When Showtime Merge with Paramount Plus (Everything you need to know)

Showtime and Paramount Plus integrated their streaming platforms beginning on 27 June 2023. For subscribers asking what will happen when Showtime merges with Paramount Plus.

Showtime and Paramount Plus will be totally combined as part of the merger, with programs from both streaming sites available through a single subscription. This means you will get access to additional titles like Yellowjackets, and I Love That for You, as well as The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1).

Not only will Paramount+ with Showtime subscribers have access to an extended streaming library, but they can also download content on their iOS and Android apps. More so, customers should expect the Paramount Plus Showtime prices to increase.

Paramount Plus is available for Canadian users. Unfortunately, access to the US content library is restricted in specific international regions. Therefore, you will require the help of the best VPN for Paramount Plus such as ExpressVPN, to watch US Paramount Plus in Canada as a trustworthy VPN, has the ability to bypass the geo-limitations through encryption and let you unblock the geo-restricted content without any hassle.

You probably have many questions regarding how Paramount Plus Showtime bundle for existing users works, so keep reading for everything you need to know about the new bundle including answers to how much is Paramount Plus with Showtime.

When-Showtime-Merge-with-Paramoun- Plus

After Showtime’s Acquisition, Paramount+ Prices Rise

When Showtime Merge with Paramount Plus is breaking news for binge-watchers, upon hearing of this news they must be curious to know if there would be a price hike upon the subscription to SHOWTIME/Paramount Plus bundle

After Showtime’s acquisition, Paramount+ prices increased. Paramount Plus Showtime cost for instance has increased to $11.99 from $9.99 which was the premium subscription cost for the Paramount+ Premium plan. While that is the case, it is worth noting that the new Paramount Plus Showtime bundle cost remains lower than acquiring both plans separately.

On the other hand, the Paramount+ Essential plan will see a dollar increase from 13.24 CAD ($9.99) to 15.89 CAD ($11.99) per month. Therefore, if you are wondering is Showtime free with Paramount Plus, the answer is no, but the package offers you a discounted deal.

In case you are wondering how many people can watch Paramount Plus at once, each subscription supports three simultaneous streams.

Content Changes for Paramount+ with Showtime

When Showtime merge with Paramount Plus,  there are several content changes for Paramount+ with Showtime including cancellations on both Streaming sites.

Showtime cancellations have already started with Three Women, American Gigolo, and Let the Right One In leading the pack. Showtime has also canceled the long-awaited Gattaca series which was in the pipeline. Showtime will also be passing on a couple of other shows. Showtime will also be adding a Dexter prequel series with a focus on a younger version of Dexter,

On the other hand, Paramount+ is removing content from its library. The Real World: Homecoming, Jordan Peele’s The Twilight Zone, Coyote, Guilty Party, No Activity, and The Harper House are missing from the platform, with Star Trek: Prodigy’s removal being the most unexpected purge.

How to get the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME bundle?

When Showtime merge with Paramount Plus, you would be glad to know that getting Paramount+ with Showtime bundle would be as simple as 123!

With these simple steps, you can easily get the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME bundle without any hassle;

  • Visit the Paramount Plus website.
  • Click on Sign Up then Continue.
  • Select Paramount+ with the Showtime plan.
  • Click on Continue to create your account.
  • Provide the required personal details and click on continue to proceed with the registration.
  • Select the payment method and provide your billing details.
  • Complete the payment and start your Paramount+ with a Showtime subscription.

For more details on Paramount Plus with SHOWTIME bundle, click on this video link

Existing Paramount+ Subscriber. How do I bundle SHOWTIME with my current plan?

When Showtime Merge with Paramount Plus, the existing Patamount+ subscribers can bundle Showtime with their current plan by simply getting the Paramount+ with Showtime package.

Note that with the integration of Paramount+ with Showtime, bundling has been discontinued and replaced with a single Paramount+ with Showtime plan.

Using Paramount Plus on a Web Browser

Here is how to get the Paramount+ Showtime plan if you are using a web browser:

  • Visit the Paramount Plus website.
  • At the top right corner of the screen click on your profile.
  • Select Account from the dropdown.
  • Click on Change Your Plan.
  • Choose Paramount+ with Showtime.

Using Paramount Plus On iOS or Android mobile devices

Use the following steps to get the Showtime bundle if you are using Paramount+ on iOS and Android devices:

  • Sign in to your Paramount Plus app on your device.
  • Go to More > Account > Manage Account.
  • Select Paramount+ with the SHOWTIME plan.
  •  Start enjoying your Paramount Plus/SHOWTIME bundle.

Using Paramount Plus On Connected Devices

Use the following steps to get Paramount Plus Showtime to bundle Apple TV and other connected devices like Roku:

  • Launch the Paramount+ app on your connected device.
  • Select Settings > My Account > Manage Account.
  • Choose Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan.
  • Enjoy Paramount Plus Showtime bundle Roku streaming!

