How much does TSN subscription cost in 2022?

TSN (The Sports Network) is a Canadian English sports channel with a long history. As a result of this, it has a strong understanding of the sports events it offers and a wealth of experience in this field. This post will educate you about TSN subscription rates.

One of the best streaming services and the top option for many sports fans is TSN. Here, viewers can live stream the games, leagues, and shows they love.

It may inspire you to sign up for it and begin with the enjoyable side by considering the affection other sports fans have for this site. Due of the availability of cricket matches, it is also well-liked. Over 10 million people use the TSN app simultaneously during matches.

However, the cost is a crucial issue to consider when choosing a platform. Knowing it will help you choose the platform that best fits your needs and your budget.

TSN is exclusively accessible to Canadians and geo-restricted in locations outside Canada. Therefore, a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN is required if you want to watch TSN outside Canada.

You can find both live and recorded coverage of all the exciting sports content on this site because it is focused on sports. You may watch various sports broadcasts on demand. The rest of the content here includes TSN sports documentaries, podcasts, and sports talk shows. Some examples of the content are Monday Night Football, First Take, Golf Talk Canada, etc.

There must be many reasons why you might want to cancel TSN subscription, but no need to worry because there are several ways to do so, including via email, a helpline, or by contacting the company directly through their website.

How much does TSN subscription price?

Are you curious to know how much does it cost to watch TSN online? Well, the price of a TSN subscription is $19.99 CAD and $14.71 USD, although there are also day passes, yearly, and 4-month subscription options available.

TSN offers two more plans in addition to monthly costs, including a day pass and a six-month pass. Users can choose the option that best suits them because three possibilities are accessible, each with a different set of periods.

Let’s look at the three possible options’ TSN subscription costs in more detail below. You can also check our guide for the Funimation cost.

What is included in TSN Day-Pass?

The cost of a Day Pass is pre-paid, non-refundable, and charged all at once. The TSN Day Pass costs $7.99 CAD, including tax, for one day. The pass lets customers access all of TSN’s services around the clock, starting immediately after the subscription.

Note: Since this pass does not renew automatically after the initial 24-hour period, you don’t need to bother about canceling the membership.

What is included in TSN Month Pass?

Month Pass that costs $19.99 CAD each month, tax included. Additionally, it is pre-paid, non-refundable, and charged all at once.

Note: Unlike a day pass, the new payment month will begin automatically when the previous one does.

What is included in TSN 6-Month Pass?

6 Month Pass is the TSN’s 3rd tier of subscription, costing $135.96 CAD. You can infer from the price that this is the most cost-effective TSN subscription plan.

Note: it is non-refundable, and also renewed automatically every six months.

Which TSN Package is Best For Me?

When compared to the cost of a six-month pass, a one-month pass is incredibly inexpensive and allows you to decide whether you will actually use TSN or whether you will just be wasting your money.

FAQs: TSN Subscription

To try out the streaming service, TSN doesn’t provide a free trial, so you’ll need to join up and agree to pay for however long you wish to use it.

Following are the other TSN channels.

  • CTV
  • TSN2
  • ESPN Classic
  • Sportsnet World

Yes, TSN Direct has recently joined Crave TV streaming platform. Movies and television programs are available on Crave, including original productions from HBO Max, Showtime movies, HBO, and the whole HBO collection.


That covered everything you needed to know about The Sports Network, also known as TSN, a Canadian platform. Each of the three TSN subscription tiers was thoughtfully created to satisfy different entertainment needs. The cost of a TSN membership and the precise features assist you in making a wiser choice if you decide to subscribe.

This quick post is meant to help you with the TSN subscription process, and we sincerely hope it does. Enjoy your stream!