How to Get CNBC Free Trial in Canada (7-days Free CNBC Pro)

Can I get CNBC free trial in Canada? Yes, CNBC offers a 7-day free trial to every new subscriber.

CNBC is the global authority on the market report and global financial analysis. You can keep up with the most recent business and financial news headlines with CNBC series like “Money Court and TechCheck.”

CNBC is not accessible in Canada due to geo-restriction laws; however, you may still access CNBC in Canada by using a VPN. To our readers, we seriously advise ExpressVPN.

Are you trying to sign up for a free trial of CNBC in Canada? Detailed instructions on how to obtain the free trial are provided here.


How to Get CNBC Free Trial in Canada in 2022?

Since CNBC is only available in the USA, you have two options: either through the CNBC website or by using a streaming service like Hulu, Sling TV Network, FuboTV, YouTube TV premium, etc.

CNBC is a geo-restricted streaming service that is inaccessible outside of the United States. Are you attempting to register for a free trial of CNBC within Canada? Here are detailed instructions on how to get the free trial.

Hundreds more shows are available with CNBC’s cable subscription. With this membership, you have free access to the CNBC app and the network’s live stream. To stream CNBC for free, all you have to do is download and set up the programs on your computer or mobile device.

There are alternative methods to access CNBC for free in Canada if you don’t have this membership. One way is to sign up for other streaming services’ bundles that include CNBC content. The “CNBC app” can then be found by searching for it on the streaming device.

Here are a few different ways to watch the CNBC Free Trial on various gadgets.

Can I get CNBC Free Trial on YouTube TV?


Yes, If you have YouTube TV, you may start viewing CNBC for free and enjoy the CNBC free trial in Canada. YouTube TV is a streaming platform that offers on-demand and lives programming from over 70 networks, including CNBC.

With YouTube TV, you can access content from more than 70 channels, including CNBC, at once on three different devices, store recordings in the cloud, and more.

On iOS, Android, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and other devices, this makes it easy to access YouTube TV in Canada on any of these devices.

With a 7-day free trial, the YouTube TV subscription plan has a monthly cost of CAD85.19. This means that you get a full week to access CNBC and other platform content before you have to start paying. Get a plan and enjoy CNBC live Stream on Youtube.

How Can I Get CNBC Free Trial on Hulu Live TV


CNBC Stream and other cable TV channels are featured for live streaming and on-demand streaming on Hulu. Once Hulu is accessible in Canada, you may quickly access CNBC. Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android, iOS, and other devices all let you watch Hulu.

You can watch on two screens, have six configurable profiles, and access the Hulu streaming library with a Hulu + Live TV. The plan has a 30-day free trial and a monthly Hulu price of CAD9.17.

This means that you will have a full month to enjoy CNBC shows and other channels before you have to start paying.

Have you signed up for Hulu live TV? If not, you are omitting a lot of worthwhile stuff. Get a subscription and enjoy CNBC Free Trial.

Can I Get CNBC Free Trial on fuboTV?


Yes, CNBC TV is available on fuboTV in at least 184 of the 210 television areas in the US. There is a tonne of content available on the service, including live and on-demand shows. Through the app, you can access CNBC programming in Canada.

Over 100 channels, simultaneous viewing on three screens, 250 hours of cloud DVR storage, and a fuboTV app on most streaming services, such as Chromecast, FireTV, Roku, and Apple TV, are some of its best features.

FuboTV has a seven-day free trial and a monthly fee of CAD91.79. You won’t be charged if you cancel your subscription before the trial period expires.

How to Get CNBC Free Trial on DIRECTV Stream?


You can watch your preferred television shows on demand with DIRECTV Stream on any of its services. After acquiring access to DIRECTV Stream in Canada, you may use it to access the CNBC app and take advantage of its content. It serves roughly half of the US market.

The “Entertainment” bundle from DIRECTV Stream has the lowest monthly fee and offers cable TV as well as other streaming services, such as the CNBC app, for CAD91.79.

Create an account on the DIRECTV Stream website, choose your desired plan, and launch your free trial.

After that, it will be simple for you to watch all of your favorite CNBC shows. For new users, DIRECTV stream offers a free 5-day trial. You can also enjoy the CNBC Free Trial. You can also cancel CNBC Subscription at any time.

How Much Does CNBC PRO Cost After the Free Trial?

CNBC PRO cost after the free trial is based on the type of package you choose to subscribe. The annual subscription cost of CNBC PRO is $299.99, while a monthly subscription is available at just $29.99. CNBC Price is comparatively affordable as compared to other streaming platforms.


Yes, you can cancel CNBC Pro free trial in Canada, and no fee will be charged for canceling. By selecting “cancel Pro subscription” in the Account Details section of your Profile page (menu, then select “edit profile”), you can end your subscription at any time. Your Pro features will remain active after you cancel for the remainder of the paid-for month.

Yes, On Peacock premium is CNBC. Peacock uses MSNBC, NBC News, and CNBC as sources for its news programming. With Peacock premium, you can enjoy the latest sports and news for free. Peacock premium is constantly something to appreciate, thanks to live content and on-demand media.


You can enjoy the benefits of the CNBC free trial in Canada in many ways. Some streaming platforms that offer a free trial allow you to view CNBC services for free. This includes fuboTV, Hulu TV, and AT&T TV Now.

Through an aerial or a number of streaming sites that include CNBC live streaming as part of their menu, you can also watch CNBC live for free. To enjoy the CNBC free trial in Canada, ensure you comply with the procedures mentioned.