HBO Max vs Max in Canada: The Complete Guide

Recently, HBO Max underwent a name change and is now referred to as Max. However, this change is not merely cosmetic, and this guide will shed more light on the HBO Max vs Max differences and how to sign up using ExpressVPN.

The main idea is that Max is poised to become an even more popular streaming service compared to HBO Max, which is currently considered to be the best option available. Max is birthed from a merger between HBO Max and Discovery Plus. It is intended to be an improved version of the two services, but Discovery Plus will continue to exist as a standalone platform.

To get newly merged Max or HBO Max in Canada, a VPN is required allowing you to bypass geo-restrictions applied by the respective authority.

HBO Max boasts a vast collection of content, including HBO Originals, Warner Bros. films, Max Originals, and DC Universe movies and shows like Peacemaker and The Batman.

However, Max is set to expand its offerings even further. Max will provide a wide range of content from popular networks such as HGTV, Discovery Channel, Food Network, TLC, ID, and many others.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about Max vs HBO Max differences, and how to sign up for Max in Canada.


HBO Max vs Max in Canada: Overview

One of the notable differences between the two streaming platforms is the size of the streaming library with Max boasting 35,000 hours of content, which is more than what HBO Max offers. Here is an overview of HBO Max vs Max.

HBO Max Max
With ads Monthly Price $9.99/ CAD 13.28 $9.99/ CAD 13.28
Monthly ad-free tier price $15.99/ CAD 21.26 $15.99/ CAD 21.26
Monthly Ultimate Ad-Free tier price n/a $19.99/ CAD 26.58
Streaming quality Up to 4K Full HD at $9.99/ CAD 13.28

and $15.99/ CAD 21.26 | 4K at $19.99/ CAD 26.58

Simultaneous streams 3 2 (4 with Ultimate Ad-Free)
Content HBO, HBO Max Originals, movies, DC, Adult Swim, Sesame Workshop, Studio Ghibli films, TCM Everything HBO Max had, plus Discovery content
Dolby Vision and Atmos Select content Select content, and only with Ultimate Ad-Free
Downloads 30 (ad-free HBO Max) 30 (ad-free Max), 100 (Ultimate Ad-Free)

HBO Max vs Max: Review

The home screen design of Max might seem very familiar to subscribers of HBO Max. However, several differences exist. Here is an overview of HBO Max vs Max:

  • Price and plans: Max maintains the same HBO Max plans but with an additional tier, thu Ultimate ad-free plan.
  • Content: Max combines HBO Max and Discovery+ content providing subscribers with an extensive range of streaming options.
  • Streaming quality: Max delivers 4K UHD streaming, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos with the Ultimate ad-free tier.
  • Overlook: Subscribers will have to update their HBO Max to Max if it doesn’t happen automatically. They will also have three tiers to choose from as opposed to 2 with HBO Max.

Price and Plans: Is HBO Max and Max Subscription Plans, Prices Same?

The good news is that Max will offer similarly priced starting pricing tiers as HBO Max. Both the Max and HBO Max subscription cost for the With Ads tier is $9.99/ CAD 13.28 monthly or $99.99/ CAD 132.94 annually. On the other hand, the Ad-Free tier costs $15.99/ CAD 21.26 monthly or $149.99/ CAD 199.41 annually.

The primary update to Max pricing is the introduction of a new tier called Ultimate Ad-Free, which costs $19.99/ CAD 26.58 per month or $199.99/ CAD 265.89 per year.

What’s noteworthy is that the Ultimate Ad-Free tier will incorporate certain features that are currently exclusive to HBO Max subscribers who have signed up for the $15.99/ CAD 21.26 monthly. Additionally, subscribers will enjoy 4K streaming with the Ultimate Ad-free tier.

Please note that Max is not available in Canada because of restrictions. However, using ExpressVPN you can circumvent the geo-blocks and access your favorite Max content.

HBO Max vs Max cost differences:

Plans HBO Max Max
With Ads tier $9.99/ CAD 13.28 monthly $9.99/ CAD 13.28 monthly
Ad-free tier price $15.99/ CAD 21.26 monthly $15.99/ CAD 21.26 monthly
Ultimate Ad-Free tier n/a $19.99/ CAD 26.58 monthly

Content on HBO Max vs Max: Do They Differ in Any Way in Canada?

Max offers almost eight times more movies and episodes of 4K UHD content compared to what HBO Max provided. Along with popular titles such as Game of Thrones, Harry Potter movies, The Last of Us, The Dark Knight trilogy, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the Matrix films, HBO will also be releasing new 4K versions of their existing fan-favorite shows.

Any Special Difference in Streaming Quality in Canada?

Max will be better compared to HBO Max streaming quality but at an additional cost. To access 4K UHD streaming within the Ultimate Ad-Free Tier with Max, you will be required to pay $19.99/ CAD 26.58 per month.

The ‘Ultimate’ Tier offers access to Max’s Dolby Vision as well as Dolby Atmos features. These are popular and branded versions of high dynamic range content, providing better contrast, more vibrant color, and more intense black tones, as well as immersive audio.

previously it was 4K UHD streaming quality of HBO Max, but it was not always available on all content.

HBO Max users will now be limited to two simultaneous streams per subscription, down from the previous limit of three. However, Ultimate users will still be able to enjoy up to four simultaneous streams. Fortunately, WBD is now taking 4K seriously with Max.

