Watch The Casagrandes Season 3 in Canada on Paramount Plus

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The Casagrandes is a Michael Rubiner and Miguel Puga-created American animated comedy television series that aired on Nickelodeon from October 14, 2019, through September 30, 2022.

Due to geo-restrictions and licensing concerns, you might not be able to stream this show in Canada. However, you can get around the geo-restriction and watch US Paramount Plus in Canada with the use of a VPN like ExpressVPN.

Learn more about the storyline of the Casagrandes Season 3, The Casagrandes Season 3 Paramount Plus release date, The Casagrandes Season 3 trailer, and its cast by reading The Casagrandes Season 3 Paramount Plus guide.


How to Watch The Casagrandes Season 3 in Canada on Paramount Plus – (Quick Guide)

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  • Sign up for a trustworthy VPN. ExpressVPN is the choice and is advised.
  • Install the VPN app on your smartphone after downloading it.
  • Connect to a server in the United States, preferably the New York server.
  • Create an account on the Paramount Plus website.
  • Look up the Casagrandes Season 3 and enjoy the stream!

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Where can I watch The Casagrandes Season 3

The Casagrandes Season 3 is available to watch on Paramount Plus on July 19, 2023. Make sure you have your ExpressVPN and Paramount Plus subscription ready before the Casagrandes Season 3 release date to have a seamless stream.

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What is the storyline of The Casagrandes Season 3?

Here is the storyline of The Casagrandes Season 3

The Casagrandes is a Michael Rubiner and Miguel Puga-created American animated comedy television series that aired on Nickelodeon from October 14, 2019, through September 30, 2022.

The second television series in the overall franchise, it is a spin-off of The Loud House and follows the exploits of Ronnie Anne, her brother Bobby Santiago, and their family as they live in the fictional Great Lakes City.

What is the Cast of The Casagrandes Season 3?

Here are some of The Casagrandes Season 3 cast:

Carlos Alazraqui Jared Kozak Sean Kenin
Izabella Alvarez Dee Bradley Baker Sumalee Montano
Alex Cazares Roxana Ortega Cristina Milizia
Ruben Garfias Alexa PenaVega Telma Hopkins
Carlos PenaVega Leah Mei Gold Leah Mei Gold Eric Bauza
Sonia Manzano Sunil Malhotra Sunil Malhotr Lexi Sexton
Bruce Locke Krizia Bajos Andrew Kishino
Natalie Coughlin Michelle C. Bonilla Justin Chon
Eugenio Derbez Cristina Pucelli Jay Hatton
Lauri Fraser Christian J. Simon Jacob Mattathiparambil Lukose
Ken Jeong Melissa Joan Hart Phil LaMarr
Abby Trott Elizabeth Bond Gabriel Tigerman
Andrew Morgado Catherine Taber Wilson Cruz
Nour Jude Assaf Ally Brooke Lara Jill Miller
Asher Bishop Erin Yvette Angélica Aragón
Carolina Ravassa Cristina Valenzuela Sergio Aragonés
Will Choi Kimberly Brooks Robbie Daymond
Connor Andrade Bentley Griffin Bentley Griffin Jan Johns
Makana Say Colby Jackson Colby Jackson Fabio Tassone

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How many Episodes are in of Casagrandes Season 3?

The Casagrandes Season 3 has 20 episodes. Here is The Casagrandes Season 3 full episodes list:

