Watch Best Trending Movies on CBS in Canada [2023 Updated]

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What are the Best CBS Trending Movies to Stream in Canada?

Some of the Trending Movies and Best CBS Shows to Stream in Canada are listed below:

TV Show
Star Trek: Discovery
The Good Fight
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
March Madness 2023
The Equalizer Season 3
The Amazing Race
True Lies
Undercover Boss
Big Brother
The Survivor season 44
Madam Secretary

CSI: Vegas (2021 – )

CSI-Vegas-(2021 – )

On October 6, 2021, CSI: Vegas debuted in the United States. This riveting show is based on Anthony E. Zuiker’s hugely successful CSI: Crime Scene Investigation television series. CSI: Vegas is a police procedural, mystery, and drama that follows a group of forensic investigators as they use cutting-edge methods to solve complicated cases. The Who’s Who Are You is the show’s classic opening theme tune, and it establishes the mood for the gripping and emotional episodes. CSI: Vegas is a television series produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Television, Trace Pictures, and CBS Studios that airs on the CBS network, which is renowned for its high-caliber television content.

Vegas TOP Cast and Crew :

Actor Character
Paula Newsome Maxine Roby
Matt Lauria Josh Folsom
Mandeep Dhillon Allie Rajan
Jay Lee Chris Park
Ariana Guerra Detective Serena Chavez
Lex Medlin Beau Finado
Marg Helgenberger Catherine Willows
Sarah Gilman Penny Gill
Sara Amini Sonya Nikolayevich
Mel Rodriguez Hugo Ramirez
Jorja Fox Sara Sidle
William Petersen Gil Grissom
Joel Johnstone Jack Nikolayevich
Luke Tennie Bryan Roby
Jamie McShane Anson Wix
Derek Webster Dr. Milton Hudson
Wallace Langham David Hodges
Robert Curtis Brown Undersheriff Cade Wyatt

FBI: International (2021 – )

FBI-International-(2021 – )

FBI: International is created by Dick Wolf and Derek Haas with the Stars Luke Kleintank, Heida Reed, Carter Redwood, and Vinessa Vidotto.  The FBI’s International Division’s elite squad of agents is the subject of the television series FBI: International, whose goal is to keep Americans safe wherever they may be.

Top Cast is listed below:

Actor Character
Luke Kleintank Special Agent Scott Forrester
Heida Reed Special Agent Jamie Kellett
Vinessa Vidotto Cameron Vo
Eva Jane Willis Megan “Smitty” Garretson
Carter Redwood Andre Raines
Christiane Paul Europol Agent Katrin Jaeger
Greg Hovanessian Damian Powell
Missy Peregrym Maggie Bell
Zeeko Zaki Omar Adom Zidan
Shantel VanSanten Nina Chase
Alana de la Garza Isobel Castille
Jeremy Sisto Jubal Valentine
John Boyd Stuart Scola

NCIS (2003 – )

NCIS-(2003 – Present)

On the Marine Corps Base at Quantico, three supermodels participate in a reality program; one of them vanishes but later turns up dead on a fence; the NCIS investigates.

NCIS (2003 – )Episode Guide :

Episode Title Rating Air Date
1 Kill Ari (Part I) 8.6 20 Sep. 2005
2 Kill Ari (Part II) 8.7 27 Sep. 2005
3 Mind Games 8.0 4 Oct. 2005
4 Silver War 7.8 11 Oct. 2005
5 Switch 7.4 18 Oct. 2005
6 The Voyeur’s Web 7.5 25 Oct. 2005
7 Honor Code 8.2 1 Nov. 2005
8 Under Covers 8.5 8 Nov. 2005
9 Frame Up 8.5 22 Nov. 2005
10 Probie 8.0 29 Nov. 2005
11 [Episode Title] [Rating] [Air Date]
12 Boxed In 7.9 10 Jan. 2006
13 Deception 7.5 17 Jan. 2006
14 Light Sleeper 7.7 31 Jan. 2006
15 Head Case 7.5 7 Feb. 2006
16 Family Secret 7.5 28 Feb. 2006
17 Ravenous 7.7 7 Mar. 2006
18 Bait 8.2 14 Mar. 2006
19 Iced 7.6 4 Apr. 2006
20 [Episode Title] [Rating] [Air Date]
21 Bloodbath 8.1 25 Apr. 2006
22 Jeopardy 7.9 2 May 2006
23 Hiatus (Part #1) 8.4 9 May 2006
24 Hiatus (Part #2) 8.6 16 May 2006

The Equalizer (2021 – )

The-Equalizer-(2021 – Present)

A Mysterious person who utilizes her enormous skills to assist folks who have no one else to turn to. The creators of The Equalizer are John W. Marlowe, Terri Edda Miller

The Equalizer Top Cast:

Actor/Actress Character
Queen Latifah Robyn McCall
Tory Kittles Detective Marcus Dante
Adam Goldberg Harry Keshegian
Liza Lapira Melody ‘Mel’ Bayani
Laya DeLeon Hayes Delilah
Lorraine Toussaint Viola ‘Vi’ Marsette
Chris Noth William Bishop
Jennifer Ferrin D.A. Avery Grafton
Tony DeMil Kostya
Donal Logue Colton Fisk
Brett Dalton Carter Griffin
Stephen Bishop Dr. Miles Fulton
Danny Johnson Benjamin ‘Big Ben’ Dante
Erica Camarano Kyler Dante
Dominic Fumusa Detective Paley
Malik Yoba Detective Ken Mallory
Frank Pando Manny
Destin Khari Captain Tony Torres

S.W.A.T. (2017 – )

S-W-A-T-(2017 – 2023)

S.W.A.T. is an American procedural action drama television show that was produced by Rick Husky and is based on the 2003 Clark Johnson film of the same name and the 1975 Robert Hamner television series of the same name. The show has 6 seasons and 128 Episodes.