At its launch, Max offers almost eight times more 4K UHD content than what was available on HBO Max. ExpressVPN will allow you to watch 4K content on Max or HBO Max on LG TV in Canada thanks to its blazing-fast streaming speeds.

Overlook: HBO Max vs Max

Regrettably, those who subscribe to HBO Max do not enjoy the same privileges as those who subscribe to Discovery Plus. With the HBO Max transformation into Max, subscribers may be instructed to download the Max application. In any case, there isn’t a viable option to remain with Max.

Subscribers will have a couple of options to choose from: Ultimate, Ad-Free, or Ad-supported plans. We expect to enjoy more hours of streaming and 4K content.

The Difference Between HBO Max and Max [Explained]

The main HBO Max and Max difference will be the content, as Max will be combining HBO Max and Discovery+ content. Essentially, Max will have all HBO Max offerings along with Discovery+ content. Subscribers will enjoy a wealth of new content from a range of genres.

While HBO Max had two subscription tiers, Max will have 3 with an additional Ultimate Ad-Free tier. Another HBO Max vs Max difference to expect is getting more content in 4K with Max but with a reduced number of simultaneous streams. Max supports 2 simultaneous streams, and 4 streams if you subscribe to the Ultimate ad-free plan.

What Happens If I Already Have HBO Max in Canada?

If you already have HBO Max in Canada, nothing much will change. Your HBO Max app will update automatically to Max, or alternatively, you will be prompted to download the Max app. There are no price hikes, only an additional tier, so you should continue enjoying your favourite shows and movies.

If you are in Canada, remember that the streaming platform is geo-restricted so you will need to use the best VPNs for HBO Max for a hassle-free experience. For those curious about whether they can get a Discovery+ bundle with their Max subscription, keep reading.

Are any Bundles Available With Discovery Plus?

No, there are no bundles available with Discovery Plus. Discovery Plus will continue to operate as an independent streaming service that exclusively features content from Discovery-owned networks such as HGTV, TLC, and Food Network.

The subscription service is available at two pricing tiers: $5/CAD 6.66 per month with ads and $7/CAD 1.33 per month without ads. The Discovery Max combination will give subscribers access to select titles from Discovery Plus, but not the entire catalog.

How Can You Sign Up for HBO Max or Max in Canada?

You need a VPN to sign up for HBO Max or Max in Canada because of geo-restrictions.

  • Get your ExpressVPN subscription.
  • Install the VPN app on your streaming device.
  • Open the VPN and connect to a US server (Recommended: New York server).
  • Visit Max and subscribe.
  • Select a billing period.
  • Enter your details in the Account form and select Create Account.
  • Click on Start Subscription to complete HBO Max sign up.
  • Select your profile, and start streaming.

A quick tip: You can get a Max or HBO Max free trial during the initial sign-up. During or by the end of the trial you can also cancel Max or HBO Max subscription as you wish through the website or app.

Note: To watch HBO Max in Canada, you are not only required to pay for Max, but you will also need a premium VPN to bypass geo-restrictions on the streaming platform.

Sign-up for HBO Max or Max in Canada with ExpressVPNRisk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

What Happened to the Titles that Were Removed, Did They Return?

The titles that were removed from HBO Max during its transition to Max will not be available on Max. However, there are still tons of fan favorites to stream from Max or HBO Max On Roku.

Is Max still worth it in 2023?

Yes, Max is still worth it in 2023.

If we take into account the additional content that comes with Discovery+ and its current pricing of $4.99/CAD 6.65 a month or $6.99/CAD 9.31 a month for ad-free, HBO Max subscribers who are interested in the extra content will find Max to be a good deal.

For those curious about how much is an HBO Max subscription, it costs $9.99/ CAD 13.28 and $15.99/ CAD 21.26 monthly for ad-supported and ad-free tiers respectively.


HBO Max and Max are slightly different, though they possess several similarities.

HBO Max transitioned to Max which comprises all of HBO Max’s offerings and Discovery Plus content. Max also has an additional tier, the Ultimate ad-free tier, which is not available with an HBO Max subscription.

HBO Max turned into Max to signal and expansion of its streaming library.

HBO Max and Max are the same.

There are more HBO Max vs Max similarities than differences, with distinct features existing in the size of the streaming library where Max offers more content and tiers. Otherwise, subscribers can still use the same credentials to sign in to Max or HBO Max on Firestick.

No, Max is not free.

Max has three subscription tiers, with an ads plan ($9.99/ CAD 13.28 monthly), an ad-free tier ($15.99/ CAD 21.26 monthly), and the ultimate ad-free tier ($19.99/ CAD 26.58 monthly).

Wrap Up

We hope this guide has answered your queries on HBO Max vs Max differences. HBO Max rebranded as Max which offers a more extensive catalog of content.

HBO Max subscribers will not only be able to stream all content available on the platform, but they will also have access to Discovery Plus programming and a variety of new TV shows and movies produced by Warner Bros. No significant price increases are scheduled to take effect, but there will be some modifications to the subscription plans.

Be it, Max or HBO Max, you must unblock access from Canada using a VPN, and the best VPN we suggest is ExpressVPN with numerous US servers getting you access in seconds.

You can follow our quick steps to sign up for Max or HBO Max with NordVPN as well.