How Much Does CNBC Cost In Canada in 2022?

Are you interested to know, how much CNBC cost in 2022? We’re here to give you complete information regarding different cost plans.

An American basic cable business news channel CNBC is a treat for business geeks. Offering real global financial analysis and business material that is visited by far more than 355 million people every month on all platforms, CNBC is the undisputed global leader in economic news.

Have you heard of the CNBC Pro service outside of the news channel, and are you curious about what it is all about? In a nutshell, we can say that if you sign up for the service, you will have access to a daily newsletter, live streaming of the CNBC program, and video clips.

Here are some well-known programs and series that CNBC airs, which you may watch after using a VPN service like ExpressVPN to unblock CNBC in Canada. Some CNBC shows include American Greed, Mad Money, Power Lunch, Closing Bell, Tech Check, and Squawk Box.

CNBC Cost depends on the type of subscription plan you choose. If you select the monthly package, CNBC Cost is CAD39.10, while the annual package costs CAD391.11. You can cancel CNBC anytime.

If you’re looking for CNBC Pro Cost, go through this article for answers and details about CNBC app cost, CNBC Features, and CNBC Shows to watch.


CNBC Cost: What is the CNBC Subscription Plan?

How much does CNBC pro cost? The cost depends on the type of plan you select. CNBC Subscription is available as Monthly and Annual plans. While a CNBC membership is free, you must provide your US-based billing credentials in order to access CNBC Pro.

CNBC Cost for the monthly plan is CAD39.10 or $29.99. However, if you want to enjoy the affordable feature of a CNBC subscription, you must opt for an annual package. CNBC Cost for the annual plan is CAD391.11 or $299.99.

Users who purchase CNBC PRO receive an all-access subscription to CNBC’s top online presence. It provides CNBC Pro Business and Investor Live Discussions, Talks Series, Exclusive Major CEO Talks, and Tailored Q&A Interviews Particularly for CNBC Pro Users.

CNBC Subscription  Cost
Monthly CAD39.10 or $29.99
Annual CAD391.11 or $299.99

CNBC cost plans are reasonable if we compare them with Sky Sports costs or the Australian Foxtel package.

Only its yearly plan is available for a free 7-day trial. Therefore, you must choose the ann plan if you want to use CNBC Pro risk-free.

Here are the features available in the yearly plan;

  •         Free 7-day trial
  •         Watch CNBC TV live from all across the world
  •         Detailed study and knowledge of market trends
  •         Full, as-needed interviews with CEOs and the most prominent figures in investing
  •         In-depth research on global investing trends

If you decide it’s not a good fit for you, you must discontinue your yearly subscription before the free trial period has expired.

Here are the features available in the monthly plan;

  •         Watch CNBC TV live from all across the world
  •         Expertise and in-depth analysis of market trends
  •         Complete, on-demand interviews with the top executives in the industry
  •         In-depth research on global investing trends is available.

The updated CNBC app, which is free to download from Google Play, makes it simpler to access authenticated live and on-demand network programs, as well as real-time market data and its distinguished business news coverage.

What are the CNBC Pro Features?

CNBC Pro offers several features to its subscribers competing with the leading streaming services. Here are the CNBC Pro Features;


Subscription to a stream of the network’s live television content is one of the primary things that CNBC Pro provides. You can watch CNBC’s program across Europe and Asia in addition to the same feed that US network tv consumers get.

Notably, as long as you have a cable subscription that includes this channel, you may view CNBC online without a Pro subscription as well.

You won’t get programs from Europe or Asia, but unless you’re interested in international markets, that’s not a big concern. Several streaming services, like fuboTV, Hulu Canada, and SlingTV streaming service, also offer CNBC.


Daily Newsletter

Every morning, CNBC Pro sends out a newsletter that effectively compiles the day’s most important Pro news pieces. A quick note from a CNBC reporter that outlines the one or two most crucial stories for US investors appears before the list of stories.

The newsletter is a helpful resource for understanding the market at the beginning of each trading day because it only takes a minute to read through.


Pro Stories and Videos

The fact that CNBC Pro offers access to premium news articles and videos is another key selling point. Most of the videos, which typically last 5 to 10 minutes, are in-depth interviews with fund managers and analysts.

Tales can be found in various verticals, such as news, “Follow the Pros,” which covers stories involving well-known investors and fund managers and investment trends.


Is CNBC Subscription Pro worth it?

Yes, CNBC Subscription Pro is worth the cost. It provides access to several business and finance shows.

To understand the worth of CNBC Subscription Pro, it is important to know what CNBC Pro is. A single source for all market information, including stock quotes, is CNBC Subscription Pro. CNBC has long been a leader in the industry with its TV channels, so it’s wonderful that this app complements it for users who are constantly on the go.


Yes, CNBC is available on Roku. If you reside in Canada, all you require is a VPN. With a Roku subscription, you may use the app to watch CNBC. CNBC is accessible through the app’s user manual after downloading those applications to your supported streaming device.

Sling TV, FuboTV, DirecTV, YouTube TV stream, or Hulu are some of the streaming options that you may use to watch CNBC on a Roku device.

Following streaming services have CNBC in Canada;

  •       fuboTV
  •       Hulu Live TV
  •       Sling TV
  •       YouTube TV
  •       Philo
  •       AT&T TV Now

The following are the main distinctions between CNBC Free and CNBC Pro:

  •         With CNBC Pro You have unique access to 24/7 CNBC live streaming
  •         Uncut discussions and interviews with fund managers and corporate CEOs
  •         Follow The Pros, Stock Deep Dive, Mike Santoni’s Notes on Stocks, and Street Calls are examples of premium CNBC Pro programming.


This article has described CNBC  cost with complete information about an annual and monthly package. Now that you have our information about CNBC cost, you are prepared to watch CNBC in Canada.

CNBC Pro Subscription consists of live streaming of CNBC television programming, and CNBC coverage in Europe and Asia is streamed live. You can also access only-available news reports and interviews with analysts and fund managers.

You can use any of the payment plans, but you’ll need ExpressVPN for uninterrupted access to your favorite CNBC broadcasts. Enjoy streaming!