How To Watch Love Triangle in Canada On Stan? [Quick Guide]

If you’re eager to watch Love Triangle in Canada on Stan, we’ve got the solution: ExpressVPN. This blog will guide you through the process of unlocking Love Triangle’s captivating episodes, no matter where you are.

Stan’s content is geo-restricted due to licensing issues, but with a reliable VPN, you can seamlessly stream Stan in Canada or anywhere else in the world and access the show.

Love Triangle is an Australian dating show in which a group of singles is challenged to forgo their superficial preferences and instead choose a partner based solely on a deeper emotional connection.

Our blog will help you watch Love Triangle from anywhere. Not only will we walk you through the steps of using ExpressVPN, but we’ll also provide you with vital details like the release date and plot of Love Triangle. So, read our complete blog.

How to Watch Love Triangle in Canada on Stan? [5 Simple Steps]

Following the below-mentioned five quick steps, you can easily watch Love Triangle in Canada on Stan using a reliable VPN.

  • Subscribe to a dependable VPN. We highly recommend ExpressVPN.
  • Install the VPN application on your desired streaming device.
  • Connect to a server in Melbourne server.
  • Head over to the official Stan website and search for the title.
  • Now you can watch Love Triangle in Canada on Stan.
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Where to Watch Love Triangle?

Where can I watch Love Triangle? If you’re looking for where to watch Love Triangle, you can catch all the episodes exclusively on Stan.

When it comes to the Stan price and plans, they are highly budget-friendly. To access Love Triangle online, especially if you’re facing geo-restrictions, ExpressVPN is highly recommended. This VPN solution effectively navigates around region-based limitations on streaming services like Stan.

Till the release of Love Triangle, you can stream some of the best movies on Stan, such as “Twisted Metal.” For those seeking quality content and convenience, Stan’s competitive pricing, combined with ExpressVPN’s accessibility, guarantees a fulfilling entertainment journey.

Is There A Way To Watch Love Triangle For Free on Stan?

If you’re curious about watching Love Triangle free, we’ve got good news. You can enjoy Love Triangle without any cost by taking advantage of the Stan free trial, which lasts for an impressive 30 days. To get Stan free trial, you can visit the official Stan website if you don’t have an existing subscription.

It’s important to note that while the trial provides you a chance to watch Love Triangle without payment, once the trial period concludes, a subscription package will be necessary to continue streaming.

For those who have already subscribed to the streaming platform and are considering discontinuing, there’s a clear procedure to cancel your Stan subscription. This way, you can explore Love Triangle and other content according to your preferences and convenience.

Love Triangle: What is the Release Date?

The Love Triangle release date is October 6, 2022. The anticipated show will be exclusively available for streaming on Stan, offering viewers a chance to delve into its captivating storyline and unique concept. Don’t miss out on this intriguing series coming your way soon.

Mark the Love Triangle premiere date!

Love Triangle: What is the Plot?

Love Triangle takes a fresh approach to modern dating dynamics. The plot of Love Triangle revolves around a group of singles who are challenged to break free from superficial preferences and select partners based on deeper emotional connections.

In Love Triangle, contestants form connections without having seen each other in person. They interact through conversations and shared activities. You can watch love triangle Lisa in action as well!

As they navigate the complexities of forging genuine connections, the series delves into the question of whether profound emotional bonds can lead to lasting romantic relationships.

With appearances removed from the equation, Love Triangle presents an illuminating investigation into the significance of authentic bonds within the intricate realm of modern dating. This grants viewers an intimate insight into the intricate dynamics of human relationships, unveiling the complexities that lie beneath the surface.

Love Triangle Cast: Who is in It?

The following is the Love Triangle cast:

LISA Ly-huong Tran
Madi Kyle Romaior
Yannick Alexander Dalton

Love Triangle: How Many Episodes Are There?

Love Triangle unfolds across a captivating span of 8 episodes, each offering a unique glimpse into the intricate world of modern dating. If you’re seeking a comprehensive journey through the twists and turns of relationships, here’s the complete episode guide of Love Triangle.

Episode Number Episode Name Release Date
1 Balls Deep October 6, 2023
2 Red Flag October 6, 2023
3 Hot Red Crack October 13, 2023
4 Do You Trust Me? October 20, 2023
5 Bombshell Day October 27, 2023
6 Throuple Bullshit November 3, 2023
7 Facts November 10, 2023
8 Cinderella’s Shoe November 17, 2023

Balls Deep

In this daring start, three adventurous singles embark on a unique dating experiment. They commit to choosing a new partner based solely on three days of texting, with no visual knowledge of their prospective match. The twist comes when they meet their chosen connections face-to-face on a grand blind date.

Red Flag

Three additional singles step into the Love Triangle journey. Each has two potential love interests, and based on text exchanges spanning three days, they select one partner sight unseen. The chosen pairs meet on a blind date and immediately take another bold step: moving in together just one day later.

Hot Red Crack

With six fresh couples moving in together despite having met only once, the first-ever couple’s party becomes a thrilling mix of emotions. From first kisses to intense arguments and even tantric encounters, this episode packs it all in as the participants explore their new relationships.

Do You Trust Me?

The tension escalates as Patrick and Lisa stir the pot at a fiery couple’s gathering. As the Love Triangle twist unfolds, turning the experiment on its head, new relationships are put to the ultimate test. Meanwhile, Alex becomes the first to enter a love triangle, introducing a new layer of intrigue.

Bombshell Day

Original singles experience blind dates with the suitors they initially didn’t choose while their chosen partners await at home. The day brings forth red flags, sparking new connections and revealing surprising insights – including one participant who already knows their date.

Throuple Bullshit

Just when you thought the Love Triangle twist was over, a final twist arrives: the rejected suitors move in with the original couples for the remainder of the experiment. This unexpected development adds a new layer of complexity to the already intense dynamics.


As the experience’s conclusion approaches, a shocking cheating scandal rocks one of Love Triangle’s strongest couples. With only one week left, the revelation threatens to unravel the relationships that have been forming throughout the experiment.

Cinderella’s Shoe

The aftermath of the cheating scandal reverberates through the final days of the experiment. The original singles must decide whether they want to pursue relationships beyond the experience with either of their suitors or perhaps choose to unmatch both in a pivotal moment of decision.

Love Triangle Trailer: Is It Available?

Yes, the Love Triangle trailer is available on Stan. If you’re looking to catch a glimpse of what the show has to offer, here’s the link to the trailer. Watch it before you watch Love Triangle in Canada on Stan.

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Love Triangle

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Patrick and Lisa’s journey in Love Triangle took a different turn in reality. Despite their connection on the show, they’ve parted ways. The couple separated after dating for just over a month in the real world, highlighting the complexities of transitioning from a reality TV environment to real-life relationships.

The production of Love Triangle is overseen by director of content Tara McWilliams from Endemol Shine Australia. Keely Sonntag is one of the executive producers. This collaboration brings together a skilled team to craft the intriguing dynamics of the show.

Yes, love triangles are a real phenomenon that affects a significant portion of the population. According to a poll, around 33% of Americans have encountered a love triangle scenario. In such situations, two individuals vie for a third person’s romantic affection, underscoring the complexities and dynamics often portrayed in media and real life.

Wrap Up!

Now, you can watch Love Triangle in Canada on Stan with the help of a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN following this guide.

Love Triangle follows a captivating narrative where singles embark on an unconventional dating journey. With the twist of sight unseen, they connect with potential partners through text messages.

The show captures their decisions as they select partners based on three days of texting, leading to face-to-face meetings on blind dates. Enjoy!