How To Watch Restaurant: Impossible in Canada on Discovery Plus?

Is Restaurant Impossible on Discovery Plus? It is indeed available, but to watch Restaurant: Impossible in Canada on Discovery Plus you need to use a quick VPN like ExpreesVPN.

This show is only available for US audiences due to geo-restrictions, which means you need to access the Discovery Plus US library. With a VPN, you can easily watch US Discovery Plus in Canada without interruptions.

Restaurant: Impossible is one of the most popular TV reality shows starring Robert Irvine. Robert is a popular British celebrity chef who is here to help failing restaurants with a budget of up to $10000. He faces challenges but turns the business around within two days.

By following this guideline you can watch Restaurant: Impossible on Discovery+ in Canada.

How To Watch Restaurant: Impossible in Canada on Discovery Plus – [5 Steps]

Here’s how you can watch Restaurant: Impossible in Canada on Discovery Plus using a VPN like ExpressVPN.

  • Sign up for a reliable VPN (The top recommendation is ExpressVPN).
  • Install the VPN app on your device and log in.
  • Connect it to the USA server (Recommended: New York server).
  • Visit the Discovery Plus website and log into your account
  • Now you can watch Restaurant: Impossible in Canada on Discovery Plus!
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Where Can I Stream Season 22 of Restaurant Impossible?

Wondering where can I watch Restaurant: Impossible? You can stream Restaurant: Impossible in Canada on Discovery Plus via Food Network. As you know, like many other popular networks and channels, Food Network is also owned by Discovery Plus.

Before you check for Restaurant: Impossible Food Network, check for the Discovery Plus subscription. To watch this most popular TV reality show you need to have an active subscription to Discovery Plus.

If you don’t have a Discovery Plus subscription, then get one. For that check out the Discovery Plus cost from the official website of Discovery Plus.

Not only that, as a new subscriber, you can also get a Discovery Plus free trial for 7 days. In the free trial session, you can access the complete content library of Discovery Plus.

There is no obligation to maintain your subscribed channel. If you don’t like the service, then it is possible to cancel your Discovery Plus subscription at any time.

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Now that you know where to watch Restaurant: Impossible, it’s time to check out the release date!

What is the Release Date of Restaurant: Impossible on Discovery+?

Restaurant: Impossible release date was December 29, 2022. This date was the premier date of the first episode of Restaurant Impossible season 22. This season has 15 episodes and all these episodes have different release dates.

All the episodes of the 22nd season of Restaurant: Impossible are now available on Discovery Plus. All you need to get access to Discovery Plus. You need to use a VPN service like ExpressVPN to access Restaurant: Impossible on discovery plus from anywhere.

Besides the Restaurant: Impossible streaming, you can also watch tons of content from Discovery Plus. Wondering what to watch on Discovery Plus? Don’t worry, the options are huge.

Using ExpressVPN, you can watch The Curious Case of Natalia Grace, Mary J. Blige’s Real Love, and Doubling Down with The Derricos on Discovery Plus without geo-blocking errors.

What is the Plot of Restaurant: Impossible?

The plot of Restaurant: Impossible is simple, the key person on this show is Robert Irvine (British celebrity chef). The theme of this TV reality show is, Robert Irvine will come forward to help all the failing restaurants.

With his knowledge and previous experience, Robert helped all these restaurants to turn their business with a budget of up to $10000. There are challenges and Robert has only two days to complete his task for the episode.

To make a restaurant successful from a failed one, Robert does his best and discusses how to upgrade and change the menu, renovation, cleanliness, and customer service including major and minor factors.

You can check the Restaurant: Impossible trailer to know what this show is about.

Who are the Cast Members of Restaurant: Impossible?

If you watched previous seasons, then you know about the Restaurant: Impossible cast. Restaurant: Impossible is one of the most popular TV reality shows. Season no 22 has already aired.

Like other seasons this one is also hosted by Robert Irvine. He is not only the host of this TV show but also a British popular chef.

How Many Episodes of Restaurant: Impossible Season 22 have?

