How to Watch Paul T. Goldman in Canada

It will be a weird yet fun start to the year with this new Peacock TV series. Explore how to watch Paul T. Goldman in Canada and why people tag this new series as one of the weirdest shows in 2023. Follow the story of Goldman and how this series progresses when the episode premieres on January 1st, 2023.

Peacock TV welcomes all streamers within US territories to access the app. Those in Canada and other non-American locations might have to take extra steps to use Peacock TV. This is because IP addresses in Canada will be blocked. Technically, the platform only has licenses to stream in the US.

Luckily, you can remove the geo-blocks and access Peacock TV in Canada. This is all thanks to a VPN connection which will provide a new IP address that streamers can use when using the app in Canada. The unlocking process involves easy steps, so you need not go through online technicalities.

Watch Paul T. Goldman in Canada – [Quick Guide]

You only need to follow the guide to ensure the effective setup of the VPN on your device and watch Paul T. Goldman in Canada:

  1. Subscribe to an available ExpressVPN plan. It is the most efficient provider.
  2. Install its app and input your details to log in.
  3. Connect to the USA server.
  4. Open Peacock TV and stream the Paul T. Goldman series in Canada.

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Where to Watch Paul T. Goldman in Canada?

You can watch Paul T. Goldman on Peacock TV. The platform might be exclusive to territories within the United States, but that does not mean streamers in Canada can’t access the app. In fact, with a successful VPN server connection, they’ll have the same streaming content as those streamers in America.

Why do You Need a VPN to Watch Paul T. Goldman in Canada?

One needs a VPN when watching Paul T. Goldman in Canada due to the app’s geo-restrictions imposed on streamers outside the United States. Since Peacock TV only has a streaming license within America, the platform will not be accessible in Canada.

However, the VPN bypasses those restrictions once connected to a server. But if you try without a VPN then you will see the restriction error on your screen.

peacock tv geo restriction error

What is the Release Date of Paul T. Goldman?

January 1st, 2023, is the release date of the Paul T. Goldman series. For now, the production crew revealed the series would have three episodes on its premiere date. Ensure you have the VPN setup already before the new year. This way, you can have a worthwhile experience when watching the series.

What is Paul T. Goldman Plot?

The series is based on Paul Goldman’s book, Duplicity: A True Story of Crime and Deceit. It tells the shocking true story of lies that Goldman found himself falling into as he became suspicious of his second wife. He then starts to suspect his wife only married him because of money.

Paul T. Goldman will be a combination of fiction and reality. It will follow the very bizarre and real twists and turns of Goldman’s second marriage and incorporate some dramatized retellings of these specific moments.

Viewers can expect various behind-the-scenes insights, documentaries, and Goldman’s involvement in the production.

Who is Created Paul T. Goldman?

In general, Paul T. Goldman was directed and created by Jason Woliner. While the series is based on Goldman’s book, it’s a passion project that Woliner worked on for over a decade before its production.

He also revealed that Goldman contacted him to pitch his book and adapt it into something more.

Who are in the Cast of Paul T. Goldman?

Refer to the table below for the complete list of characters you’ll see when you watch Paul T. Goldman.

Actor/Actress Name Role Portrayed
Kailena Mai Kimmy
Natashi Sill Talia
Frank Grillo Dan Hardwick
Rosanna Arquette Genevieve
W. Earl Brown Royce Rocco
Melinda McGraw Audrey Munson
Josh Pais Ryan Sinclair
Christopher Stanley Alan Elkins
Shannon Dee Sherri
Meghan Roberts Sandy
Chase Mangum Teen Johnny
Paul T. Goldman Himself

What is the Genre of Paul T. Goldman?

Paul T. Goldman series is a mix of comedy, drama, and documentary. Since the series is based on a book that tells the actual experiences of Goldman, viewers will be treated with various emotions as the series progresses. The series may be tagged weird, but it’s for streamers to find out why it’s called such.

How Many Episodes of Paul T. Goldman are There?

There are a total of six episodes of Paul T. Goldman. It was already revealed that three episodes would be released simultaneously on January 1st. The other three episodes will then be available weekly.

Is There Any Paul T. Goldman Trailer?

Yes, there is a trailer and it shows a glimpse inside the winding tale that will be presented through the six episodes of the series. It also indicates that Goldman is the typical father working in an office job that dates around, hoping to find someone to gel with his family. He then meets someone whom he thought was the perfect fit.

However, Goldman realized the woman was stealing money from him and lived different lives and addresses. The scenes switch from the usual documentary format with several testimonies to a fictionalized style.

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Paul T. Goldman


Jason Woliner is the director of Paul T. Goldman. He has received nominations from various award-giving bodies for his works, like The Electric Company and The Master of None. Recently, he also directed the film Borat Subsequent Moviefilm which earned nominations and accolades.

It is partly a documentary since the series tells the actual experiences of Paul Goldman.

Yes. If you’re curious about how people came about with the weird tagline of the series, then it might be worth your time checking out the series. Also, it does not involve lengthy episodes, so you can binge quickly over the weekend.


The series boasts various genres which interest more streamers. It has comedy, drama, and real-life stories. Remember to have an ExpressVPN connection, so you’ll enjoy it when you watch Paul T. Goldman in Canada through Peacock TV.