Signed up for Paramount+ through a third party (Amazon, App Store, Google Play, Roku). How Can I bundle my plan with SHOWTIME?

On iOS or Android mobile devices

When Showtime merge with Paramount Plus, here is how to get Paramount+ with Showtime on iOS or Android mobile if you signed through a third party:

  • Go to Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Go to Menu > Subscriptions.
  • Find your Paramount+ subscription and click Manage.
  • Change your plan to Paramount+ with Showtime.
  • Do a Paramount Plus Showtime login anytime and catch up with the latest episodes of your favorite shows!

On Connected Devices

When Showtime Merge with Paramount Plus, you can get Paramount+ with Showtime on connected devices if you got your subscription through a third party.

Here is how to add Showtime to Paramount Plus;

  • On your Roku remote, press the Home button.
  • Using the directional pad, find Paramount+ in the channel grid.
  • Open the options menu by pressing the Star button.
  • Select Manage Subscription.
  • Change your subscription to Paramount+ with Showtime.
  • Do a Showtime/Paramount Plus login and enjoy your favorite shows!

I have separate subscriptions to SHOWTIME and Paramount+. Can they be combined to obtain bundle pricing?

If you have separate Showtime and Paramount+ subscriptions, you can get bundle pricing by getting the Paramount+ with Showtime subscription. Here are the steps:

  • Visit the Paramount Plus website.
  • At the top right corner of the screen click on your profile.
  • Select Account from the dropdown.
  • Click on Change Your Plan.
  • Choose Paramount+ with Showtime.
  • Go to the Showtime website and sign in.
  • At the top right corner of your screen click on your profile.
  • Go to Account Settings > Your Account
  • Click on Cancel Your Subscription and follow the prompts to complete the process.

What can I Watch on Paramount Plus Showtime

All your favorite and the latest shows will be available for streaming on Paramount Plus Showtime. You can stream original Paramount Plus and Showtime shows, movies, documentaries, and sports events like BIG3 Basketball 2023 and PGA Tour – Travelers Championship. Ready to find out what’s available for streaming? Keep reading!

Note: If you are in Canada, you need ExpressVPN to access Paramount Plus Showtime content because of geo-restrictions. While using ExpressVPN, a trustworthy VPN, you will never face any issue regarding Paramount Plus not working in Canada.

Best Paramount Plus Originals


Paramount Plus Originals

Here are the best Paramount Plus originals to stream:

The Family Stallone iCarly Season 3
Queen of the Universe Season 2 Joe Pickett Season 2
Destination European Nights The 76th Annual Tony Awards
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 FBI True Season 3
School Spirits NCIS Crossover Event
Wolf Pack series Are You the One (Season 9)
Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Lingo Season 1
Rabbit Hole —-

Best Movies


Paramount Plus Movies

Here are the best-recommended movies to stream with Showtime/Paramount Plus bundle 30-day trial:

Fire Island The Inspection
Loudmouth Transformers: Rise of the Beasts
Hot Honeymoon Surprise Scream VI
Everything Everywhere All at Once

Best Shows


Paramount Plus Shows

Here are the best shows to binge-watch with the Showtime and Paramount Plus bundle:

Waco: The Aftermath Yellowjackets
Couples Therapy VICE (Season 4)
Young Sheldon S.W.A.T
Ghosts of Beirut (Season 1) Survivor (Season 44)
RuPaul’s Drag Race (Season 14) South Park Season 26
Jersey Shore Family Vacation Personality Crisis: One Night Only
The Gold


Yes, Paramount owns Showtime.

Yes, Showtime is still included with Paramount Plus.

For those who are wondering is Showtime included with Paramount Plus or does Paramount Plus include Showtime? As part of a recent merger, Showtime has been integrated with Paramount+. According to a press release by Paramount+, The Showtime app will be phased out by the end of 2023 and the integrated service rebranded.

Yes, Paramount Plus Showtime bundle Amazon Prime is available

Yes, you should bundle Showtime and Paramount Plus in case you are wondering is Paramount Plus with Showtime worth it. Paramount+ with Showtime plan offers you an amazing discounted deal for an extensive streaming library with content for the whole family.

Wrap Up

When Showtime Merge with Paramount Plus, subscribers get access to more hours of streaming content from Paraount+ and Showtime, at a reasonable price, compared to getting the two packages separately. For those asking is Showtime part of Paramount Plus, Paramount+ has been Showtime’s streaming home since 27 June 2023.

Whether you are a new subscriber or an existing Paramount Plus subscriber, you can get Paramount+ with Showtime and start enjoying your favorite shows and local channels. Note that eligible subscribers can also get Showtime Paramount Plus bundle 30-day trial.

We hope that this guide has given you all the details you need to change your subscription successfully. If you are in Canada, get your ExpressVPN to stream SailGP on Paramount+ with Showtime stress-free!