Why is AMC Plus not working with VPN in 2022 – (Proven Easy Hacks)

Is your AMC plus not working with a VPN? Let me guess, you have an AMC plus subscription and was easily able to stream AMC plus in Canada but recently it has stopped working.

You might be facing an error that says, “Not available in your location” or just can’t find your shows on the platform anywhere. Don’t worry, we have an easy fix for your problem.

AMC plus is a global streaming platform primarily famous for its exclusive viewership of classic shows like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Gangs of London. The platform gained popularity in the early 2000s through AMC movies that were available on the platform Ad free. Later the addition of classic shows on AMC Plus gave its viewers a cherry on top.

Even though AMC plus is available in the US, Canada, and Australia, the titles list in Canada is however limited. This is primarily due to copyright restrictions on the platform to stream that content outside the US. This brings us to the question, does a VPN work with AMC Plus? Yes, it sure does and is in fact the only way to access the complete AMC Plus library in Canada. We suggest ExpressVPN for its remarkable service and unblocking capabilities.

If you already have a VPN but you are still facing the issue of AMC plus not working with a VPN, there is a high possibility that the VPN you’re using is blacklisted by AMC Plus, thus you won’t be able to watch AMC plus in Canada.


How to fix if AMC Plus not working with VPN? [6-Tips]

AMC plus restricts viewership in Canada and blacklists the IP Address that was used to access the platform. If you are facing the issue of AMC plus not working with a VPN, it’s most probably because AMC has known your actual location and understood that you are using a VPN.

The solution to AMC plus not working with VPN is pretty easy using some simple methods that might require you to upgrade your VPN to a premium one.

The methods are;

Change and Connect to a different US server

The reason AMC Plus not working with a VPN could be because AMC Plus has blocked or blacklisted the IP that your VPN assigned to you. When your VPN offers you an IP address, it also assigns the same IP to hundreds of additional customers. Typically, a single IP is shared across a single household, which means only a handful of devices.

Connecting to a different server, which results in a different IP address, is an easy approach to fixing an AMC plus not working with a VPN. As AMC Plus is only available in America, make sure you connect to an American server. If there are only one or two American servers available on your VPN, you should upgrade.

Upgrade your VPN (Premium)

AMC + has probably blocked all of your VPN servers if you’ve tried a different server and the problem persists. There are 2 choices for this situation.

You can wait for your VPN to introduce new servers that are unrestricted by AMC Plus in order to access AMC Plus. There is no guarantee that your VPN will ever add more servers, and this process takes time. Even with new servers, this is only a temporary solution, and your VPN will soon be blocked once again because it cannot outrun AMC + blocking in the first place.

The best course of action is to upgrade your VPN; select one of our recommended AMC Plus VPNs that will stay ahead of the AMC plus location surveillance algorithm to avoid being blocked. ExpressVPN is the best VPN for AMC Plus since it doesn’t get blocked and has numerous US servers, enabling lag-free streaming.

Check your internet connection

You need a steady internet connection to stream AMC Plus; it’s possible that the issue is not with AMC Plus or a VPN, but rather with your internet connection. Check your internet connection on the device you’re using to stream AMC Plus.

Reinstall the AMC Plus App

On our phones, when we use an App, it retains part of the information in the background. The purpose of this data, known as cache, is to improve user experience by preventing the need for some settings to load each time the app is used. If the app malfunctions due to the cache, try reinstalling the AMC plus App.

Restart the device

Any device you use to view AMC Plus has the potential to overheat and develop other issues upon prolonged use. Although generally minor issues, they can occasionally cause the device to become unresponsive.

Restarting the device is a viable solution for problems like AMC Plus not working with a VPN,

  1. Use the power button to shut down the device
  2. Leave the device at rest for 1-5 Minutes
  3. Let the device cool down if the device is heated
  4. Power the device back on

Delete Cookies

Websites and online services utilize cookies, which are small files, to enhance user experience. Some websites and applications may have prompted you to accept cookies.

These files occasionally include location information, but they are not malicious. AMC Plus will notice the difference and know you’re using a VPN if the location saved on this information differs from the location you’re accessing using your VPN. In this case, AMC Plus will block your IP and prevent you from subsequently accessing AMC Plus using the same IP.

Deleting cookies is the most useful and the first step when it comes to fixing errors like AMC plus not working with a VPN.

FAQs – AMC Plus not working with VPN

Your IP address and cookie information are the primary methods used to track your location, however, in the case of AMC Plus, they may also be using third-party tracking partners to obtain their viewers’ geolocation. Using a high-end VPN like ExpressVPN will ensure that all of your location data is secure and remains secret.

Yes, AMC plus lacks the legal authority to broadcast the content that is available on it outside of the United States; if they do, the distributors will file a copyright claim against them. AMC plus is however available in Canada officially but the content is highly limited in the Canadian library.

If you use the appropriate tools and the right techniques, it’s straightforward to get around blackout restrictions. One quick and easy way to do this is by using a high-quality VPN. By giving you an alternative IP address that is located outside the blackout area, these VPNs enable you to access it.

Wrapping up!

You can simply fix if AMC Plus not working with a VPN and return to enjoying your favorite films and television shows. The easiest solution is to upgrade your VPN; like ExpressVPN which allows limitless unblocking and smooth streaming. this will mostly resolve your issue, but we have also included additional issues that can lead to the same problem.

It is a premium service and can only be accessed if you have an AMC plus free trial or are willing to pay AMC plus subscription cost.