Every season of Restaurant: Impossible comes with a few episodes. The latest season of Restaurant: Impossible has 25 episodes. All these episodes cover the story of different people and restaurants. We have information about all these episodes.

Here’s a breakdown of all Restaurant: Impossible on Discovery Plus episodes including release date as well.

Episode No. Episode Name Run time Air Date
S22E01 A Mother’s Guilt 41 min December 29, 2022
S22E02 Living Up to Mom 42 min January 12, 2022
S22E03 Clueless in Idaho 42 min January 12, 2023
S22E04 Missing Pepper in Baton Rouge 52 Min January 19, 2022
S22E05 Roux the Day 42 min January 26, 2023
S22E06 Hot Doggin’ It in Memphis 41 min February 2, 2023
S22E07 Running on Empty 1 hr min February 9, 2023
S22E08 Sunnyside Down 41 min March 2, 2023
S22E09 Driven to Tears 42 min March 9, 2023
S22E10 A Family Divided 1 hr 3 min March 16, 2023
S22E11 Fighting for Gigi 41 min February 16, 2023
S22E12 Stalled on the Runway 41 min February 23, 2023
S22E13 The Imbalanced Chef 41 min March 23, 2023
S22E14 Mountain Town Mess 1 hr 2 min March 30, 2023
S22E15 Trick or Treat 41 min April 6, 2023

Episode 1: A Mother’s Guilt

Robert goes to the Ash Fork and finds the Ranch house owner. This ranch house is in trouble with its exhausted and overworked owner. Robert needs to help the restaurant owner and her family.

Episode 2: Living Up to Mom

This time Robert is trying to help a coffee shop on Arizona’s Navajo Reservation. The owner of this coffee shop is struggling to keep the business running and making a profit.

Episode 3: Clueless In Idaho

In Nampa, Robert is trying to rescue Island Kine Grinds from Bankruptcy. The co-owner is also facing problems with his life. Robert helps him to save his business and family as well from failing.

Episode 4: Missing Pepper in Baton Rouge

This is the story of a dying restaurant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The owner of this restaurant is trying to save her business. Robert comes here to motivate him to give some strength and save the business.

Episode 5: Roux the Day

Maurice (The restaurant owner) doesn’t have the leadership to save her business and inspire his staff. Robert teaches the owner to lead the business effectively to survive.

Episode 6: Hot Doggin’ It in Memphis

Someone’s passion project is not working and becoming a nightmare. Even the family also suffers from this failing project. Robert shows them a way to run a restaurant successfully.

Episode 7: Running on Empty

This time Robert is facing a unique challenge. It is in Opelika, Alabama. He must come forward to save the restaurant. The owner is physically ill, but running a successful restaurant is her lifelong dream. If she fails, everything will be lost to her.

Episode 8: Fighting for Gigi

Gigi is not well. She can’t think about failing because her daughter will suffer. Still, the relationship between Gigi and her daughter and chef is not going well. Robert is trying to repair the damage to the relationship and run the business again.

Episode 9: Stalled on the Runway

This time, Robert is going to an airport cafe that is facing a unique problem because of the kids at a playground. Maybe it is dragging the customers of this restaurant away. This is the simplest problem that Robert can fix without any hassle.

Episode 10: Sunnyside Down

Robert is now on the way to resurrect the Sunnyside Café. The owner is refusing to bring any changes to the restaurant. Robert is here to address the problem and the solution as well as to keep the business running better than ever.

Episode 11: Driven to Tears

A failing restaurant destroys a loving marriage. This is happening in Coleman, Mich. The owner is not listening to any advice from the co-owner. Robert comes here with confidence and tries to tell a way to save the business and their marriage as well.

Episode 12: A Family Divided

A restaurant owner in Middletown, New York, made an unforgivable mistake. The owner is not accepting any changes and refuses to show up for better. Even his son also does not have any internet to work with it. This is a matter of time until the business collapses.

Robert comes up with some theory that works as a bridge to keep the relationship better again that also helps to survive the restaurant.