S.W.A.T. (2017 – ) Top Cast:

Actor/Actress Character
Shemar Moore Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson
Lina Esco Officer III Christina Alonso
Kenny Johnson Dominique Luca
Jay Harrington Sergeant II David Kay
Alex Russell Officer III Jim Street
David Lim Officer III Victor Tan
Patrick St. Esprit Robert Hicks
Stephanie Sigman Jessica Cortez
Peter Onorati Sergeant II Jeff Mumford
Rochelle Aytes Nichelle Carmichael
Deshae Frost Darryl Henderson
Amy Farrington Lieutenant Detective Piper Lynch
Sherilyn Fenn Karen Street
Jon Beavers Scott
Ryan Hurst Terry Luca
Carlo Arrechea Gio Torres
Briana Venskus Agent Prebble

Young Sheldon (2017 – )

Young-Sheldon-(2017 – Present)

Growing up in East Texas is not easy for the young Sheldon Cooper. In a country where the church and football are king, having a once-in-a-generation mind capable of complex mathematics and physics isn’t always advantageous. The Young Sheldon (2017 – ) has 6 Seasons and 127 Episodes.

Young Sheldon (2017 – ) Top Cast:

Actor/Actress Character
Lance Barber George Cooper, Sr.
Zoe Perry Mary Cooper
Annie Potts Meemaw
Jim Parsons Sheldon Cooper
Montana Jordan George Cooper Jr.
Matt Hobby Pastor Jeff Difford
Wyatt McClure Billy Sparks
Wallace Shawn Dr. John Sturgis
Chuck Lorre [Character Name]
Mckenna Grace Paige
Emily Osment Mandy McAllister
Craig T. Nelson Dale Ballard
Melissa Peterman Brenda Sparks
Sarah Baker Sheryl Hutchins
Wendie Malick President Hagemeyer
Brian Stepanek Hubert Givens
Ava Allan Jana
Ed Begley Jr. Dr. Grant Linkletter
Ryan Phuong Tam Nguyen

The Neighborhood (2018 – )

The-Neighborhood-(2018 – Present)

The TV show The Neighborhood (2018 – ) is shown on the CBS network. It is a sitcom that was created by Jim Reynolds and provides a fun and jovial viewing experience. The program had its initial premiere on October 1, 2018, and it’s exciting episodes have kept viewers interested. Kurt Farquhar and Nkenge 1x wrote the “The Neighbourhood” theme song, which adds to the general charm and appeal of the show. “The Neighbourhood” has established itself as a popular option for viewers looking for humour and realistic storylines thanks to its continued airing on CBS.

The Neighborhood (2018 – ) Top Cast:

Actor/Actress Character
Max Greenfield Dave Johnson
Cedric the Entertainer Calvin Butler
Beth Behrs Gemma Johnson
Marcel Spears Marty Butler
Hank Greenspan Grover Johnson
Sheaun McKinney Malcolm Butler
Tichina Arnold Tina Butler
Chelsea Harris Necie

Ghosts (2021 – )


This hilarious sitcom is based on the British series Ghosts, created by Mathew Baynton, Simon Farnaby, Martha Howe-Douglas, Jim Howick, Laurence Rickard, and Ben Willbond. It falls under the genre of sitcoms, delivering plenty of laughs and witty moments.

The show originally premiered on CBS on October 7, 2021, and continues to entertain audiences with its supernatural comedic antics.Watch CBS for comedy and supernatural experiences.

Ghosts (2021 – ) Top Cast:

Actor/Actress Character
Rose McIver Samantha
Sheila Carrasco Flower
Brandon Scott Jones Captain Isaac Higgintoot
Rebecca Wisocky Hetty
Utkarsh Ambudkar Jay Arondekar
Asher Grodman Trevor
Devan Long Thorfinn
Richie Moriarty Pete

Undercover Boss (2010 – )

Undercover-Boss-(2010 – Present)

Stephen Lambert is the creator of the franchise of reality television shows Undercover Boss, which are produced internationally. Watch Undercover Boss to experience the realities of their employees in this Emmy-winning reality series. With hidden cameras capturing their journeys, they gain insights into their companies and discover the true spirit of their workforce.

This show has 10 seasons and 136 episodes, originally released on February 7, 2010.

Tune in to CBS for surprising revelations.

Big Brother (2000 – )

Big-Brother-(2000 – Present)

Big Brother 2000 is the first season of the American reality television series Big Brother, which was renamed Big Brother 1 after season 7.You can watch Big Brother on CBS network.

It has 70 episodes and the original release date was July 5 –  September 29, 2000

The Big Brother (2000 – ) Top cast:

Julie Chen Moonves
Xavier Prather
Nicole Franzel
Janelle Pierzina
Jackson Michie
Christmas Abbott

What Else is Worth Watching on CBS?

Here is the list of the best shows and best trending movies that are available on CBS.


CBS continues to provide high-caliber entertainment with a wide selection of fascinating series. There is something on CBS for everyone, whether you like funny sitcoms or suspenseful crime dramas. Therefore, for a pleasurable and amusing TV experience, sign Up to  ExpressVPN, grab some popcorn, locate a comfortable position, and start watching these top series at CBS in Canada.