How Much is Sky Sports Cost in Canada? [2022 Guide]

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  • Last updated: September 17, 2023
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If you’re a sports fanatic, you’ll want to get a subscription to Sky Sports. It has over 11 channels and offers the best of all live sporting events, be it football, basketball, golf, etc. And if you’re wondering how much is Sky Sports Cost, you can try the Sky Sports free trial or get a full subscription. you’ll find your answer as you read along.

In this article, we’re showing you how much is Sky Sports in Canada, plus the many ways you can score a great deal on a Sky Sports subscription. Make sure to get a VPN before subscribing to Sky Sports, as it is unavailable in Canada. If you choose to pair it with a purchase of BT Sport, TV Now, or others, be sure to read till the end. Let’s get started.


How Much is Sky Sports Cost in Canada? [Pricing and Plans]

Sky Sports subscription starts from CA$ 27.23 ($20.72) but it is just a start since there are many add-ons to go for. The cost of a Sky Sports package can top up to CA$ 66.56 ($44). This means you get an 18-month contract which gives you a packed schedule of Premier League football matches and many more with Netflix and Sky TV.

Instead of the 18-month contract, you can opt for paying a rolling charge with Sky NOW. One day membership of Sky NOW is about CA$ 15.08 ($11.46) which gives you access to all 11 channels streaming on 6 devices simultaneously.


Sky Sports’ price changes with the season but still provide good competition to other live sports streaming platforms; for instance, Optus Sport Canada or beIN Sports Network are reputable media services.

How Much is Sky Sports Cost Through BT Sport?

Sky Sports on BT Sport costs around CA$ 45.37/month or ($34.53) on BT Sport’s Big Sport package as an Add-on to a Sky subscription. The prices may vary depending upon whether it is a monthly or a yearly package. The deal of Sky Sports with BT includes ESPN channels shows, and BT Sports live events plus shows.

How Much is Sky Sports Cost Through TV Now?

Sky Sports also comes directly through the NOW Day membership worth CA$ 15.10 ($11.49) or the sky sports monthly cost of CA$ 51.42 ($33.99)/month. Below you’ll be able to compare the Day and Month package to see what best fits your needs.

Subscription Plan Features

Sky Sports Daily Cost

Sky Sports Monthly Cost

Sky Sports Package Cost

CA$ 15.10 ($11.49)

CA$ 51.42 ($33.99)




Free Trial


7-Day Boost Free Trial

Simultaneous Streams






What’s the Cheapest Way you Can Get Sky Sports?

The cheapest way is to get Sky Sports Mobile App though it is not the best option available, but the cheapest way to subscribe to the live event and matches. You can see Our list of the Best Popular Sports on Sky Sports to Watch in Canada and Best TV Shows

Perhaps, another cheap way to get a Sky Sports subscription is the NOW’s Day package worth CA$ 15.10 ($11.49). It is best for specific event days and grants you access to all 11 Sky Sports channels for 24 hours. In case you’re a Sky Go user, the day pass price is cheaper.

What’s Included with Sky Sports Package in Canada?

With access to Sky Sports, you get live coverage of events like Formula 1 races, cricket matches, and cups, horse racing tournaments, Sky Bet Football League Games, Barclays Premier League live games, and more. It even has dedicated channels for different sports like:

  • Sky Sports Main Event for various live sports events
  • Sky Sports Cricket for live cricket
  • Sky Sports Mix for highlights from matches and tournaments.
  • Sky Sports Premier League for live Premier League matches
  • Sky Sports F1 for live Formula 1 race coverage.
  • Sky Sports News for the latest sports updates
  • Sky Sports Golf for live news, tournaments, and updates on golfing events.
  • Sky Sports Football for live fixtures, scoreboards, games, and news on football.
  • Sky Sports Arena for live basketball, cricket, racing, bowling, and more.
  • Sky Sports Racing for horse racing updates, news, pictures, and more. s
  • Sky Sports NFL for All NFL news.

What Else Is Worth Watching On Sky Sports?

Here is the list of most popular shows that you can watch on Sky Sports:


No! you can’t watch Sky Sports on Amazon Prime within Canada. You watch only on Sky tv and Virgin TV if you are subscribed. Whereas to watch Sky Sport online, you can stream with NOW.

Yes! You can get Sky Sports for 1 day through the Now’s day-pass worth CA$ 15.10 ($11.49).

Yes! You can watch Premier League highlights on Sky Sports for free on the Sky Sports app and website. But of course, these highlights will be uploaded after the end of the match.


By now, we hope you’ve found out how much is Sky Sports Cost and which package to go for. If you’re a seasonal sports viewer, the cheapest way to get Sky sports is the day pass. But if you’re an avid sports fan who loves to stream sports on the go, be sure to get Sky Go on your mobile.