How to Watch HXMMA 13 in Canada on Discovery Plus

Hexagone MMA 13, the best fighters in the discipline returns to the ring is set for Friday, January 26, 2024, featuring 8 thrilling fights at Le Zénith Paris – La Villette in Paris, France. Explore the fight card, read about its social media hype, and stay updated on the results of this exciting event with ExpressVPN and my guide on how to watch HXMMA 13 in Canada on Discovery Plus.

A VPN will help you bypass the geo-restrictions of the platform imposed due to content licensing restrictions. This way you will be able to watch the UK library of Discovery Plus in Canada or even the Canada library of Discovery Plus outside Canada. Keep reading to find other important details of the Hexagone MMA Paris.

How to Watch HXMMA 13 in Canada on Discovery Plus? [Quick Steps]

To watch HXMMA 13 in Canada on Discovery Plus via TNT Sports, follow these quick steps:

  • Subscribe to a speedy and reliable VPN, like ExpressVPN.
  • Download and set up the VPN app on your device.
  • Connect to a swift UK server location, such as Docklands.
  • Visit the Discovery Plus website or use the smart app and sign in.
  • Enjoy live streaming of Hexagone MMA 13 MMA Event in Canada!

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Where to Watch HXMMA 13 in Canada?

You can watch HXMMA 13 in Canada on Discovery Plus UK library via TNT Sports.

However, you are advised to opt for a premium VPN to overcome geo-restrictions. ExpressVPN is the top recommendation for enjoying the best sports on Discovery Plus in Canada, providing optimized servers in the UK, and ensuring seamless access to Hexagone MMA Fights on Discovery Plus via TNT Sports in Canada.

For further streaming guides to help you decide what to watch on Discovery Plus in Canada, continue reading this blog.

When is HXMMA 13?

The HXMMA 13 is on 26th January 2024. The event is taking place in Paris. Its second edition will take place in March 2024 at Arena Futuroscope.

What is the HXMMA 13 Start Time in Canada?

The start time of HXMMA 13 is 01:00 PM ET as per the official website. The live coverage of the event will be provided on TNT Sports via Discovery Plus.

Where is HXMMA 13 going to be held?

HXMMA 13 is going to be held at Le Zénith Paris – La Villette, Paris – France.

It is a versatile indoor arena within the Parc de la Villette, 19th arrondissement, near the Canal de l’Ourcq. With a seating capacity of 6,293, it stands as one of the capital’s most expansive venues.

How Much Does TNT Sports via Discovery Plus Cost?

You can choose from three Discovery Plus plans, with TNT Sports exclusively in the Premium plan at £29.99. While a Discovery Plus free trial in Canada is available, it doesn’t include the TNT Sports plan.

Package Features Price
Basic Plan On-demand Discovery Plus content with ads £3.99 ($5.05)
Standard Plan Ad-free content with live Eurosport channels £6.99 ($8.85)
Premium Plan Ad-free On-demand and Live content, including TNT Sports £29.99 ($37.95)

Try the platform with a free trial and if it doesn’t suit your preferences, you can cancel Discovery Plus in Canada easily.

HXMMA 13 Fight Card

The upcoming fight card promises an electrifying evening of mixed martial arts action, featuring seasoned contenders like Gregory Bouchelaghem and Mehdi Ben Lakhdhar in the main and co-main events, respectively.

With a diverse lineup of talented fighters across various weight classes, fans can expect a thrilling showcase of skill and determination in each fight.

Here’s a table summarizing the Hexagone MMA 13 Fight Card:

Fight # Fighter 1 Record Fighter 2 Record Weight Class Event Type
1 Gregory Bouchelaghem 6-4-0 Martin Horský 4-5-0 Light Heavyweight Main Event
2 Mehdi Ben Lakhdhar 6-1-1 Osvald Fedorovič 7-5-0 Lightweight Co-Main Event
3 Magomed Kadimagomedov 5-0-0 Nacim Belhouachi 3-2-0 Featherweight Main Card
4 Abou Kamara 1-0-0 Michael Bento 0-1-0 Welterweight Main Card
5 Benjamin Molnár 10-8-0 Helder Fernandes 8-7-0 Featherweight Main Card
6 Théo Ulrich 0-0-0 Rémi Bourgois 0-0-0 Amateur Welterweight Main Card
7 Parwaiz Arabzai 4-3-0 Jason Polydor 1-2-0 Lightweight Main Card
8 Francis Martin 1-0-0 Sidy Barry 0-0-0 Featherweight Main Card

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The fight card boasts a lineup of standout superstars, including seasoned contenders like Gregory Bouchelaghem and rising talents such as Théo Ulrich. With diverse skill sets and rankings across multiple weight classes, these fighters promise an unforgettable night of high-octane action in the world of mixed martial arts.

Superstar Record Weight Class Rank
Gregory Bouchelaghem 6-4-0 Light Heavyweight #20
Mehdi Ben Lakhdhar 6-1-1 Lightweight #26
Magomed Kadimagomedov 5-0-0 Featherweight #32
Benjamin Molnár 10-8-0 Featherweight #42
Helder Fernandes 8-7-0 Featherweight #54
Théo Ulrich 0-0-0 Amateur Welterweight #3
Parwaiz Arabzai 4-3-0 Lightweight #212
Francis Martin 1-0-0 Featherweight #50

What is the Status of the fighters for HXMMA 13?

As we gear up for the highly anticipated HXMMA 13, a burning question on every fight fan’s mind is the current status of the fighters set to clash in this thrilling event.

