How to Stream Hulu on Discord in Canada [February 2024]


Hulu binge-watchers frequently ask, can I stream Hulu on Discord? The answer is yes you can. The next question that comes to their mind is, how to stream Hulu on Discord in Canada? Discord is a social network, through which the people of same interests communicate with each other via text chat and voice calls.

To stream Hulu Discord, you must make sure you have a Discord Nitro account before setting up a Hulu party. Then, activate the Hulu setting by going to your settings. You may now pick Hulu as the source by going to the voice channel. This implies that other users on the server can log in and see what you are streaming.

Hulu is geo-restricted and is only available in the USA. To watch Hulu in Canada, you need to get the best Hulu VPN. So, read our guide till the end to find out how to get a Hulu screen on Discord. In this guide, you will also get to learn how to prevent Hulu showing black screen issues.

How To Stream Hulu On Discord in Canada? – 5 Simple Steps

Before going through the process, remember to sign into ExpressVPN. Let’s get started with the full and simple methods for how to stream Hulu on Discord!

  • Step 1: The first part includes downloading, installing, and launching the Discord program from its official website on your operating system. Now, either make an account, enter the credentials from an existing site, or scan the QR code from your mobile app.


    Download Discord Software.

  • Step 2: Next, go to Hulu’s official website, and get the Hulu download. Go to Hulu login, enter your credentials, and begin watching whichever show you choose.
  • Step 3: Launch Discord, add a server and select the text & voice channel. At the left-hand side bottom, choose the little “Settings” symbol. Go to Activity Settings > Registered Games and click “Add it.” Choose “Google Chrome” from the list of available alternatives.


    Select Google Chrome from the options.

  • Step 4: From the main interface, you will notice the “Google Chrome” area. To launch a pop-up window, select the “desktop screen” icon. The parameters can be changed based on your preferences.
  • Step 5: After that, select the window you want to share by clicking “Screen.” Once you click “Go Live,” you’re done. Now, you can stream Hulu on Discord.


    Select Go Live.

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What is Hulu? What Content Does It Offer?

Hulu is a video streaming service that provides customers with access to tons of thousands of programs and movies. It features a massive library of blockbusters, cult masterpieces, rom-coms, and whole TV shows from all decades, genres, and languages.

By selecting the best Hulu Price, Hulu users can enjoy several Hulu shows and movies. Some of the best Hulu Shows and movies are as follow;

Movies  TV Shows
She Made Them Do It Prison Wives Club
Uncharted Grimsburg
The Wave Heartland
Umma How I Met Your Father Season 2
Rare Objects Ishura

Hulu has grown in popularity as a result of its large content library, simplicity of use, and lower monthly rate than Netflix. Hence, in the following part, we’ll show you how to watch Hulu on Discord. Hulu and ExpressVPN combo allows you to unblock amazing Hulu content in Canada and lets you enjoy Hulu on Android and other streaming devices.

ExpressVPN is compatible with various devices, which allows you to unblock Hulu on Roku, Xbox, Windows, iOS, PS4, and many more.

How to Stream Hulu on Discord in Canada Without Black Screen?

Hulu on Discord frequently results in a Black screen. There are several explanations for this, including an inconsistent internet connection. But, the fundamental issue is DRM-protected content, which should not be streamed. It also allows you to preview the video before streaming it, as well as select the camera and background.

These are all of the necessary settings to stream Hulu on the discord black screen after you log into your ExpressVPN account:

Step 1: Launch the Discord program that has previously been installed on your machine. Click “Settings,” then navigate to the “Voice and Video” section to deactivate the “Video Codec.” As a result, hardware acceleration will be

Step 2: Go down to advanced options and, under the “Screen Sharing” area, enable “Use our newest technologies to capture your screen.” That will most likely assist you in streaming Hulu on Discord without the black screen.


Step 3: Finally, launch any movie or show from the Hulu app and link it to Discord using the first guide. Finally, go live, and everything will be fine!

