How to Watch The Freelancer in Canada on Hotstar

Can I watch The Freelancer in Canada on Hotstar? Yes, you can watch The Freelancer in Canada on Hostar on the 1st of September, 2023, but you will need to use a VPN like ExpressVPN to access the geo-blocked channel.

Disney+ Hotstar is restricts its Indian library in Canada, but a VPN can help you access it without hassle by providing you with an Indian IP. This way, you can watch Hotstar in Canada without revealing your original location.

In the heart-pounding fiction of The Freelancer story, Avinash Kamath takes center stage as a lone wolf of salvation. Tasked with a dangerous mission, he dives headlong into the wild depths of war-torn Syria, determined to free the captive Alia Khan.

To avoid wasting time so let’s get started! Learn how to watch The Freelancer in Canada on Hotstar, including The Freelancer web series cast, release date, storyline, and much more. Keep scrolling!


How to Watch The Freelancer in Canada on Hotstar? [Beginners Steps]

There are a few easy steps you need to follow to watch The Freelancer in Canada on Hotstar via VPN:

  1. Get a VPN subscription. ExpressVPN is reliable.
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your device
  3. Connect to a server in India (preferably India via Singapore).
  4. Go to Disney + Hotstar and sign in or create an account.
  5. Fantastic! Stream The Freelancer in Canada on Hotstar & enjoy!

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Where Can I Watch The Freelancer in Canada?

You can watch The Freelancer in Canada on Disney+ Hotstar with a VPN! This suspenseful thriller is only available in India, but you can get around the geo-restrictions with ExpressVPN. Hotstar free trial is offered for 30 days. You can cancel your Hotstar subscription at any time without any payment.

Now that you know where to watch The Freelancer in Canada, sign up for a VPN. ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Hotstar to watch The Freelancer series in Canada on Hotstar without any buffers.

When is The Freelancer Coming on Disney + Hotstar?

The Freelancer will premiere on Disney + Hotstar on 1st September, 2023.  It is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

The Freelancer release date is also confirmed by the following Instagram post;


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What is the Storyline of The Freelancer Web Series?

Avinash Kamath is a freelancer who is used to taking on dangerous missions. But when he is tasked with rescuing Alia Khan, a young girl held captive in war-torn Syria, he knows that this will be his most challenging mission yet. It is a story about courage, sacrifice, and the power of hope.

Will Avinash be able to save Alia? Or will she be killed at the hands of the terrorists?

Find out in The Freelancer story, a suspenseful series. You can watch The Freelancer in Canada on Hotstar with the help of ExpressVPN.

What is the Cast and Crew of The Freelancer?

The upcoming Indian action thriller web series is directed by Bhav Dhulia. The series is created by Neeraj Pandey and written by Ritesh Shah and Shirish Thorat.

Finding out The Freelancer top cast? The Freelancer Series cast is as follows:

Actors Role
Mohit Raina Avinash Kamath
Anupam Kher Dr. Arif Khan
Kashmira Pardeshi Aliya Khan
Ayesha Raza Mishra Sabeena Khan
Navneet Malik Mohsin Fazal
Manjari Fadnnis Mrunal Kamath
Geeta Agrawal Sharma Asar Fazal
Edward Sonnenblick Burt Raphael
Danny Clifford Buzz Jones
Mario Silva Sheikh Khaleel
Balaji Gauri Farhat Khala
John Kokken Raghavendra Sethu
Sarah Jane Dias Radha Baxi
Aakaash Dabhade Wilson
Sairi Salma Nadia
Varun Pande
Sangay Tsheltrim Gurung
Jalila Talemsi Amena
Youssef Tounzi Registration officer
Sami Fekkak The Photographer
Anouar Akerrmann Ritchie
Faycal Zeglat Registration officer
Sushant Singh Inayat Khan
Shahid Lateef

How many Episodes are there in The Freelancer?

There are 7 episodes of The Freelancer Series on Hotstar which titles are:

Episode Titles of the episode
1 The Rescue
2 The Mission
3 The Deal
4 The Exchange
5 The Escape
6 The Showdown
7 The Final Countdown

Is there any Trailer for The Freelancer?

Yes, there is a trailer for Hotstar Specials The Freelancer that gives a glimpse of the series’ action-packed plot and its star-studded cast. You can check the Freelancer trailer here:

What does the Director and Cast talk about The Freelancer?

Here is what the director and Cast of The Freelancer talk about series

Director Bhav Dhulia talked about the series and said, “With a series like The Freelancer, we wanted to bring audiences a conventional story that makes them think and question what is happening around them. It is a one-of-a-kind thriller series and sheds light on the subject with sensitivity.”

