How to Watch The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) on Paramount Plus in Canada


Are you a fan of animated TV series? If so, you can watch the Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) on Paramount Plus in Canada, using a reliable VPN, like ExpressVPN.

The Penguins of Madagascar season 01 on Paramount Plus features a rookery of penguins with unwavering attitudes and exceptional skills. Led by the fearless Skipper, the team includes the brilliant strategist Kowalski, the zany explosives expert Rico, and the eager and innocent Private.

Together, they form an elite strike force that ensures peace and order within their penguin community. The release date of Penguins of Madagascar Season 1 is near. For now, you can enjoy the trailer and get a glimpse of the show.

However, it is essential to note that, due to the content licensing laws, this series is available only in the USA region. With the help of a VPN for Paramount Plus, you can easily spoof your location and easily stream US Paramount Plus in Canada. Continue reading, as we have shared all the details on where to watch Penguins of Madagascar season 1.

How to Watch The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) on Paramount Plus in Canada – (Quick Guide)

Below are the simple steps to watch The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) on Paramount Plus in Canada, using a VPN:

  • Subscribe to a reliable VPN service. We recommend ExpressVPN as it is fast and secure.
  • Download and configure the VPN on your streaming device.
  • Connect your VPN to a server in the USA. (Recommended server: New York)
  • Visit the Paramount Plus website or download the app and sign in with your account details.
  • Enjoy streaming the Penguins of Madagascar complete series in Canada.

Note: Please note that you will need a valid Paramount Plus subscription to watch Madagascar Penguins show on Paramount Plus in Canada. If you are a new user, you can create an account on the website and use the Paramount Plus free trial to stream content risk-free, before you fully pay for the subscription.

Paramount Plus Pricing Plans start at $4.99/month for the ad-supported and $9.99/month for the premium plans.

Where Can I Watch The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1)?

You can watch The Penguins of Madagascar on Various streaming platforms, including Paramount Plus, Paramount+ Amazon Channel, Paramount Plus Apple TV Channel, and Paramount+ Roku Premium Channel. You can also buy it as a download on Google Play Movies, Amazon Video, Vudu, and Microsoft Store.

However, Paramount Plus is the recommended streaming platform for streaming The Penguins of Madagascar because of its affordable subscription prices and exciting other content to binge-watch during your free time. You can check out what to Watch on Paramount Plus.

People often ask how many people can watch paramount plus at once. Three people can stream simultaneously on one account on Paramount Plus.

You’ll need a VPN to watch The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) on Paramount Plus in Canada. It is because this series will only premiere in the US library. ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Paramount Plus. It is fast, reliable, and also secure, giving you a seamless streaming experience.

When is The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) Coming on Paramount Plus?

Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) is coming on Paramount Plus on June 21, 2023.

If you cannot find the Penguins of Madagascar Season 1 DVD, don’t worry. You can easily unblock the show on Paramount Plus in Canada using a reliable VPN. We recommend using ExpressVPN to watch The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) on Paramount Plus in Canada.

Cast of The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1)

The table below shows the cast of the Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) and the roles they play in the TV show:

Cast Character
John DiMaggio Rico
Tom McGrath Skipper
Jeff Bennett Kowalski
James Patrick Stuart Private
Andy Richter Mort
Kevin Michael Richardson Maurice
Danny Jacobs King Julien
Nicole Sullivan Marlene
Mary Scheer Alice
Conrad Vernon Mason
Tara Strong Mother Duck
Fred Stoller Fred
Dee Bradley Baker Feral Marlene
Diedrich Bader King Rat
Grey Griffin Darla
Cedric Yarbrough Officer X
Richard Kind Roger
Rob Paulsen Archie

How Many Episodes of The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) Are There?