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How to Stream Hulu on Discord with your Friends in Canada?

If you want to access discord watch party or watch Hulu with friends, then here is how to stream Hulu on Discord:

  1. Install the Discord app on your PC or Mac. Discord is accessible on PC and Mac as a web version or as an app. You won’t be able to watch Hulu on Discord if you use the browser version on your PC or Mac.
  2. Disable Browser Hardware Acceleration. This resolves black screen issues when streaming Hulu on Discord. Turn off hardware acceleration in your browser if you don’t want to see a blank screen when streaming Hulu on Discord. Log in using your details or scan the QR code using a mobile app.scan-Qr-code
  3. Open Hulu on your browser and connect to Discord for streaming. Open Chrome and click the vertical three-dot menu in the upper right corner. To watch Netflix on Discord, navigate to Settings in Google Chrome. Go to the ‘System’ tab on the left sidebar, then to the ‘Advanced’ settings, and switch off the ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’ toggle. When you’ve disabled the toggle, restart Chrome.

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How to Watch Hulu on Discord Using Fire TV Stick / Android TV in Canada?

Here’s how to stream Hulu on Discord using Fire TV Stick / Android TV in Canada:

  1. Use ExpressVPN and change your location to the USA. (New York server is recommended)
  2. Say “Air screen” to the Alexa button on your Amazon Fire TV Remote.
  3. You will now see a choice of applications; select the first one and install the Air screen app on your Fire TV Stick. If you have an Android TV, you can get it via the Google Play store.
  4. After that, launch the air screen app. This will correctly allow services such as Chromecast and Miracast on your fire TV stick or Discord on your Smart TV. If your television already has these features, you can forgo using this program, but I highly suggest it because it is quite sturdy.
  5. After that, you may use the Air screen app to mirror your Computer on your Android TV. The trick now is to put up the entire infrastructure that we developed before that allows us to use Hulu on Discord and screencast.
  6. Set up a Hulu watch party on your computer. Now, on the bottom right side of your Windows PC, go to the action center and choose Project. You may alternatively pick “Connect” and then select the device of your choosing. From the action center, select a project or
  7. Now, from the list, choose your TV/Fire TV stick.
  8. Done, you can now host a Discord watch party with your Firestick.
  9. You will be able to utilize your PC’s webcam and microphone to communicate with your pals while simultaneously watching the movie on the large screen with their voices.

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How to Stream Hulu on Discord Without Nitro in Canada?

You can only broadcast in 720p at 30 frames per second if you don’t have Discord Nitro. To stream Hulu on Discord in 1080p/60fps, you’ll need a Discord Nitro subscription. Assuming you’re already logged in to Discord, follow these steps to learn how to Stream Hulu on Discord without Nitro:

  1. Install ExpressVPN first and change your location to New York.
  2. To enter the Settings menu, click the gear-shaped symbol in the lower-left corner of your screen next to your Discord username.
  3. This takes you to the account settings page. Choose Discord Nitro from the left window, then click Subscribe under Discord Nitro. Please keep in mind that if you want to subscribe to Discord Nitro Classic, you must scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.
  4. You will now be able to pick between an annual and a monthly membership. Choose your selection and continue.
  5. In this stage, you must choose your chosen payment method. At the time being, Discord accepts credit card and PayPal payments.
  6. Complete the payment by entering all of your payment information, such as billing address, name, and so on.
  7. After you’re finished, a sparkling new badge signifying that you’re a Discord Nitro subscription will appear on your Discord profile.

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How Can I stream Hulu on Discord from my phone in Canada?

You can effortlessly learn how to stream Hulu on Discord using your mobile app by just sharing your screen. Simply open Hulu in a browser window and pick what you want to watch. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Use ExpressVPN and change your location to New York.
  2. Get the Discord mobile app.
  3. Join the voice conversation by selecting a server.
  4. Choose the Join Voice option.
  5. To begin sharing your screen, tap the Screen Sharing button. To access the menu containing this option on Android, slide up from the bottom of the screen.
  6. Log in to your Hulu account using your phone’s web browser. You may also utilize the Hulu app on your mobile device.
  7. Choose a movie or television show to watch and start it. Everyone is on the same server and voice channel as you can view it when you’re sharing your screen.

