How To Watch How She Caught a Killer in Canada On Discovery Plus? [Quick Guide]

The Lifetime Channel is back with another thriller movie titled “How She Caught a Killer”. In order to watch How She Caught a Killer in Canada, you need a VPN like ExpressVPN.

The show, How She Caught a Killer, is available in the US Library of Discovery Plus which is geo-restricted in Canada. Therefore, you need a VPN to unblock the Discovery+ US library in Canada and watch the show.

Let’s shed light on the plot of How She Caught a Killer. Rookie investigator Linda Murphy (Sarah Drew), based on a real-life incident, is freshly graduated from the police academy when she overhears her employer discussing a local serial killer who appears to be targeting sex workers.

Learn more about how to watch How She Caught a Killer in Canada on Discovery Plus by reading on.

How to Watch How She Caught a Killer in Canada On Discovery Plus? [5 Simple Steps]

By doing the following, you can watch How She Caught a Killer in Canada:

  • Purchase a VPN subscription (ExpressVPN is suggested).
  • Put the VPN application on your smartphone.
  • Join the US server (New York server first).
  • Launch the Discovery Plus website or app and open Lifetime Channel.
  • Now watch How She Caught a Killer in Canada!
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Where To Watch How She Caught a Killer?

Do you know where can I watch How She Caught a Killer? How She Caught a Killer is available on Discovery Plus via Lifetime Channel. The Discovery+ network owns and runs this channel.

It’s true that Discovery Plus offers a few cost-cutting options. Check the Discovery Plus website to learn more about the Discovery Plus cost and plans offered by the service. Simply evaluate the plan and select the one that suits you the most.

Use a trustworthy VPN for Discovery Plus, such as ExpressVPN. By doing this, you can not only watch How She Caught a Killer online but also stream other shows without experiencing server disconnections, such as Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge.

Looking for a way to watch How She Caught a Killer free of cost? Check out the next heading!

Can I Watch She Caught a Killer Available for Free on Discovery+?

You can use Discovery Plus to watch How She Caught a Killer free! All you have to do is sign up for the free 7-day trial of Discovery Plus. For the first time, Discovery Plus provides this service to new subscribers.

You may explore the platform’s extensive content library once you’ve signed up for the Discovery+ free trial. You can effortlessly watch famous shows on Discovery+ without any hassle with this trial.

What is the Premiere Date of How She Caught a Killer on Discovery+?

How She Caught a Killer release date is August 16, 2023, which will air on Discovery Plus.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to get motivated by a real-life incident and learn how novice investigator Linda Murphy caught a serial killer

What is the Storyline of How She Caught a Killer?

In the plot of How She Caught a Killer, Drew plays Linda Murphy, a new police officer who decides to look into the terrifying investigation regarding a serial killer who attacks sex workers.

Despite having just graduated from the police academy. Linda fights to go undercover with FBI agent Neil Carter (Jamall Johnson) in order to help solve the killings and, if everything goes as planned, catch a serial killer.

The first victim of the killer is a former prostitute and aspiring nurse played by Delilah Hamlin.

You might be considering streaming How She Caught a Killer online from your home as now that you are aware of its summary. Use ExpressVPN to access Discovery Plus in this situation.

Meet the Cast and Crew Behind How She Caught a Killer

The movie is directed by Robin Hays. Eric Keenleyside (Superman & Lois), who plays Linda’s supervisor, Detective David Goodman, joins Drew in the cast.

Check out the complete How She Caught a Killer cast below:

Cast Role
Sarah Drew Executive producer
Jason Egenberg Executive producer
Tim Johnson Executive producer
Stacy Mandelberg Executive producer
Sarah Drew Detective Linda
Bradley Stryker Wilson
Barbara Tyson Barbara Tyson
Benita Ha Kristen Mills
Delilah Hamlin Former Sex Worker / Aspiring Nurse
Jamall Johnson FBI Agent Neil Carter
Graeme Duffy Coroner

How She Caught a Killer: Is There a Trailer Available on Discovery Plus?

The how She Caught a Killer trailer isn’t accessible, regrettably. Make sure you connect to ExpressVPN before accessing How She Caught a Killer streaming in Canada on Discovery+.

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How She Caught a Killer

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The most terrifying serial killers leave terrifying tales that haunt people for years. Ted Bundy, a US serial killer and rapist who operated in the 1970s, is one of the scariest murderers of all time. He admitted to murdering more than 30 young women in seven different states.

While the motivations and techniques of serial killers have always fascinated people, it is unsettling to note that not all of them are apprehended. The most effective serial killers meticulously organize their crimes, leaving little to chance. They anxiously await the best opportunity to strike.

Even if there are less serial killers prowling American streets, the general public is nonetheless attracted by the horrifying, heinous tales of what Fox refers to as “the legacy killers.” Given how unusual it is for individuals to come across a serial murderer, serial killers could have an outsized cultural impact.

Wrap Up

Now that you’ve read our blog, which we hope was useful, you may watch How She Caught a Killer in Canada with ExpressVPN.

On August 16, 2023, How She Caught a Killer, a mystery crime movie, premiered on Discovery Plus via Lifetime Channel. You’ll need a secure VPN like ExpressVPN to circumvent restrictions as Discovery Plus is a geo-restricted service.

Enjoy How She Caught a Killer Movie!