Watch Moonshine Season 3 Outside Canada On CBC

The small-town dramedy featuring seven adult half-siblings, Moonshine, is back with the third season filled with even more drama and challenges for the siblings as they compete to take control of the family business, a rundown summer resort on Nova Scotia. We are assuming you are here to learn how to watch Moonshine season 3 outside Canada on CBC.

Moonshine season 3 made its debut on CBC on July 16, 2023. Since CBC is a Canadian streaming service with geographic restrictions, you will not be able to watch CBC outside Canada. This is due to the content licensing issues of CBC.

You will require a VPN to get a Canadian IP address which will allow you to stream CBC in your location and access the show without any interruptions.

Not only does CBC offer a streaming service known as CBC Gem, it is completely free to Canadian users. So, all you need is a Canadian IP address and you’ll be able to watch CBC Gem outside Canada without paying a single cent. CBC Gem’s catalog is quite impressive, with some great TV shows on there, so take a look at the list we’ve curated. You can enjoy a CBC Free trial as well as cancel CBC subscriptions at any time with a few clicks also can take a look at what the Cost of CBC looks like outside of Canada. You can get knowledge about what are the Devices Compatible to Stream CBC Outside Canada.

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Watch Moonshine Season 3 Outside Canada On CBC [Quick Steps]

You can watch Moonshine Season 3 Outside Canada On CBC with these easy steps.

  1.     Download a premium VPN app. ExpressVPN is highly ranked.
  2.     Subscribe to the VPN network
  3.     Connect to a Canadian server. We suggest Toronto server
  4.     Head to CBC and look up Moonshine season 3
  5.     This is how you watch Moonshine season 3 outside Canada on CBC.

Where to Watch Moonshine Season 3?

You can watch Moonshine season 3 online on CBC from July 16, 2023. The third installment of the show features a whole new set of hardships for the financially struggling half siblings as they take over the family business.

If you reside outside Canada, you will be faced with geo-restrictions imposed by the content licensing policies of the Canadian platform. however, international viewers can watch Moonshine season 3 on CBC with the help of a reliable VPN.

Using a VPN helps you obtain a Canadian IP address by connecting to a Canadian server which changes your browsing location to Canada. This lets you bypass all geo-restrictions and access CBC to watch Moonshine Season 3 Outside Canada On CBC without any restraints.

Why We Need VPN to Watch Moonshine Season 3 Outside Canada On CBC?

CBC is a Canadian streaming platform that restricts international viewers from accessing its content from their location. The content licensing and copy right policies of CBC impose geographic restrictions on all its titles, hence if your region is not present in the list of CBC available countries, you will receive an error message on your screen.

To remove these restrictions and access Moonshine season 3 in your location, you will need a VPN. a premium VPN like ExpressVPN will give you a list of servers to choose from in order to change your online location. Once you connect to a Canadian server, your online location and Ip address will be changed to a Canadian region.

CBC will then assume you are browsing from a location where the service is available and remove all geo-restrictions. You are then all set to Watch Moonshine Season 3 Outside Canada On CBC.

What is Moonshine Season 3 Release Date?

The Moonshine season 3 release date was set for Sunday, July 16, 2023. The first episode of the third season was released last Sunday with subsequent episodes releasing weekly.

What is the Plot of Moonshine Season 3?

Moonshine is a tale of sibling rivalry, lust, and greed. The small-town dramedy features a dysfunctional family of seven half-siblings facing financial hardships who are at the brink of tearing everything apart if one little secret is revealed.

Their lives are turned upside down when a secret inheritance starts a family feud between the siblings. After months of hardships, betrayal, and competition, they are faced with yet another challenge when a mysterious package lands at their door step. The Finley-Cullens siblings are once again left wondering what new challenge awaits them and whether their journey towards a happy life starts or ends here.

Who is the Cast of Moonshine Season 3?

Moonshine season 3 cast is as follows.

Jennifer Finnigan as Lidia Bennett
Anastasia Phillips as Rhian Finley-Cullen
Emma Hunter as Nora Finley-Cullen
Tom Stevens as Ryan Finley-Cullen
Alexander Nunez as Sammy Finley-Cullen
 Farid Yazdani as Oscar Finley-Cullen
Peter MacNeill as Ken Finley-Cullen
Erin Darke as Crystal Leblanc
James Gilbert as Terry Gallagher
Celia Owen as Eleanor Bennett
 Calem MacDonald as Finn Bennett
Corrine Koslo as Bea Finley-Cullen
Allegra Fulton as Jill Leblanc
Steve Lawrence as Bruce Barrington
Allan Hawco as Gale Favreau
Loretta Yu as Moira Lancaster

How many seasons of Moonshine are there?

Moonshine currently has 3 seasons. The first season debuted on September 14, 2023, the second season was released on October 2, 2023, and the third and the latest season was released on July 16, 2023.

How Many Episodes of Moonshine Season 3 are there?

We currently have no confirmation about the total number of episodes Moonshine CBC season 3 will have, however the first three episodes titled, ‘You Try Reinventing Your Life in Your Forties F**kers’, ‘It’s a Vulva, Son’, and ‘Sunk the Junk’, respectively, are confirmed.

We can expect to see 8 episodes in the season if the creators decide to follow the format of season 1 and season 2 as both the seasons had 8 episodes each.

Where is Moonshine on CBC filmed?

TThe filming of Moonshine season 3 took place in Hubbards, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is a province on the South shore of Nova Scotia.

Is there a Moonshine Season 3 trailer?

Yes, you can watch the Moonshine season 3 trailer here.

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Yes, Moonshine was renewed for a third season. The show is streaming now on CBC from July 16, 2023.

At the end of Moonshine season 2, Gale and the Marauders forcefully took away the family business, Moonshine, from the rest of the half-siblings. Lidia then decides to fight for the business and helps the family’s archenemy, Jill, get out from prison to help with the fight.

Wrap Up

Get ready to watch Moonshine season 3 outside Canada on CBC on July 16, 2023 as the show returns for an exciting third season with new challenges and stranger mysteries. All you need is a top-notch VPN like ExpressVPN to changes your browsing location and IP address, and you are good to go. You can enjoy best shows and best trending movies on CBC outside Canada with all ease now!