Why is SyFy not working with VPN in 2022 – (Proven Easy Hacks)

Is your VPN not working with Syfy? There is a high chance that the server you’re using on your current VPN has been recognized and blocked, due to which your Syfy not working with the VPN.

Wondering will Syfy work with a VPN? It sure will if you use a premium VPN, our recommendation is ExpressVPN as it had worked the best among all available.

Syfy is a digital streaming channel owned by NBCUniversal, it offers a great variety of movies and original shows such as “Annabelle” and “Chucky” primarily in the genre of Sci-Fi and Horror. You can also stream Syfy in Canada through the dedicated Syfy App, which offers all the content available on the platform under a single Syfy subscription.


How to fix If SyFy not working with VPN? [6-Tips]

With a premium Syfy unblocking VPN, the channel can be easily accessed, but one should make sure that Syfy does not reach their location data or that the pseudo IP they are using is valid enough to unblock Syfy. If you make sure you are doing these 6 steps right, you’ll easily fix your Syfy not working with a VPN.

Change and Connect to a different US server

You might be facing the issue of Syfy not working with VPN because Syfy has blocked or blacklisted the IP given to you by your VPN. Usually, a single IP is shared among a single household, which means multiple devices; when your VPN assigns you an IP address, it also assigns the same IP to thousands of more users.

Sometimes when you use the free VPN for Syfy, these kinds of VPNs show an abnormal amount of traffic on a single IP which makes the Syfy algorithm suspicious eventually leading to blockage of the IP address.

A simple way to fix this is by connecting to a different server, a different server means a different IP address which might fix your Syfy not working with the VPN.

Upgrade your VPN (Premium)

If you’ve tried a different server and the issue continues, Syfy has likely blocked all of your VPN servers. In this scenario, there are two possible solutions.

In order to access Syfy, you can wait for your VPN to launch new servers that are not restricted by Syfy. This is time-consuming, and there is no assurance that your VPN will ever add new servers. This is merely a short-term fix, even with fresh servers, and your VPN will soon be blocked again because it is unable to stay ahead of Syfy blocking.

The best option is to upgrade your VPN; use a VPN that can outperform Syfy’s location surveillance algorithm and avoid being blocked. The best VPN for Syfy is ExpressVPN because it doesn’t get blocked by Syfy, has a number of servers in the United States, and allows smooth streaming.

Check your internet connection

To stream Syfy, you need a stable internet connection, perhaps the problem is not with the VPN, but rather your internet connection is distorted. Make sure you check your internet connection on the device you’re watching Syfy on.

Reinstall the SyFy app

When we use an app on our phone, the app leaves back some of the information in the background. This information is called Cache; it is used to enhance our user experience so that certain options do not have to load every time we open the app. The cache may also lead to the app crashing; in such case try reinstalling the Syfy app.

If the problem is in the app, it was an easy fix, and you will be able to watch Syfy again.

Restart the device

Any device you use to watch Syfy can heat up and have other problems upon lengthy usage. These are minor problems in general but sometimes lead to the device becoming unresponsive.

A good way to fix Syfy not working with VPN is to restart the device,

  1. Use the power button to Shut Down the device
  2. Leave the device at rest for 1-5 Minutes
  3. Power the device back on

Delete Cookies

Cookies are little files that are used by websites and online services to improve user experience. You might have been asked to allow cookies by some websites and applications.

Although they are not malicious, these files occasionally contain location information. If the location saved on this information differs from the place you’re accessing with your VPN, Syfy will see the variation and recognize that you’re using a VPN. In this situation, Syfy bans your IP and forbids you from watching Syfy.

Deleting cookies is the most useful and the first step when it comes to fixing errors such as Syfy not working with VPN or crave VPN detected error.

FAQs – SyFy not working with VPN

Your location data is primarily tracked through your IP address and cookie data but in the case of Syfy, they might be using third-party geo-tracking partners to access the location of their viewers. If you use a premium VPN like ExpressVPN, the VPN will make sure that all your location data is protected and stays hidden.

Yes, Syfy does not have the rights to stream the content available on it outside the United States, thus if they do they will get a copyright claim from the distributors. This is why Syfy is location locked to the United States only.

Blackout restrictions are easy to get around if you are using the right tools in the right way, a simple and easy method to get around blackout restrictions is using a premium VPN. These VPNs assign you a different IP address that is outside the blackout region, allowing you to access it. An example of this is streaming ESPN Plus in Canada. Although the service is not available in Canada with a VPN, you can.

Wrapping up!

Syfy is a digital streaming channel owned by NBC Universal; the platform offers some of the greatest original Syfy movies and shows, primarily in the genre of horror and Sci-Fi. It is a premium paid service and you must have a Syfy free trial or a subscription; you always have the option to cancel Syfy if you are not satisfied with the service.

Syfy is region locked and does not allow streaming outside the American region, if you use an ordinary VPN to watch movies and shows on Syfy, they often get blocked, causing the issue of Syfy not working with a VPN. You must have a premium VPN that, ahead of Syfy, not only offers you multiple servers but also make sure all your information is secured.

Using our guide you can easily fix your Syfy not working with VPN, and enjoy your favorite movies or shows again.