How to Watch The English in Canada

Watch The English in Canada

Care for some Western drama to binge on next weekend? Then you can turn to BBC iPlayer and discover how to watch The English in Canada. The series boasts an ensemble cast and is set to release on BBC iPlayer on November 10, 2022.

BBC iPlayer holds the rights to distribute The English on its release date, but that will be solely accessible to UK residents. This means that whoever streams the series outside of the UK will be geo-restricted. This means that audiences in the United States or Canada will also be blocked from using the platform.

Despite this limitation, viewers in Canada who anticipate its release never have to worry about anything. ExpressVPN helps you to unblock BBC iplayer in Canada for audiences in content-restricted regions.

Watch The English in Canada – [Quick Guide]

While you wait for the release of The English series, learn how to watch the English in Canada. Here are some simple steps to guide you there:

  1. Subscribe to the most recommended VPN service provider ExpressVPN.
  2. Install the app, launch it and log in to your account.
  3. Connect to a server UK.
  4. Open BBC iPlayer, search The English in Canada, and enjoy streaming.

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Where to Watch The English in Canada?

The English can be streamed through BBC iPlayer on the coming Thursday across the UK. While the streaming platform is exclusive for residents of the United Kingdom, those in Canada can also watch the series when it drops on November 10, all thanks to a reliable VPN service connection that unlocks geo-blocking and allows viewers to access multiple platforms.

Why do You Need a VPN to Watch The English in Canada?

A VPN provides its users an opportunity to achieve a protected network connection on public networks. VPN encrypts your IP and assists in accessing protected content in different regions while also ensuring the user’s safety and making it difficult for third parties with mal-intent trying to track your activity and steal private data.

BBC iPlayer geo restriction error message

The same goes for accessing limited-access content in different countries. Especially online streaming content. Therefore, a good VPN like ExpressVPN can enhance your chances to watch The English in Canada by safely encrypting your online id from the geo-blocking authorities of the platform.

What is The English About?

The English 2022 presents compelling themes of revenge and identity to tell a unique story about race, love, and power. The series follows Cornelia Locke and Eli Whipp, who met each other in 1890s mid-America and crossed a violent and dark landscape built on blood and dreams.

The two share an exciting past and are destined to face terrifying hurdles which will test them to their cores, mentally and physically. As they continue their journey, they find themselves at their ultimate destination, Hoxem, Wyoming, where they’ll discover more about their intertwined history.

Where Was The English Filmed?

This Hugo Blick-directed project was filmed in Spain. It began in May 2021 and ended in September of the same year.

What is the IMDb Rating of The English?

The English series has garnered an 8.2/10 rating from IMDb, which is a remarkable mark. A breakdown of the ratings revealed that close to half of the reviews rated the series 10.

How Many Episodes Does The English Have?

The series will have six episodes with an estimated runtime of 30 minutes per episode. BBC iPlayer will drop all the episodes together on November 10, 2022.

Who’s in the Cast of The English?

As previously mentioned, the series is a collection of great actors and actresses. See the complete list below:

Actor/Actress Character Portrayed
Emily Blunt Cornelia Locke
Chaske Spencer Eli Whipp
Stephen Rea Sheriff Robert Marshal
Tom Hughes Thomas Trafford
Steve Wall Thin Kelly
Valerie Pachner Martha Myers
Malcolm Storry Red Morgan
Nicholas Aaron Billy Myers
Miguel Alvarez Timothy Flynn
William Belleau Kills On Water
Walt Klink Jed Myers
Cristian Solimeno Clay Jackson
Tadhg Murphy Tap O’Neil
Rafe Spall David Melmont
Julian Bleach Jerome McClintock
Jan Knightley Captain Clegg
Rod Rondeaux Trooper Charlie White
Corey Bird Young White Moon

What is the Release Date of The English?

The English will be released on BBC Two on November 10, 2022. All the episodes will be available for streaming through BBC iPlayer.

Is There a Trailer of The English?

Yes, the main trailer was released on September 1, 2022, on YouTube, carrying glimpses of Eli and Cornelia’s adventures across the Old West. Viewers also saw the unruly series of characters they meet as they continue their journey. You can expect beautiful landscapes and great cinematography. Cornelia’s sharpshooting skills are a bonus.

To sustain the excitement and momentum coming into the official release of the series, The English released a second trailer on October 14, showing highlights of the time when Cornelia first met Eli.

Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch The English in Canada?

ExpressVPN is an excellent service provider in terms of speed, security, customer service, network coverage, and many other valuable VPN features. It is most recommended to watch the English in Canada using ExpressVPN to evade geo-restrictions placed around this series.

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When you plan to watch The English in Canada with BBC iPlayer, you’ll encounter the dilemma of restriction because the platform only allows viewers from the UK to access their shows. ExpressVPN bypasses those restrictions to ensure you get to stream BBC iPlayer content smoothly.

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ExpressVPN unblocking BBC iPlayer Canada

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What are the New Releases on BBC iPlayer in November 2022?

BBC iPlayer once again brought a list of some impressive titles for the month in November 2022:

Movies/Shows Release Date
The English 10th November 2022
Nitto ATP Finals 13th to 20th November 2022
Davis Cup Finals 2022 22nd November 2022
Match of the Day 2 23rd November 2022


Yes, it definitely is a treat for period drama and American Western lovers.

Yes, The English series will be available on BBC Two before all the episodes will be released via BBC iPlayer, its video-on-demand platform.

Wrap Up

Your wait is soon to be over so prepare to watch The English in Canada through BBC iPlayer using ExpressVPN. Get your VPN setup before the next week as you can indulge in binge-watching this series without any qualms.