Episode No. Episode Name Episode Details Date and Time
S03E01 Bend It Like Abuelo; Bunstoppable As their lucky charm, Hector finally joins his ideal soccer squad; Sid and Adelaide battle time-traveling robbers while making bao for the Chinese Cultural Fair. Sep 17, 2021
S03E02 Squawk in the Name of Love; Date With Destiny Rosa learns that Ernesto Estrella thinks Maria and Arturo could reconcile, and Sergio enlists Adelaide’s help in adopting a gentlemanly demeanor to win Priscilla back. Oct 8, 2021
S03E03 Curse of the Candy Goblin Carl must give back his sweets to the local goblin after going too far trick-or-treating. Oct 15, 2021
S03E04 Skaters Gonna Hate; Born to Be Mild Ronnie Anne and her pals enlist Carlos X as their coach in a skate-off against Tony Hawk; tired of the bullies at school, Alexis learns the tough guy ropes from Carl. Jan 14, 2022
S03E05 The Bros in the Band; For the Record Bobby’s goal of being in a band may soon come true, but first, he has to hang out with Par’s punk buddies. Concerned that Sameer is falling behind his cool friends, he attempts to break a record in order to get some street cred. Jan 21, 2022
S03E06 15 Candles; Rook, Line and Sinker Rosa chooses to train Ronnie Anne for the next three years since she is already organizing her quinceanera; Carlos tries to keep Carl out of trouble by teaching him chess, but Carl takes his reign of the kingdom literally. Jan 28, 2022
S03E07 Let’s Get Ready to Rumba; Perro Malo Hector becomes envious of Rosa’s brilliant teacher as soon as she refuses his invitation to join her dancing class. Feb 4, 2022
S03E08 Don’t Zoo That; Maxed Out As Adelaide and Carl compete to get Junior Zookeeper badges, their squabbling threatens to derail both of their prospects. Hector also learns that Vito owes Hector a sizable debt from the market, and Vito vows to make good on his promise to pay him back no matter what. Feb 11, 2022
S03E09 Skatey Cat; Weather Beaten A strong item is on its way to the Great Lakes City museum and it carries with it a storm for the Casagrandes, so Ronnie Anne is reluctant to get back on her board after a nasty wipeout. Feb 18, 2022
S03E10 The Golden Curse The Casagrandes celebrate Paco’s wedding, but first, they must locate Sergio’s misplaced las arras. Jun 3, 2022
S03E11 Race Against the Machine; My Fair Cat Lady Adelaide wants to assist the city cats clean up their acts for adoption, but Mr. Chang needs to show that he can be just as quick when a speedier train conductor may get the job. Jun 10, 2022
S03E12 Survival of the Unfittest; Nixed Signals When Arturo finds out Bobby lacks survival skills, he chooses to train him in the woods. Frida invites Carlota to spend the day at the spa with her so they can spend quality time together. Jun 17, 2022
S03E13 Ay Fidelity; Cut the Chisme The shop’s riches must be resisted by Bobby and Par, while the family attempts to dissuade Hector from chattering. Jun 18, 2022
S03E14 The Casagrandes Phatom Freakout The new music video for 12 is Midnight features Ronnie Anne and the group, but things go wrong when a ghost causes trouble at the concert venue. Jul 01, 2022
S03E15 Sidekickin’ Chicken; Silent Fight When Carlitos falls asleep, CJ and Carl are forced to play and battle in complete quiet. Carl becomes El Pollito after learning about a competition to discover El Falcon’s new sidekick. Jul 08, 2022
S03E16 Kick Some Bot; Salvador Doggy 11-year-old Ronnie Anne, a free-spirited adventurer, discovers city life with her large, devoted, multigenerational Mexican American family. Jul 15, 2022
S03E17 The Wurst Job; The Sound of Meddle Carl dreams of becoming the DJ at the Gatos halftime show, so he goes undercover with Alexis and the school band. Ronnie Anne gets the internship of a lifetime with Bruno, but she is scared about it. Jul 29, 2022
S03E18 Alpaca Lies; Rocket Plan Beto the alpaca, an old buddy of Arturo’s, is a problem for Ronnie Anne and Bobby, and Abuelo helps CJ make a rocket, but when things don’t go well, Abuelo says a small lie to save CJ’s feelings. Aug 05, 2022
S03E19 The Oddfather; Long Shot Carlota needs a PE credit to graduate, so she and Ronnie Anne go out to locate the best sport for her. Carlos needs to decide who Carlitos’ padrino will be in time for his Christening. Sep 23, 2022
S03E20 Flock This Way; Movers and Fakers The Casagrande Movers and Fakers full episode, Rosa’s family outing to view birds in the woods turns bad when Sergio is mistaken for a rare species; Bobby, fed up with living alone, sneakily sneaks into an empty apartment in the building. Sep 30, 2022

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What type of Genre is The Casagrandes Season 3?

The Genre of The Casagrandes Season 3 is Kids’ family, Comedy, and Animation.

Is there a trailer for The Casagrandes Season 3

Click the link below to watch The Casagrandes Season 3 trailer before you watch the Casagrandes Season 3 in Canada.

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Casagrandes Season 3 in Canada


There would be no The Casagrandes season 4 because, The Casagrandes cancelled after the premiere of the third season. You can watch this last season on Paramount Plus as long as you have a subscription.

The Casagrandes was canceled on February 17, 2022; however, Nickelodeon noted that its characters will continue to feature on The Loud House.

Lola had a crush on the boy Winston. He appears to be a pageant judge. He awards Lola an A+ for her performance with the baton, to which she replies with a blush of flattery.

She gives him a perfect score for going down the slide, despite his unsuccessful attempt to dismount, to grab his attention, and demonstrate her interest in him.

Wrap Up

In this blog, we have expounded on how to watch The Casagrandes Season 3 in Canada. You need two subscriptions: Paramount Plus and ExpressVPN.

Don’t miss your chance to catch the final season of the Casagrandes as it takes its last bow. Prepare for laughter, tears, and a profound sense of gratitude for the unforgettable memories this show has given us.

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