There are 48 episodes of The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1). The table below shows all Penguins of Madagascar full episodes of season 1 and their short descriptions:

Episode Episode Title Date Released Episode Description
S01E01 Gone in a Flash November 28, 2008 In this the Penguins of Madagascar season 1 episode 1, Julien and Maurice fight over a camera, leading to Maurice falling out. Julien mistakes Maurice’s photo as him being trapped inside. The penguins find Maurice at a dump and bring him back. Maurice is relieved to be back with Julien.
S01E02 Launch time March 28, 2009 The Penguins vacation to the moon, but end up on a rooftop. They meet a cat, think it’s a moon cat, and befriend it. Later, they discover they never left Earth. The lemurs face booby traps and the penguins plan revenge.
S01E03 Haunted Habitat March 28, 2009 Marlene screams at a strange sound. Penguins and lemurs investigate. Julien’s routine scares ghosts, but the noise returns. Skipper and Marlene find an alligator causing the noise.
S01E04 Operation: Plush & Cover March 30, 2009 In the Penguins of Madagascar operation plush and cover, Julien gets jealous of popular plush Mort toys. He sabotages them with skunk spray, causing a recall. The penguins rescue Mort from the toy factory, joined by Julien.
S01E05 Happy King Julien Day! March 31, 2009 Maurice urges animals to celebrate King Julien Day or face retaliation. Skipper allows penguins to join. Julien’s antics and interruptions ensue. Piñata is shared, fostering unity.
S01E06 Paternal Egg-Stinct April 1, 2009 Marlene finds an egg and asks the penguins to care for it. Skipper agrees after Julien claims it’s his heir. Private protects the egg from danger and lemurs. The egg hatches into a duck and is reunited with its mother.
S01E07 Assault & Batteries April 2, 2009 Skipper takes Julien’s batteries due to his annoying music. They both end up in a kangaroo’s compound and must cooperate to escape. Skipper gives Julien a battery as thanks.
S01E08 Penguin Takes All April 6, 2009 Julien mocks Skipper for not allowing him to play “Capture the Flag.” They compete, and Julien wins, taking the penguins’ possessions. Skipper realizes the lemurs travel by tree-tops. In a final rematch, the penguins win using jetpacks and claim all of the lemurs’ possessions, including Julien’s bouncing castle and crown.
S01E09 Two Feet High and Rising April 7, 2009 Mort breaks Julien’s floating chair with his foot fetish. Julien bans anyone from touching his feet. Marlene helps Mort overcome his obsession. Mort saves Julien, earning a one-foot hug.
S01E10 Tangled in the Web April 8, 2009 The penguins dislike the new webcams. Julien wants to be popular. Private falls into a fish bowl and becomes famous. Chaos ensues, cameras are knocked down, and Alice wins as the most popular.
S01E11 Crown Fools April 9, 2009 Skipper causes Julien’s crown to fall into the sewer on “Fun Day”. Penguins retrieve it, fighting a giant rat. Julien gets a spare crown. Marlene beats up Julien for wasting their effort.
S01E12 The Hidden April 18, 2009 Marlene and Mort visit new neighbors, but Mort is taken. Kowalski overthinks. Penguins rescue Mort and find Julien and Maurice. Animals disappear, leaving Kowalski to save everyone. The “hostiles” are friendly chameleons.
S01E13 Kingdom Come April 18, 2009 Julien goes to the hospital. Maurice declares himself king but causes chaos. Penguins get captured but free themselves. Julien is cured, and Maurice is cured by Mort’s antidote.
S01E14 Little Zoo Coupe April 24, 2009 Julien wants to drive the penguins’ car but is denied. He steals Alice’s cart and challenges them to a race. The penguins upgrade their car but lose due to lemurs’ cheating and a banana peel.
S01E15 All Choked Up April 24, 2009 The penguins try to destroy a robotic zoo guide but end up with a time bomb inside Rico. They struggle to remove it until a heartfelt moment triggers Rico to expel it safely.
S01E16 Popcorn Panic May 9, 2009 Animals get visitors to feed them popcorn until Alice intervenes. They try to get popcorn on their own. Penguins and lemurs retrieve bags, but they contain kernels. An explosion leads them to Marlene’s habitat. Julien believes it’s a reward from the snack gods.
S01E17 Go Fish May 30, 2009 The penguins receive a fish-shaped cake instead of real fish. They plan a mission, but Julien sabotages it. Crates are swapped, revealing Pinky took the real fish.
S01E18 Miracle on Ice May 30, 2009 The penguins play hockey against rats. Rats win by cheating. Penguins practice with lemurs as cheerleaders. Penguins defeat rats after Julien’s outburst.
S01E19 Needle Point June 6, 2009 During a checkup, Skipper evades his shot. The penguins chase him, but Private ends up taking the shot instead.
S01E20 Eclipsed June 6, 2009 Mason and Phil trick Julien with a fake solar eclipse to make him change his behavior, but it backfires.
S01E21 Mort Unbound June 26, 2009 Mort becomes super strong after being exposed to Kowalski’s super-ray and uses his newfound power to rebel against Julien.
S01E22 Roomies June 26, 2009 Marlene’s new roommate, Rhonda the walrus, turns out to be rude and suspicious, leading the penguins to intervene.
S01E23 Misfortune Cookie August 1, 2009 The penguins receive fortune cookies, and Rico’s dark fortune leads to Julien tricking him into believing he’s cursed. It turns out to be a silly misunderstanding.
S01E24 Lemur See, Lemur Do August 1, 2009 A lemur robot named LEM-R comes to the zoo to learn lemur behavior. Julien becomes its mentor, but the penguins have other plans. After a series of events, Lemmy explodes and gets rebuilt, but his journey to Mars ends tragically.