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How to Play Hulu to Discord on Computer in Canada?

If you want to know how to Stream Hulu on Discord with Computer / PC in Canada, this is how:

  1. Use ExpressVPN and change your location to New York.
  2. Use any browser, such as Edge, Firefox, Chrome, or the Hulu software.
  3. Open Discord and join a server where you may share your screen with others.
  4. Tap the Settings button in the lower-left corner.
  5. Choose Game Activity from the left-hand menu.
  6. Choose to Add it from the top of the screen. Next, from the drop-down menu, pick the Hulu program, or select your browser window where Hulu is signed in, and press Add Game.
  7. To quit the Settings page, tap the Screen button in the bottom-left corner.
  8. Now, choose the program or Hulu desktop view you want to share.
  9. Choose your preferred streaming options. You’ll need a Discord Nitro account to play at resolutions higher than 720p and 30 frames per second to get a better Hulu desktop view.
  10. To begin streaming, click the Start Live button.

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Why Hulu is not Working on Discord? [Reasons and Fixes]

Hulu support team frequently receives complaints from its users that they can’t stream Hulu on discord. This sort of issue is common among users. For instance, Hulu’s blank screen is a widespread problem.

To watch Hulu in 720p resolution on Discord, you’ll need at least a 30mbps connection. If you have a slower connection, you will be able to stream at an incredibly choppy framerate, which will degrade the experience for everyone.

Reasons Why Hulu Might Not be Streaming on Discord

There are a few reasons why Hulu will not run in Discord. For instance, Hulu showing a black screen issue. The dark screen is caused by your browser’s hardware acceleration being enabled. To stop hardware acceleration in Chrome, launch the program and select the menu in the upper right corner of your screen.

Another issue is that you won’t be able to watch Hulu on Discord if you use the browser version on your PC or Mac. You must first install the PC or Mac program on your computer. To do so, go to the Discord website and download the Discord app for your operating system.

Hulu Not Streaming on Discord: Fixes

There are a few things you can try to solve if you’re experiencing difficulties streaming Hulu on Discord. The Hulu anti screenshare technology usually causes such problems. Then, ensure that your Discord server has been whitelisted by Hulu.

To do so, navigate to your Discord server’s Server Settings tab and select the Whitelist option under the Connections section. Finally, in the Whitelist Domains text box, enter * and click Save Changes. If you still can’t watch due to the Hulu discord bot after whitelisting the URL, try clearing your Discord cache.


If you’re streaming from a Computer, you’ll also notice a “Sound” option. When you move this button to the right, you’ll be able to stream audio from your computer as well. Others will still be able to hear you through your microphone.

Yes, the Hulu discord bot does block screen sharing on Discord and any other platform. However, after you switch off screen sharing, the video will resume. This is due to the fact that Hulu, like other streaming providers, has a strong policy against screen recording, streaming, and redistributing content.

It all depends on the circumstances. It is not unlawful to stream such Hulu videos on Discord if you have proper rights to them. In the alternative, you will face the elimination of copyright legislation. As a result, it is advised to confirm the content rights before considering streaming on Discord.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Hulu streaming on Discord. You can enjoy fast connections, 24/7 customer service, and military-grade encryption with ExpressVPN to keep your streaming activity safe and secure.

Wrapping It Up

We hope you find this guide helpful in finding the way, how to Stream Hulu on Discord. The 5 steps to watch Hulu on Discord have been discussed in this guide, so you can easily learn how to watch Hulu on Discord without any issues or black screen displays.

From our research, we found ExpressVPN, the best VPN to discord Hulu, and enjoy the best Hulu content without any buffer and lag. So, what are you waiting for, get an ExpressVPN subscription and enjoy Hulu on Discord.