Let’s take a look at what to expect when you watch HXMMA 13 in Canada on Discovery Plus.

Fighter Name Record Ranking Weight Class Event Type Bout Type
Gregory Bouchelaghem 6-4-0 #20 Light HW (UK/Ireland) MAIN EVENT 198 lbs 3 x 5 | Pro
Mehdi Ben Lakhdhar 7-0-1 #26 LightW (UK/Ireland) CO-MAIN EVENT 155 lbs 3 x 5 | Pro
Magomed Kadimagomedov 5-0-0 #32 FeatherW (Europe Western) MAIN CARD 145 lbs 3 x 5 | Pro
Abou Kamara 1-0-0 #261 WelterW (Europe Western) MAIN CARD 155 lbs 3 x 5 | Pro
Benjamin Molnár 10-8-0 #43 FeatherW (Europe Eastern) MAIN CARD 135 lbs 3 x 5 | Pro
Théo Ulrich 0-0-0 #3 Am. WelterW (Europe Western) MAIN CARD 170 lbs 3 x 5 | Pro
Parwaiz Arabzai 4-3-0 #212 LightW (Europe Western) MAIN CARD 155 lbs 3 x 5 | Pro
Francis Martin 1-0-0 #50 FeatherW (South Africa) MAIN CARD 148 lbs 3 x 5 | Pro

What are the Predictions for the eight fights on the HXMMA 13?

The online expert community predictions for Hexagone MMA 13 showcase strong favoritism towards certain fighters, with overwhelming confidence in the likes of G. Bouchelaghem, A. Kamara, and F. Martin.

While these percentages provide insights into popular expectations, the dynamic nature of MMA ensures that surprises and upsets may unfold, adding an element of unpredictability to the anticipated outcomes.

Based on the current breakdown of event predictions on Tapology for Hexagone MMA 13, here is a summary of the anticipated outcomes according to the community:

  • G. Bouchelaghem vs. M. Horský:
      • G. Bouchelaghem: 94%
      • M. Horský: 6%
  • M. Ben Lakhdhar vs. O. Fedorovič:
      • M. Ben Lakhdhar: 93%
      • O. Fedorovič: 7%
  • M. Kadimagomedov vs. N. Belhouachi:
      • M. Kadimagomedov: 97%
      • N. Belhouachi: 3%
  • A. Kamara vs. M. Bento:
      • A. Kamara: 100%
      • M. Bento: 0%
  • B. Molnár vs. H. Fernandes:
      • B. Molnár: 83%
      • H. Fernandes: 17%
  • T. Ulrich vs. R. Bourgois:
      • T. Ulrich: 86%
      • R. Bourgois: 14%
  • P. Arabzai vs. J. Polydor:
      • P. Arabzai: 88%
      • J. Polydor: 13%
  • F. Martin vs. S. Barry:
    • F. Martin: 98%
    • S. Barry: 2%

Get ready for Hexagone MMA 2024’s scheduled fights on January 26th, 2024. If you are in Canada, make sure you have access to ExpressVPN to avoid any geo-blocking errors.

What is the Ticket Price of HXMMA 13?

The Hexagone MMA Zénith de Paris Paris tickets start at €49.00 ($54.82) and go up to €500.00 ($560.50). You can buy tickets online at

Seat Type Price (Euro)
ULTIMATE FIRST ROW €500.00 ($560.50)
RINGSIDE 1ST ROW €349.00 ($390.63)
RINGSIDE 2nd ROW €249.00 ($278.41)
RINGSIDE 3rd ROW €199.00 ($222.65)
RINGSIDE 4th ROW €199.00 ($222.65)
GOLD SQUARE 1ST ROW €89.00 ($99.52)
PLATINUM €99.00 ($110.61)
SQUARE GOLD €79.00 ($88.31)
CATEGORY 1 €59.00 ($65.93)
CATEGORY 2 €49.00 ($54.82)

If you don’t want to buy Hexagone MMA tickets 2024/2025 then you can still enjoy the fight live via Discovery Plus UK library.

Social Media Buzz of HXMMA 13

Hexagone MMA 13 is generating a vibrant social media buzz with fans expressing anticipation for the thrilling matchups. Excitement is palpable across platforms as MMA enthusiasts share predictions, highlight fighters, and discuss the much-anticipated event.

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In MMA, fights are won by knockout, submission, decision, TKO, or forfeiture. Judges determine winners based on points, with draws declared if scores tie.

An MMA rules match comprises three rounds, each lasting up to five minutes, in a 20-32 square feet ring or cage. Fairness is maintained as competitors must face opponents in the same weight category.

Using a free VPN to watch HXMMA 13 on Discovery Plus in Canada may have limitations. Free VPNs often have restricted server locations, and limited bandwidth, and may not effectively bypass streaming restrictions. For a seamless and reliable streaming experience, consider a reputable paid VPN service that offers servers in the desired location like ExpressVPN.

Yes, it is legal to watch HXMMA 13 in Canada with a VPN. However, you better be careful with the VPN selection. Choose a VPN like ExpressVPN that helps you with secure streaming, and quickly bypassing geo-restriction on any platform.

Wrapping Up

Now be set for January 26, 2024, and make sure you have carefully understood our guide on how to watch HXMMA 13 in Canada on Discovery Plus. Choose only a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.

HXMMA 13 promises an exhilarating night of mixed martial arts action, featuring top-notch fighters in compelling matchups. With a diverse fight card and anticipated bouts, HXMMA 13 is set to captivate MMA enthusiasts with intense competition and skillful displays in the hexagon.