How much is Crave TV Cost Canada? [Full-Guide 2022]

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CraveTV offers two subscription options: monthly and annual. The Crave TV subscription cost may seem expensive, but the offerings and services that come with it make it worthwhile.

CraveTV is an online streaming platform in Canada run by Bell Media. Crave TV is one of the finest streaming platforms in Canada, as you can watch your favorite movies, series, documentaries, and some of the best shows on Crave TV.

Crave TV, just like other streaming platforms, is also geographically restricted, which means you cannot stream Crave TV content outside of Canada. But don’t worry. You can watch Crave TV outside Canada with the help of a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN. A VPN alters your actual IP address with a fake one which makes Crave TV believe that you are accessing from Canada.

In this article, we have answered all your questions, how much is Crave TV a month? How to get Crave TV? So, keep reading!


How much is Crave TV Subscription in Canada? Is it Really worth it?

Crave currently has two subscription tiers. Whichever subscription you pick provides you get access to the exact same content, but the more costly plan allows you to stream on more screens.

Crave Total costs $19.99/month, while Crave Mobile costs $9.99. For an additional $5.99 a month, you can add Starz. New users can also enjoy Crave TV free trials.

As there are no obligations, users can cancel Crave TV anytime. If you do not cancel before the free trial period ends, your credit card will be debited for the next month.

Crave is also available as an add-on to your TV bundle through television providers. Prices in this scenario vary depending on the provider.

Crave TV is worth each penny as it offers a wide variety of content, from TV shows to documentaries. You can also enjoy some of the best movies on Crave TV, and if you subscribe to Crave TV’s annual plan, you get two months free.

Note: if your VPN not working with Crave must check these tips.

What does Crave TV bring with each plan?

As we have stated before, regardless of package, you will have access to the complete content collection, which includes titles from Crave Originals, HBO Max movie titles, Voot web series, HBO, Showtime shows, and others. Crave plus HBO live channels are also available through the Internet. All Crave users have access to content in both English and French.

Crave Mobile allows you to stream Crave content on a single smartphone or PC/Mac simultaneously you must need a reliable VPN for Crave TV. The video quality is stated as Good, which is sufficient for a modest screen – it can go up to 720p. You cannot download content or cast from your phone to a television.

What do we get in Crave Total?

Crave Total is ideal for users that wish to share a single subscription. Following are the features of Crave Total.

  • It offers a free trial period.
  • The package includes two months of free streaming.
  • You may access the whole Crave TV content library.
  • It is compatible with all devices, including cell phones, televisions, and computers.
  • It has higher video quality (1080p) than Crave Mobile.
  • Provides four concurrent streams.
  • You can download Crave TV content to stream offline or later.
  • It also offers Starz content as an add-on for CA$5.99.

What do we get in Crave Mobile?

Crave Mobile is a wonderful option for people who primarily watch content on mobile devices. The following are the features that you get in Crave Mobile:

  • It offers a free trial to new users.
  • You can access the whole Crave TV content library.
  • Crave Mobile is accessible through mobile only.
  • Crave mobile offers 720p video resolution, which is enough for a small screen.
  • Crave Mobile customers may only watch Crave on one mobile device at a time.
  • Your smartphone cannot download content or transmit it to a television.
  • Starz content is available for an additional fee of CA$5.99.

How many devices can register & stream from a single account of Crave TV?

Crave Total and Crave Mobile both provide an unlimited number of registered devices. Crave Total users can watch Crave content on up to four screens simultaneously. Crave Mobile customers can only watch Crave TV on one mobile device at a time.

FAQ’s- How Much Is Crave in Canada?

Yes, Crave TV offers a yearly subscription plan. Crave charges $99.90 yearly for Crave Mobile subscription, and it costs $199.90 for Crave Total subscription, which includes two months free.

If you subscribe via Roku, you will be able to watch Crave throughout your prepaid membership period. Your subscription will automatically update at the conclusion of the duration you choose, and you will be charged via your Roku account within 24hrs at the end of the current period.



We hope that after reading our article, you now know how much is Crave TV and what it offers.

If you are worried that you may dislike it, don’t worry, you can get a Crave free trial to test the service before becoming a subscriber and paying for the Crave subscription!

CraveTV is among the most affordable streaming services in Canada, and we strongly recommend that you get it. If you don’t like it, you may easily cancel Crave.

As you know, Crave TV is geo-restricted, so don’t forget to pair your Crave TV subscription with a reliable VPN service. Have fun streaming!