How to watch Ghislaine: Partner in Crime on ITV in Canada [Updated Guide]

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In its dramatic facts, the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell made headlines around the world. It shed light on the previously hidden lifestyle of the ultra-rich. An in-depth look at the infamous ex-life, the socialite including her associations with Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew and the FBI investigation that led to her 20-year prison sentence, is provided in this documentary on ITV.

ITV’s new streaming service, ITVX, has launched successfully in the United Kingdom and continues to add new episodes on a monthly basis. Original dramas like Russell T. Davies’ Nolly 2023 and The Twelve, as well as reruns of American favorites like Dawson’s Creek, several installments of the Fast & Furious franchise, true crime documentaries, and more, will all be available to viewers in February 2023.

However, all of the best shows on ITV, including those on ITV2 and the network’s free streaming service, ITV Hub, are restricted to viewers outside the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, if you have a reliable VPN, you may watch to Watch Ghislaine: Partner in Crime on ITV.

Without further ado, here is how to use a VPN to access ITV in Canada.

How to Watch Ghislaine: Partner in Crime on ITV in Canada? [Easy Steps]

A VPN is what you need to learn how to watch Ghislaine: Partner in Crime on ITV. Here’s how to Watch Ghislaine: Partner in Crime on ITV:

  • You can sign up for the VPN service. ExpressVPN is a good choice.
  • Get the VPN and install it on your device.
  • Connect to a server in the UK (We recommend connecting to the Docklands server).
  • Go to ITV Hub and make an account for free. Ghislaine: Partner in Crime on ITV can now be watched online for free.

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When and Where to watch Ghislaine: Partner in Crime on ITV in Canada?

If you are wondering Where can I watch Ghislaine Partner in Crime, we have got you covered! You can get Ghislaine partner in crime watch online on ITVX on 9 February 2023. However, since the service is geo-restricted you need to get a VPN.

If you want to avoid advertisements you can get ITVX paid plan. it also comes with a free trial so that you can test out the service.

Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?

Ghislaine Noelle Marion Maxwell is a British woman who was once a socialite and was convicted of sex offenses. In 2021, she was found guilty of child sex trafficking and other crimes related to Jeffrey Epstein, a wealthy man who had been convicted of sex crimes.

what is the cast of Ghislaine: Partner in Crime?

Partner in Crime cast includes remarkable and extraordinarily talented actors including;

Victoria Hervey Lucia Osborne-Crowley
Eve Pollard Lisa Phillips
Lisa Bloom John Blake
Sarah Ransome Queen Elizabeth II
Ian Maxwell Chelsea Clinton
R. Couri Hay Alan Dershowitz
Teresa Helm Annie Farmer
Kevin Maxwell Daphne Barak
Isabel Maxwell Ken Starr
Scotty David Maria Farmer
Rikki Klieman Maxine Tobias
Virginia Roberts Giuffre Stephen Wright
Annette Witheridge Robert Giuffre
Euan Rellie Paul Page
Nazir Afzal Anne Maxwell
Lucia Osborne-Crowley Christine Maxwell
Lisa Phillips Mick Jagger
John Blake Soon-Yi Previn
Queen Elizabeth II Bill Clinton
Chelsea Clinton Paul Page
Alan Dershowitz Anne Maxwell
Annie Farmer Christine Maxwell
Daphne Barak Mick Jagger
Ken Starr Soon-Yi Previn
Maria Farmer Bill Clinton
Maxine Tobias Robert Giuffre
Stephen Wright

How many Episodes are in Ghislaine: Partner in Crime?

There are four Episodes in Ghislaine: Partner in Crime episodes, and each episode’s plot is summarized below:

Episode 1 – Secrets and Shame

In 2021, when Ghislaine Maxwell is on trial for a crime, a member of the jury, survivors, and lawyers reveal shocking facts. People who were close to the former socialite look into her privileged but troubled childhood. How did the daughter of a billionaire end up in court, accused of helping her rich friend Jeffrey Epstein recruit, groom, and traffic girls as young as 14 for sexual abuse? A tragedy in the style of Shakespeare, her family supports her no matter what. You can always find out the truth.
Episode 2 – Lady of the House

Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein have changed from lovers to criminal partners, but they still act like a power couple on the social stage of the world and share a dark secret. The testimony of the four victims at the center of the Maxwell trial paints a picture of a woman who was involved in Epstein’s abuse. Their housekeeper and personal pilot both say that Ghislaine found the young girls and set up a network of sex abuse in Epstein’s homes. Surviving people talk about how the madam got to know them and earned their trust.
Episode 3 – The Prince and the Predator

When Maxwell and Epstein’s biggest enemy, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, accuses them of forcing her to sleep with Prince Andrew, an old school friend of Ghislaine, the sex trafficking pyramid scheme goes royal. The Prince says he has never met the 17-year-old, but a picture shows that he has. How did the Queen’s favorite son get caught up in one of the biggest sex abuse scandals of the century? He was in London, New York, and on Epstein’s private island.
Episode 4 – The Verdict: Is it Over?

The climax of the Ghislaine Maxwell sex abuse trial is being watched by people all over the world. Her accusers hope that she will finally get justice because she and Jeffrey Epstein hid from the law for decades while selling girls as young as 14 years old. After 12 days of nail-biting debate, the jury comes to a decision. Case closed…until a shocking confession about sexual abuse by one juror throws the verdict into chaos and threatens to send the trial back to the beginning.

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FAQs – Watch Ghislaine: Partner in Crime on ITV in Canada

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you can watch Ghislaine: Partner in Crime on ITV even if you’re not in the UK.

Register with ExpressVPN. Make sure you get the right version for your device and then download and install the VPN app. You just need to connect to one of your VPN’s English servers and you’ll be able to get Ghislaine partner in crime watch free from abroad.

Despite watching Ghislaine: Partner in Crime through ITV, you can also watch on Paramount+ US.

Wrapping UP!

This article will definitely tell you how in Canada you can watch Ghislaine: Partner in Crime on ITV. In this current docu-series, you will get to see Ghislaine life, Ghislaine children, and her husband.

If you’re in Canada and want to watch Ghislaine: Partner in Crime on ITV, you’ll need a VPN like ExpressVPN to get around the geo-restrictions of ITV Hub. Good luck streaming!