How to Watch Middlemost Post Season 2 In Canada on Paramount Plus

Middlemost Post Season 2 returns with Parker, Angus, and Russell’s fun frantic, and mysterious trinkets on August 16. To watch Middlemost Post Season 2 In Canada on Paramount Plus, ExpressVPN is essential.

Season 2 brings Parker, Angus, and Russell on turbulent mail-delivery adventures, meeting the quirky inhabitants of Mount Middlemost. From secret wrestling competitions to meeting Lily’s family, heartwarming moments and surprises await in this whimsical journey.

Paramount Plus is available in Canada, but this show is also available to stream in the USA Library. Fear not; a savvy VPN is the key to watching US Paramount Plus in Canada without any hassle.

We’ll recommend a reliable VPN and a five-step installation process to watch Middlemost Post Season 2 In Canada.


Watch Middlemost Post Season 2 In Canada on Paramount Plus – (Quick Guide)

To watch Middlemost Post Season 2 In Canada on Paramount Plus, you can count on ExpressVPN’s magic. Here is the five-step guide to get you started:

  1. Get a trusted VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Connect to a US server nearby (Recommended: New York).
  4. Sign in to Paramount Plus website (You can also use the app).
  5. Search for Middlemost Post season 2, and have fun.

Pro TIP: To watch Middlemost Post 2023 episodes, you will need a Paramount Plus account. You can try Paramount Plus free trial for the first week. So, take full advantage before the billing cycle comes into effect.

Where can I Watch Middlemost Post Season 2 ?

You can watch Middlemost Post Season 2 on the Paramount Plus streaming platform. Subscribe to their service, and enjoy the heartwarming adventures of Parker, Angus, and Russell as they navigate secret wrestling competitions and unexpected encounters.

Paramount Plus offers a 1-week free trial for new subscribers, allowing them to explore the platform’s content without any cost. After the trial ends, you can continue for $5.99/mo or pick the Paramount Plus SHOWTIME bundle for $11.99/mo.

You can select the annual plan for a 16% discount, but if you want a bang for your buck, you can always browse for Paramount Plus promo codes, to save on TV shows, live sporting events, and whatnot.

Paramount Plus is limited to the US, and to disable the geo-blockade, you can activate ExpressVPN. It’s a whole lot easier process if you follow our above-mentioned guide.

When is Middlemost Post Season 2 coming on Paramount Plus?

Middlemost Post Season 2 is coming to Paramount Plus on 16th August 2023, offering 20 episodes of wacky postal service adventures with a reformed raincloud, a shipwrecked sea postman, and a magic walrus on Mt. Middlemost.

Wondering, how many people can watch Paramount Plus at once. Up to three people can sign in and enjoy the service per plan.

What is the Storyline of Middlemost Post Season 2 ?

In Middlemost Post Season 2, Parker, Angus, and Russell embark on their most turbulent adventures yet as they deliver mail to the unusual inhabitants of Mount Middlemost.

The season is filled with heart, humor, and unwavering friendship as they enter Greenwood’s secret wrestling competition, discover Burt’s new talent, befriend a mysterious mountain recluse, and meet Middlemost Post Lilly’s family for the first time.

You can subscribe to ExpressVPN and watch Middlemost Post Season 2 In Canada on Paramount Plus, nice and easy.

What is the Cast of Middlemost Post Season 2 ?

Say hello to the highly talented cast that breathes life to your favorite Middlemost Post characters in Season 2:

Voice Actors Role
John Trabbic III Creator
John DiMaggio Angus
Becky Robinson Parker J. Cloud
Kiren Lily
Colton Dunn Mayor Peeve
Johnny Pemberton Ryan

Middlemost Post Clair is a minor character, and the news of her return for season 2 has not been made official.

How many episodes of Middlemost Post Season 2?

Middlemost Post Season 2 consists of 12 episodes filled with wacky postal adventures, secret wrestling leagues, and heartwarming friendships. The episode details are as follows:

Episode Name Air Date Quick Overview
Parker Gets Rich; Ultimate Fighting Cloud Aug 2, 2022 Parker comes into a large sum of money, and the Middlemost Post discovers a secret backyard wrestling league.
Parker Gets the Bird; Anchor Shackleton Aug 3, 2022 Parker tends to a small strawberry garden, and Angus learns to swim with the little nimbus’ help.
Side Hustle; Burt Speaks Aug 4, 2022 Parker takes up side hustles to afford a gift for Angus, and the mountain seeks wisdom from a talking bubble wrap.
Unhappy Campers; Leprechauns 2 Aug 8, 2022 The Middlemost Post goes camping for the first time in the dark, and reformed leprechauns return to the mountain.
Sporty Parker; Hammy Time Aug 9, 2022 Parker joins the Yellow Springs soccer team, and the Middlemost Post falls in love with a hamster causing jealousy.
Mayor Ariel Aug 10, 2022 Mayor Peeve announces his re-election campaign, and Ariel runs against him for mayor.
Hawk Man; Jammy Good! Aug 11, 2022 Parker meets the resident daredevil, and Ms. Pam creates a sentient jar of jam that wins hearts at the Middlemost Toast.
The Box Smusher; Tie Dye Eye Aug 15, 2022 The Middlemost Post clears their name after packages are found smushed, and the entire mountain experiences Tie-Dye Eye.
The Gift of the Mech Suit; Worst Curse Scenario Aug 16, 2022 Parker gifts Lily a cardboard suit, and the Middlemost Post believes they received a trinket that brings bad luck.
Summer Santa; Closed for Cocooning Aug 20, 2022 Santa shows up for summer vacation, and Parker helps Lily’s sisters plan her Wing Ding
To Narwhal, With Love; Fear and Loathing in Yellow Springs Aug 22, 2022 Russell’s romance faces challenges from an overprotective Blubergian, and Parker and Lily’s friendship is tested when they get stranded in the Yellow Springs desert.
Pam & Jelly; Inside Angus Aug 27, 2022 Parker and Lily offer to aid Ms. Pam in finding Jelly after she goes missing, and later, Parker ventures inside Angus to retrieve a precious Shackleton family stamp he accidentally swallowed.
More Scary Stories to Tell Your Cloud Oct 21, 2022 Middlemost Post celebrates Halloween night by sharing spooky stories with the assistance of some friendly characters.

How many Seasons of Middlemost Post Season 2?

Middlemost Post has 2 seasons, and with the help of ExpressVPN, you can watch Middlemost Post Season 2 In Canada on Paramount Plus.

Middlemost Post Season 2 Official Trailer

The Middlemost Post Season 2 trailer is here, and you can expect more shenanigans and outrageous fun in the brand-new episodes. Check out the trailer below:

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What else can I watch on Paramount Plus besides Middlemost Post Season 2

Paramount Plus catalog is tremendous, and with our curated list of TV shows and movies, you can make the most of your weekend. Here is what to watch on Paramount Plus:

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Middlemost Post Season 2


Yes, Middlemost Post Russell is a female character in Middlemost Post, despite her androgynous appearance and masculine name. The creator, John Trabbic, has confirmed her gender as female.

Parker from Middlemost Post is a genderless living raincloud, and while referred to with ‘he/him’ pronouns for simplicity, he is not explicitly male or female.

According to Middlemost Post wiki, Angus Shackleton from Middlemost Post is a 43-year-old mailman who takes his job seriously and follows the rules diligently.

Wrap Up

MiddleMost Post Season 2 takes the dial of Mount Middlemost adventures and laughter to a new level. You can revert to our easy-step guide to watch Middlemost Post Season 2 In Canada on Paramount Plus, the process is easier than ever.

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