How to Watch Power Book II: Ghost in Canada

Watch Power Book II Ghost in Canada

Fans of the American crime television series Power are in for a treat as its sequel is set to release on Starz via Sling TV. Explore how to watch Power Book II: Ghost in Canada and witness how Tariq navigates his new life. The series was initially released on September 6, 202, and Canadian fans can now enjoy the show on Sling TV on November 21, 2022.

Currently, Sling TV is only available in the United States. This means that streamers outside the country will be geo-restricted. However, there are ways to binge Power Book II: Ghost season 2. You can rely on a VPN connection to bypass restrictions for a hassle-free stream Sling TV in Canada

Watch Power Book II: Ghost in Canada – [Quick Guide]

Catch up with the development of the series as you wait for Power Book II: Season 4. Preparing to stream Power Book II: Ghost through Sling TV is straightforward. You’ll be able to set it up quickly. Follow the following steps:

  1. Subscribe to an ExpressVPN plan. It is the most recommended provider. 
  2. Install the VPN app and log in to your account. 
  3. Connect to a server USA
  4. Launch Stars through Sling TV and watch Power Book II: Ghost in Canada.

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Where to Watch Power Book II: Ghost in Canada?

After binging Power Book II: Ghost season 1, remember to stream its sequel on Sling TV. The streaming platform houses hundreds of channels, including Starz, where the Power Book series initially premiered.  

Why do You Need a VPN to Watch Power Book II: Ghost in Canada?

To efficiently watch episode one until Power Book II: Ghost season 2 episode 10, you need a stable connection and a VPN service. The ExpressVPN connection bypasses any geo-restrictions you might encounter while accessing Sling TV in Canada. As you already know, the streaming platform is only available in the United States.

Sling tv error outside usa

What is the Power Book II Ghost About?

The series is the sequel to the Power series, which follows Tariq St. Patrick as he navigates a new life. Along his journey, his desire to shed his father’s legacy came up against the pressure of saving his family. As the story progresses, Tariq will be entangled in the affairs of the Tejada family. 

These circumstances add to the complications as Tariq tries to balance drug operations with his family affairs, love life, education, and the surging pressure from Cooper Saxe. He’s still dividing his time between hustling to pay for his mother’s lawyer and school. Tariq will turn to a familiar drug game when he runs out of options. 

Is Power Book 2 Based on Ghost?

No. The “Ghost” in the series is not a ghost. It’s the name of Tariq’s father, played by actor Omari Hardwick. After Ghost dies, Tariq follows in his father’s footsteps of being a powerful drug dealer. Be sure to catch all the episodes in season 2 while waiting for Power Book II: Ghost season 3 release date. 

What is the IMDb Rating of Power Book II: Ghost?

Power Book II: Ghost season 2 episode 2 and all its other episodes received an IMDb rating of 7.3/10. The rate is based on eight thousand users; most rates range between seven and ten. 

The series also earned mixed reviews from viewers saying that the sequel is ‘better than expected.’ Meanwhile, some criticized how Tariq’s life has to go that bad, saying the sequel is not worth it for them. 

Who’s in the Cast Power Book II: Ghost?

See the list below of the complete cast of Power Book II: Ghost

Cast Characters
Michael Rainey Jr. Tariq St. Patrick
Shane Johnson Cooper Saxe
Gianni Paolo Brayden Weston
Melanie Liburd Caridad “Carrie” Milgram
Lovell Adams-Gray Dru Tejada
Daniel Bellomy Ezekiel “Zeke” Cross
Quincy Tyler Bernstine Tameika Washington
Paige Hurd Lauren Baldwin
Woody McClain Lorenzo “Cane” Tejada
Justin Marcel McManus Jabari Reynolds
Method Man Davis MacLean
LaToya Tonodeo Diana Tejada
Mary J. Blige Monet Stweart Tejada
Naturi Naughton Tasha St. Patrick
Moriah Brown Kiki Travis

What is the Release Date of Power Book II: Ghost?

Before discussing a possible Power Book 5, Power Book II: Ghost was initially released on September 6, 2020. Fast forward two years, and fans can binge the series through Sling TV on the Starz channel on November 21, 2022

Is There a Trailer of Power Book II: Ghost?

Yes. The trailer opens with the arrest of Tasha St. Patrick, Tariq’s mother, for Ghost’s death. The one-minute and thirty-second clip also showed glimpses of court hearings on Tasha’s case. Despite Tariq’s insistence on working on getting a lawyer for his mother, Tasha insisted he must go to school.

The clip also showed how messy Tariq’s life became when he had to balance school and other things concerning him, which eventually led him to be part of a drug trade.

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Power Book II: Ghost


For streamers who are into crime and messy plots, the series is undoubtedly for you. As you already know, the show received favorable ratings, so it pays to binge it if you have time. Just remember, though, that there might be some scenes that may be uncomfortable for you.

No. The series is gearing up for season three, with the release date has yet to be finalized.

That has yet to be confirmed. However, some fan theories proved that Ghost may be alive and will be returning for the following seasons. That is for fans to watch out for when the new season drops.

Wrap Up

While you wait for the new season of the series, ensure to binge-watch Power Book II: Ghost in Canada. Sling TV has a Starz channel where you can stream the series effortlessly and uninterrupted with ExpressVPN. You never know; you may also end up making theories on whether Ghost is alive or not.