S01E25 Roger Dodger August 17, 2009 Roger the alligator seeks help from the penguins to reclaim his home from the invading rats. They attempt different strategies, including a mind-switching machine, but chaos ensues. Eventually, they restore order and Roger leads the penguins in a musical performance.
S01E26 Skorca! August 17, 2009 Private spots a flying orca and warns the zoo animals. The penguins track it down, while Julien hires Joey. They later realize it’s a parade balloon and Private returns, hailed as a hero.
S01E27 Otter Gone Wild August 18, 2009 The penguins invite Marlene for snow cones, but she panics outside the zoo. She kidnaps Julien, prompting a rescue mission. After a fight and using radio-controlled planes, the penguins rescue Julien and contain Marlene. They all return to the zoo, and Marlene returns to normal.
S01E28 Cat’s Cradle August 19, 2009 The penguins hide their stray cat friend, Max, from Officer X. They try various plans but face challenges. Eventually, Max escapes with the help of the penguins and Mort, tricking Officer X in the process.
S01E29 Monkey Love August 20, 2009 Phil falls in love with Lulu, a chimpanzee, and seeks the penguins’ help. Their attempts fail until Phil expresses his true feelings in sign language, winning Lulu’s heart.
S01E30 Tagged August 21, 2009 The penguins help warm the freezing zoo animals by raising steam output, but face challenges when a scientist arrives. With the lemurs’ help, they install a cooling line but accidentally flood the furnace room.
S01E31 What Goes Around September 19, 2009 The penguins try to return a lost doll, but face challenges and end up being pursued by Officer X. They ultimately succeed in returning the doll and causing Officer X’s arrest.
S01E32 Mask of the Raccoon September 19, 2009 The penguins track down a thief named “The Archer,” who turns out to be a con man. They make him reform and become a true hero.
S01E33 Out of the Groove October 12, 2009 Julien loses his ability to dance after being cursed by a baboon. Skipper acquires the dance skills and helps Julien apologize.
S01E34 Jungle Law October 12, 2009 Julien declares himself king during a zoo blackout, but chaos ensues. The penguins restore order and save Julien’s reputation.
S01E35 I Was a Penguin Zombie October 24, 2009 After a flipper injury, Skipper is mistaken for a zombie by his fellow penguins, leading to a chaotic rooftop fall.
S01E36 Sting Operation October 24, 2009 The penguins attempt to relocate a hornet nest but fail until Mort’s ignorance inadvertently scares the hornets away.
S01E37 All King, No Kingdom November 14, 2009 Julien banishes Maurice and Mort, but they turn their small space into a party zone. Julien realizes he misses them and reconciles.
S01E38 Untouchable November 14, 2009 The zoo gets a new poison dart frog, Barry. The penguins get poisoned, but Private befriends Barry using a robot suit. The other penguins think they’re hallucinating.
S01E39 Over Phil November 27, 2009 Mason gets fed up with Phil’s messiness and visits the penguins. He becomes a clean freak, causing chaos. The penguins rescue Phil from a messy party, and Mason and Phil become friends again.
S01E40 Miss Understanding November 27, 2009 The penguins conduct a gender test, mistakenly labeling Skipper as female. Skipper embraces his femininity but faces challenges. Eventually, Skipper reverts to his commando self and discovers the gender test was inaccurate.
S01E41 An Elephant Never Forgets December 5, 2009 Burt the elephant seeks help from the penguins to escape the zoo. They disguise Burt as an ice cream truck, but the lemurs mistake him for a real truck. Burt gets angry and breaks the gates. They discover old papers about a kid named Kid Kazoo who used to scare the animals. They find Kid Kazoo, and it turns out Burt wants to return his Kazoo. The penguins disguise Burt as an art display to return him to the zoo.
S01E42 Otter Things Have Happened December 5, 2009 Kowalski tests his new invention on Marlene, thinking she has a date. They find Fred instead. Julien gets jealous and fights with Fred, but Marlene breaks up. Marlene’s real date is Antonio, the otter.
S01E43 Zoo Tube January 2, 2010 The zoo faces closure due to the popularity of the Dumb Animal Channel. The animals film a commercial to save it, but a satellite explosion unintentionally destroys the DAC’s broadcast, leading tourists to return to the zoo.
S01E44 Snakehead! January 2, 2010 A monstrous snakehead fish threatens Mother Duck and her ducklings. The penguins build a submarine to defeat it but Skipper gets swallowed. The remaining penguins avenge Skipper by causing the fish to explode, and they celebrate by eating it as sushi.
S01E45 Jiggles January 16, 2010 Kowalski creates a gelatinous cube named Jiggles, which grows and becomes uncontrollable. The penguins fail to recapture Jiggles, but Julien helps save Kowalski by retrieving a fish. Kowalski secretly keeps a miniaturized version of Jiggles.
S01E46 The Falcon and the Snow Job February 6, 2010 Skipper welcomes Falcon Kitka to the zoo, but the other penguins suspect she’s dangerous. Kitka helps save Julien, but Skipper ends their relationship after a strange incident.
S01E47 The Penguin Stays in the Picture February 6, 2010 Private is upset when Mort is chosen for the brochure cover. Bada and Bing offer to remove Mort, but he goes missing. The penguins search for him and discover Bada, and Bing never harmed Mort, just hid him. Private lets Mort have the cover.
S01E48 Dr. Blowhole’s Revenge February 15, 2010 Dr. Blowhole kidnaps King Julien to trap and destroy the penguins, but they must stop his plan to flood the Earth.

