it is crucial to have a reliable VPN such as ExpressVPN and ensure you are connected to an Indian server. By following these steps, you can enjoy seamless access to Voot’s content in Canada.