How Can I Watch Seeking Brother Husband on Discovery Plus in Canada in 2023?


Is Seeking Brother Husband on Discovery Plus? Yes, the show is available. You can watch Seeking Brother Husband on Discovery Plus in Canada using a high-end VPN like ExpressVPN.

The latest reality TV show, Seeking Brother Husband, is scheduled to premiere on 26th March 2023. However, since the show will be available in the US library of Discovery+, you cannot watch it in Canada.

With the help of a VPN, you can access US Discovery+ in Canada and watch the show without coming across content limitations.

Let’s discuss how to watch Seeking Brother Husband on Discovery+ in Canada – scroll down!

How to Watch Seeking Brother Husband on Discovery Plus in Canada – [5 Quick Steps]

In order to watch Seeking Brother Husband on Discovery Plus in Canada, it is required of you to follow these simple steps:

  • Download a reliable VPN (Recommended: ExpressVPN).
  • Purchase a subscription plan of your choice and convenience.
  • Join a server in the US (Preferred: New York server).
  • Go to the Discovery+ website and sign into your account.
  • Watch Seeking Brother Husband on Discovery Plus in Canada!
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Where Can We Watch Seeking Brother Husband?

You can watch Seeking Brother Husband via the TLC Channel of Discovery Plus. However, as you know that Discovery Plus owns the TLC Channel, so you need to get a Discovery Plus subscription to watch the show.

If you’re a new subscriber to the Discovery+ platform, you will get a Discovery Plus free trial. In addition to that, you can cancel Discovery+ subscription at any moment during the trial. However, we recommend doing that 2-3 days before the trial expiration.

Moreover, make sure to find one of the best VPNs for Discovery Plus (such as ExpressVPN), to access Seeking Brother Husband on Discovery Plus from anywhere.

When will Seeking Brother Husband Premiere on Discovery Plus?

Seeking Brother Husband release date is Sunday, March 26th, 2023.

The polygamy-focused TLC series Sister Wives debuted in 2010 and has gained massive popularity since then. You can access Seeking Brother Husband on Discovery Plus from anywhere using ExpressVPN after it debuts on TLC with exclusive streaming on Discovery Plus.

What is the Plot of Discovery Plus’ Seeking Brother Husband?

The plot of Seeking Brother Husband centers on four polyandrous relationships, meaning – the custom of a woman having numerous husbands, but none of those husbands is allowed to date anyone else, and their efforts to expand their families by finding new spouses.

Viewers will follow these couples as they progress through their relationship, experiencing the highs and lows as well as everything in between as they negotiate limits and important life choices.

One couple will embark on a first-time search for a new spouse, while in another, viewers will witness what transpires after a second husband enters the family, according to the official TLC synopsis.

The woman will look for a third husband in the third pair, and when family expansion is discussed in the fourth, difficult discussions about who will be the biological father of the child arise.

Who Stars in Seeking Brother Husband?

Seeking Brother Husband cast consists of the following:

Kenya and Carl Tiger, Kenya’s second husband, meets her emotional and physical requirements, while Carl connects with her on a philosophical level. Kenya is now looking for even more excitement, adventure, and focus after ten years.
Elisa and Mike Elisa wants a more open lifestyle and wishes to have several husbands. Despite his admission of some jealousy, Mike is ready to assist Elisa and embrace polyandry.
Vinson, Kim, and Dustin While Vinson is unsure of his readiness to share them with a new husband, Kim, and Dustin are receptive to finding a fourth.
Patrick and Chara Their marriage has lasted 13 years despite the fact that they have grown emotionally distant from one another. As a result, they met Nobel and went in search of a partner to meet Chara’s requirements.

Is a Trailer for Seeking Brother Husband Available on Discovery+?

Yes, the Seeking Brother Husband trailer is available for streaming and you can watch it here:

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Seeking Brother Husband

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The story of Seeking Brother Husband revolves around four polyandrous marriages, or the practice of a woman having multiple husbands, none of whom are permitted to date anyone else, and their attempts to grow their families by settling down new partners.

No information is available on who directed the show. However, Seeking Brother Husband was produced by the production company TLC. Apart from that, we have shared the names of the participants in this blog as well!

You can watch Seeking Brother Husband on TLC because it comes under the ownership of Discovery Inc. Along with this, the show will also air on Discovery Plus. Make sure to use ExpressVPN to watch it in Canada!

Wrap Up

Now that you know how to watch Seeking Brother Husband on Discovery Plus in Canada, it’s time to subscribe to ExpressVPN to enjoy unlimited streaming.

The show, Seeking Brother Husband, is just around the corner, releasing on the 26th of March 2023. Mark your calendars today to watch the journey of four polyandrous couples.

We hope this article was helpful – happy streaming!