Mohit Raina said, “The Freelancer is a story that touched my heart in several ways. Playing Avinash Kamath was challenging yet creatively satisfying. Despite fighting his interpersonal battles on a daily basis, Avinash embarks upon a mission like never before, as he sets foot to rescue Aliya.”

Anupam Kher also talked about his role as Dr. Khan in the series. He said, “Every story has a mastermind behind it and that’s exactly what Dr. Khan is to The Freelancer. Different from characters I have essayed in the past, Dr. Khan is vocal, opinionated, and has a complex personality. He is Avinash’s confidante and extremely aware of the environment he is operating in. The series will evoke the feeling of empathy and thrill, all at once. Moreover, collaborating with Neeraj has always been a pleasant experience.”

Is The Freelancer based on a True Story?

The Freelancer on Disney+ Hotstar is based on Aliya’s real-life experiences as a captive of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Syria. The series is based on Shirish Thorat’s novel “A Ticket to Syria,” which depicts the narrative of Aliya’s transformation from a typical college student in Mumbai to an ISIS prisoner.

Watch how the series will bring Aliya’s story to life and raise awareness of the ongoing crisis in Syria.

What is the IMDb Rating of The Freelancer?

The Freelancer IMDb is not yet available, as the series has not yet been released. The rating will be updated once the series is released and has been watched by more people. Using a VPN like ExpressVPN, you can watch The Freelancer in Canada on Hotstar.

Is The Freelancer a Hotstar Special series?

Yes, The Freelancer is a Hotstar Specials series that will be released on 1st September, 2023, on Disney+ Hotstar. You can stream Hotstar Specials The Freelancer in Canada using premium ExpressVPN.

What Does Hotstar Specials mean?

Hotstar Specials is a Hotstar content center and label through which the platform delivers exclusive programs made just for the service.

Hotstar Specials offers a wide range of programs such as drama, comedy, serials, animation, and unscripted. Hotstar Specials shows that are popular include:

# Hotstar Specials
1 Aakhri Sach
2 Mathagam
3 Commando
4 Overlord
5 Special Ops
6 The Family Man
7 Hostages
8 Criminal Justice
9 Gullak
10 Out of Love
11 The Legend of Hanuman
12 The Whistleblower
13 Aarya
14 The Empire
15 The Great India Murder

Viewers with a Hotstar VIP or Premium plan can enjoy the content offered by Hotstar Specials. The Hotstar VIP subscription is available at INR 399 per year or INR 39 per month ( 6.57 CAD per year or 0.64 CAD per month), granting users access to a range of content.

Alternatively, the Hotstar Premium membership, priced at INR 1499 annually or INR 199 per month (24.67 CAD per year or 3.27 CAD per month), provides an even broader selection of content to choose from.

Why Is Hotstar Restricted in Canada?

Hotstar is restricted in Canada due to content licensing agreements. Hotstar has agreements with content creators and distributors to stream content in certain regions.

Hence, Disney+ Hotstar’s Indian library can not be accessed in the Canadian region.

If you are in Canada and you want to watch Hotstar, you can use a VPN, especially ExpressVPN. It will change your IP address to make it appear you are connecting to Hotstar from a different country. This will allow you to bypass the geo-restrictions and watch The Freelancer in Canada on Hotstar.

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The Freelancer

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FAQs –  The Freelancer

Yes! The Freelancer is a Hotstar Specials Series and only available on Disney+ Hotstar from 1st September 2023. To stream this series, you should have a VPN like ExpressVPN to unblock geo-restrictions.

Nirvikar Films and Disney + Hotstar are the producers of The Freelancer – Disney Plus Hotstar’s web series. Nirvikar Films is a production company founded by Neeraj Pandey and Shital Bhatia. It has produced several popular films and television series.

You can get The Freelancer in Canada on Disney+ Hotstar for free with a Hotstar free trial. By providing your payment details, your free trial will start immediately. You will need to cancel your subscription before the end of the free trial period if you do not want to be charged.

Yes! It is legal to watch The Freelancer with a VPN in Canada. The terms of service of streaming services often prohibit the use of VPNs. Because streaming services want to prevent people from using VPNs to avoid geo-blocking restrictions.

Wrapping Up

Explore the freelancing industry while watching this gripping series “The Freelancer” on 1st September, 2023.

You can watch The Freelancer in Canada on Hotstar by subscribing to a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN.

The Hotstar world is yours for the taking. So what are you waiting for? For guaranteed savings and to ensure access to all blocked content on Disney+ Hotstar, ideally, you should choose the notorious ExpressVPN Hotstar combo!

For any more questions on streaming The Freelancer 2023 Hotstar, comment below.