VRV not working with a VPN? [Guide to Easy Fixes]

Is your VRV Not working with VPN? Try upgrading your VPN, switching Servers, or reinstalling the App as solutions.

Do VPNs work for VRV? Yes, The only way to access VRV in Canada is using a VPN because it is geo-restricted. The best one is ExpressVPN.

While Netflix and Hulu, two well-known streaming services, primarily rely on the quality and quantity of their content to draw members, VRV (pronounced “Verv”) is relying on a novel business model—or should we say, a unique one that gathers a sizable number of enthusiastic content creators, all under one magnificent, fan-friendly roof.

VRV’s portal contains a significant collection of the top anime like ( Onepiece, Hunter x Hunter, My Hero Academia ), technology, gaming, cartoons, science fiction, and other media.

Unfortunately, VRV is not accessible in Canada. Although it is only available in the United States, a trustworthy VPN can still be used to access it. Yes, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the best tool for Canadians to use to access any geo-restricted content.


How to Fix when VRV is not working with VPN? [Easy Steps]

  • Delete Cookies

Some websites request that you allow cookies, as you may have observed. These are little files made to simplify your internet activities.

They do, however, have information that reveals your location in order to do this. Whether you’re using a VPN or not, VRV might be able to pinpoint your location if you’ve accepted cookies. And it will cut off your connection if it determines that you are in Canada.

Delete your cookies is a good place to start when trying to fix if VRV not working with a VPN.

  • Change to a different US server

VRV works nonstop to prevent VPN connections. It accomplishes this by locating and banning the IP addresses that a VPN offers.

It’s possible that VRV has blocked the IP address your VPN has provided you with, which would explain why VRV isn’t operating with it. Only the IP addresses that VRV, not the VPN itself, can block a VPN supply.

Not all of your VPN IPs will be blacklisted only because this IP has been blocked. If VRV hasn’t detected your new IP address after switching to a different US server, your VPN will continue functioning.

  • Upgrade to a better VPN

Sadly, the streaming provider has been able to block all of your VPN IP addresses if steps one or two do not resolve VRV not functioning with your VPN.

You might wait for your VPN to release fresh IPs that haven’t been blocked, but given that you’ve previously encountered this issue, it’s evident that your VPN lacks the necessary safeguards to prevent it. Naturally, the new IP addresses will also be prohibited.

You must upgrade to a VPN that has safeguards in place to stay one step ahead of VRV’s VPN blocking strategies in order to resolve this issue.

VRV’s ideal VPN is ExpressVPN, which costs CA$ 9.18/mo (US$ 6.67/mo). It has quick servers worldwide and, more significantly, it has security procedures in place to prevent VRV from blocking any of its IP addresses.

You can use ExpressVPN if Discovery Plus is not working with your current VPN.

How does VRV block VPNs?

The IP addresses that VPNs supply is the only factor in how VRV bans VPNs. VRV continuously scans for an unusually high number of connections coming from a single IP address. Only eight to ten connections, or a household, often share an IP address.

VPNs need to have more customers than IP addresses in order to function as a business. Since it is aware of this, VRV recognizes VPN connections and considers them odd when they originate from the same IP address in large numbers.

After that, VRV will block that IP address, preventing you from accessing any of its content.

Why does VRV block VPNs?

VRV restricts VPNs for broadcast rights reasons only. Only the US is authorized to broadcast VRV’s content.

It is aware that using a VPN to access VRV could violate the streaming service’s licensing and content agreements, even though it is an efficient way to watch content outside of its broadcast area. VRV disables VPNs to stop that from happening.

Does VRV still work with VPNs?

Although VRV still supports VPNs, you must use a VPN that is compatible with the service and has ways to get around its VPN-banning policies.

VRV’s blocking methods are especially vulnerable to weaker VPNs. This is because fewer IP addresses are available with these VPNs, increasing the likelihood that you may share an IP with another user. Furthermore, they lack strategies for getting around these barriers.

As a result, VRV will unavoidably discover and ban every IP address these inferior VPNs offer. This could imply that you paid money for a VPN subscription that eventually won’t function with VRV.

You must join a VPN that already employs precautions to avoid falling victim to VRV’s VPN blocking strategies in order to avoid squandering your money.

VRV works great with ExpressVPN. VPNs will close and open a new IP address if the one they have provided is blocked. As a result, you will have reliable access to watch VRV content from anywhere in the globe.

FAQs – VRV not working with VPN

Not necessarily. Free content on VRV totals more than 20,000 hours and is updated frequently. For subscribers that upgrade to Premium status, several channels offer exclusive content or first access to it.

Despite some of the content it has collaborated with being accessible outside of the site in other countries, VRV is only currently available in the United States.

No. Funimation is an anime-specific streaming service providing both dubbed and original Japanese-language releases of anime television programs and motion pictures. On the other hand, VRV is for channels, favorite communities, and events for anime, animation, video games, comics, science fiction, fantasy, and technology can be found on VRV.

Wrapping Up!

If VRV is not functioning with a VPN, it may be because the website is aware that you are attempting to access it from a restricted area (a country other than the United States). A top-notch VPN can help you solve that problem.

However, if VRV not Working with a VPN, you may try upgrading to a better VPN such as ExpressVPN.