You can watch the Penguins of Madagascar complete series DVD on Paramount Plus in Canada.

Is There a Trailer for The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1)?

Yes, there is The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) trailer which gives a sneak peek of what to expect from the TV show when it airs on Paramount Plus on June 21, 2023. You can watch the trailer of Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) here:

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The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1)


Rico’s inability to speak is explained in the episode “Private And The Winky Factory”. It is revealed that Rico does not engage in conversations with imaginary candy-wrapper characters, indicating that he does not hear voices, and schizophrenia can be ruled out. Instead, it is likely that Rico experiences episodes of psychosis triggered by emotional stress.

Skipper, the leader of the quartet in Madagascar, is implied to be the oldest penguin among them. He is known for giving orders, which his brothers always follow, except for one instance in the episode “I Was a Zombie Penguin” when they mistakenly believed he was a zombie.

Under the criminal RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) statute, convicted individuals can face prison sentences of up to 20 years and substantial financial penalties. This law further empowers prosecutors to seize assets to prevent them from being secretly moved out of the country prior to the final judgment.

Wrap Up

The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) on Paramount Plus is an animated series introducing us to an amazing rookery of penguins with unwavering attitudes and exceptional skills. You can watch the Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1) on Paramount Plus in Canada with the help of a VPN like ExpressVPN.

Our article has discussed all the steps and details required to watch the exciting TV series on Paramount Plus in Canada. Follow this guideline carefully and you can stream this amazing show in your location without issues. Enjoy!