Episode 13: The Imbalanced Chef

An Owner named Brian has a concept for his business, but it is very much confusing. Not only that, but he also has serious health issues. Robert gives him a plan to reduce the stress both professionally and personally.

Episode 14: Mountain Towns Mess

In this episode, Robert finds a restaurant that needs massive work. Even the relationship between the owner and staff is toxic. Robert has only two days to renovate the restaurant and repair the relationship.

Episode 15: Trick or Treat

In Franconia, New Hampshire, Robert found an owner that lost his dream. He wanted to keep running his family restaurant. Robert is doing everything to give the wonder another chance.

How Many Seasons has Restaurant: Impossible been on?

After the success of Restaurant: Impossible on Discovery plus season 1, the authority comes a long way with its popularity. Currently, you can watch its 22nd season.

All the seasons are streaming on the Food Network, which is owned by Discovery Plus but how much do you know about all these seasons? Check the table below to know more about all these seasons of Restaurant: Impossible.

S. No. Season Name Release Date Total Episodes
1 Restaurant: Impossible Season 1 19-Jan-11 7
2 Restaurant: Impossible Season 2 6-Jul-11 18
3 Restaurant: Impossible Season 3 8-Feb-12 13
4 Restaurant: Impossible Season 4 11-Jul-12 13
5 Restaurant: Impossible Season 5 21-Nov-12 13
6 Restaurant: Impossible Season 6 14-Apr-13 14
7 Restaurant: Impossible Season 7 23-Oct-13 13
8 Restaurant: Impossible Season 8 5-Mar-14 13
9 Restaurant: Impossible Season 9 23-Jul-14 13
10 Restaurant: Impossible Season 10 24-Nov-14 9
11 Restaurant: Impossible Season 11 18-Mar-15 8
12 Restaurant: Impossible Season 12 22-Jan-15 8
13 Restaurant: Impossible Season 13 9-Mar-16 9
14 Restaurant: Impossible Season 14 20-Apr-19 4
15 Restaurant: Impossible Season 15 21-Jul-19 16
16 Restaurant: Impossible Season 16 27-Dec-19 22
17 Restaurant: Impossible Season 17 1-May-20 16
18 Restaurant: Impossible Season 18 23-Apr-21 12
19 Restaurant: Impossible Season 19 21-May-21 13
20 Restaurant: Impossible Season 20 27-Aug-21 13
21 Restaurant: Impossible Season 21 29-Apr-22 13
22 Restaurant: Impossible Season 22 30-Dec-22 15

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Restaurant: Impossible


As of now, there is no official confirmation about season 23 of Restaurant: Impossible. Wondering where to watch Restaurant: Impossible? You can watch the 22nd season as the latest season of this most popular TV reality show on Discovery Plus via Food Network. 

As you can guess, the production company is paying the cost of Restaurant: Impossible. Not only that, they are fixing the budget for the show and the renovation as well. Lindsay Kugler (Executive producer) confirmed the cost.

There are thousands of people watching the restaurant: Impossible from behind the scene. Some of their working partners and some are random people. All of them confirmed that they saw how this reality TV show was filmed and it is 100 percent real.

If we tried to rate Restaurant: Impossible from a success or failure perspective, then this TV reality show will pass for sure. Already it has a 40 percent success rate. From the beginning to 2023, this show covered 205 restaurants, but sadly 124 have closed their doors.

Restaurant: Impossible comes with lots of seasons and episodes. Every episode is covered with a budget of $10000 and it is renovated with menu and decor in 48 hours. From the beginning, it looks frustrating but at the end of the episode, it turns into a successful episode for everyone.

Wrapping Up!

You can watch Restaurant: Impossible in Canada on Discovery Plus and other top-notch shows with the help of a strong and reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN. This VPN can bypass the geo-restriction in a flash.

Restaurant: Impossible is one of the amazing and life-changing TV reality shows that showcase how a failing restaurant can find a way to success with the help of British celebrity chef Robert Irvine.

Enjoy streaming!